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How to Manage Multiple Agencies with SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Panel?


SpotnRides is basically a taxi booking app solution like Uber. Our base solution is similar to Uber but we made extensive changes and added new functionalities to make our solution different from the rest. We have many satisfied users across the world with many of the startups running very well. After releasing our on-demand taxi booking app solution we decided to aid traditional taxi companies...

How Integrating SpotnRides Fleet Management Software with GPS System Benefits For Your Business?


Large vehicle fleet whatever it maybe needs a fleet management software and it is not because everyone has it. But to run the business smoothly, get insights to improve business performance, maintain costs, and find ways to derive more profit. How these can be achieved is the main question to be answered. And our SpotnRides fleet management software has the answer for it. A typical fleet...

6 Myths Busted About On-Demand Taxi Startup


On-demand taxi hailing startups grabbed the attention of many. Not to mention its worldwide reach and entrepreneur’s craze for it. On the other side, we can see some riders and entrepreneurs showing apprehensions towards it. I think it is because of some misconceptions and myths. In this blog, I have tried to clear it with good examples. Let us now see one by one. What are the Myths about On...

How SpotnRides Provides Breakthrough Taxi Management Software to Satisfy the Demands in Taxi Industry?


Being from the taxi industry I have to say that both taxi startups which use on-demand booking apps and conventional taxi firms are facing obstacles which are not common to both of them.  Obstacles in the taxi business industry For conventional taxi firms, the advent of on-demand taxis changed their operations and made them less relevant in the market. These conventional firms too were resistant...

Change the Way You Do Business with Our SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Solution


The conventional taxi companies are the worst affected after the advent of the on-demand app based taxi booking startups like Uber, Ola, and some more. The on-demand taxi model in the present situation will be profitable only when operated with the less ownership model. But, most of the conventional taxi firms have their own fleet. So, transforming to the on-demand model will be next to...

How SpotnRides Truck Management Software Supports Small Business Operators and Aid Them in Sustainable Growth

How SpotnRides Truck Management Software Supports Small Business Operators and Aid Them in Sustainable Growth

As a business operator who runs a small fleet of trucks, you would have used google maps which uses GPS to find routes and you may be contented that what more do a truck operator like us need. What if you have a management system that can compute truck fuel level, tire pressure, travel time estimation, load weight calculation, mileage, and many other factors? Similar to the taxi dispatch system...

How SpotnRides Fleet Management Software Help in Your Taxi & Truck Business Operations?


Fleet management covers the process of overseeing, organizing, and recording all aspect of a company’s fleet. The fleet can be made of trucks, tippers, taxis, etc. Managing the fleet manually is a herculean task and failure to do so can affect the company’s overall efficiency. What if there is a software that can automate the process of fleet management. Fleet management software provides real...

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Taxi Dispatch Software for your Fleet Management Business


The first question that might have come to your mind after starting an on-demand taxi business is the fleet management system. To efficiently and effectively run the taxi business you should have a good hold on your taxi fleet i.e. managing the fleet cost, maintenance, dispatch, repair, performance assessment, security etc. Already the market is flooded with taxi dispatch software. A lot of...

100% Customizable Dispatch and Fleet Management Software You Have Been Waiting For

Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management Software

Commuting has become an integral part of our busy schedule. Every day in our daily life, we spend a few hours in a taxi or look for a taxi. For people who belonged to the metropolises, traveling in a taxi was not so affordable and available down the alley a few years. Only with the emergence of companies like Uber can an ordinary man now dream of renting a luxury taxi. The rise of taxi shipping...