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Analyzing the Top Factors Behind a Successful Taxi Booking Application

Most taxi businesses have an application to book their taxis. But, did you think why only a few taxi booking app like Uber, Lyft, DiDi, etc are gaining fame and success? 

Simply, the answer is, they utilize opportunities and strategies well. If you are an entrepreneur who runs a taxi business, you can also reach such heights, by utilizing the same. 

This blog will enlighten the factors behind the success of a taxi booking app like Uber and how you can handle them for your taxi business to shine in the market. 

How to Make a Taxi Booking App Successful in The Market?

Getting success in the taxi business is not a single-step stage, which can be obtained by establishing a strong infrastructure, onboarding efficient drivers, managing them potentially, and engaging customers consistently. All these processes can be backed by a taxi booking application. 

But, as an entrepreneur, you may see most taxi applications are not so popular and successful. This reality creates fear among entrepreneurs like you, in developing an application for the taxi business. The truth is, you can get grand success by using a taxi booking application if you follow the right strategy in the ride-hailing market. 

  • As the first step, you need to make your taxi booking application popular. 
  • In the second step, you have to engage the potential customers through the app. 

These are the primary factors behind every successful taxi booking app like Uber/ Lyft/ others. Now, allow us to explain the first process. 

Why Should You Focus on App Marketing Strategies?

All of us know marketing is an important thing to introduce a product/ service in a market. Most probably, you may try some marketing strategies to popularize your taxi booking application; which may fail. 

If yes, then you need to follow the effective ways to market your taxi booking application. By focusing on such app marketing strategies, you can do the following easily.

  • Onboarding New Users – This is a primary thing to expand your taxi business. Only by launching your taxi booking application in PlayStore and AppStore, you can’t get more new users. Instead, you should do some simple marketing strategies that can be discussed in a later part of this blog. 
  • Ensuring Brand Remembrance – Despite, developing a mobile application is also a way to increase brand remembrance, you need to do more to maximize it. As users have a lot of applications on their devices, the possibility to forget about your taxi booking application is high. But, effective app marketing practices can prevent this situation and develop brand remembrance. 
  • Increasing Customer Retention – App marketing processes are playing a vital role in increasing customer retention. 
  • Brand Salience – Simply, your target users should think of or notice your taxi business through your taxi booking application. Through proper marketing processes, you can influence your potential customers to check out your taxi application. 
  • Competitive Advantages – When a huge number of potential customers know about your taxi booking application and its advantages through app marketing, you can attain a great loyal customer base. That can lead your business to get competitive advantages. 

So, app marketing is an important thing to be considered when you are serious about your success in the ride-hailing market. But, not all marketing strategies and practices can give you the needed result. 

For example, if you are running a marketing campaign on television for your taxi booking application, that can’t give you the result. To make your taxi booking app successful, you need to follow the best practices of the mobile app marketing strategy. Let’s check some of them in the next part. 

Mobile App Marketing Strategy: Best Practices

By knowing the best practices of mobile app marketing, you can promote your taxi booking application to more people around the globe. Here are some of them to promote your app and boost your customer count. 

  1. Referral Program: When your taxi booking application has the facility to conduct a referral program for users, the probability of getting more customers will be high. The rate of onboarding new users will be maximum when you are providing attractive rewards through referral programs. 
  2. App Store Optimization: To improve the visibility of your taxi booking application in the AppStore for iOS and PlayStore of Android, you should focus on the ASO (App Store Optimization). Did you know?

Nearly 70% of mobile users use the search panel to find the perfect application. Among them, 65% download the application directly through the search utility. 

That’s why you should focus on app store optimization for your taxi booking app. 

  1. App Store Ads – By using Google Ads and Apple Search Ads, you can run advertisements for your taxi booking application on PlayStore or AppStore. It can increase awareness about your taxi booking application for smartphone users. You can optimize your ads based on the region or country border depending on your service region.
  2. Other Forms of Ads – Besides running a marketing campaign for your taxi application on the app stores, you can also run other forms of ads like in-app ads, search ads, in-app ads, etc. Alongside this, you can also use social media to promote your taxi booking application. For example, you can use Facebook to support your promotion process. As per a recent report, the average conversion rate of a Facebook ad is 9.21%.
  3. Landing Pages – You can create a dedicated web page to encourage your customers to download your taxi booking application. By having such web pages, you can be visible to potential customers who are searching for your service through browsers. Such a website can provide you with new customers at a conversion rate of 2.35% on average. 
  4. Install Ads – You can also install ads for your taxi booking application to increase your customer base. It is nothing but an ad that can redirect the users directly to the app installation page of your taxi application. In recent days, such types of ads are familiar on social media platforms and in-app ad formats. 
  5. Awards Work Well – To promote your application well, you have to apply for an award to boost the credibility of your taxi booking application. It’ll help your customers to identify your specialty along with the reliability that stimulates them to install and use your application. 

Along with this, you can utilize some SEO practices like writing a guest article, PR, and others to ensure high visibility of your application. But, for the success of your taxi business, only such marketing strategies are not enough. 

All these strategies work well in driving more users to your taxi booking application. But, it couldn’t help you to engage them for the long term. To do that, you should pay attention to another factor of app success which is the app development process. Let’s get a few important points on it. 

Taxi App Development Process: Another Important Thing

Even though you drive many new users for your taxi booking application, without proper UI, UX, and app workflow, you couldn’t get success in your taxi business. Check out the recent report from AppsFlyer on user retention for a mobile application. 

Nearly, 1 in every 2 apps installed by a user has been uninstalled within 30 days on average. 

Such uninstalls, may cost you the app loss of about USD 33,000 and above a month. So, it must be reduced as much as possible. It can be minimized with an effective mobile app development process.

By including operative features with your taxi booking application, you can make it useful for your customers. A report from Google revealed that around 37% of users don’t use an app after installation in case they find another better application. 

So, your taxi booking application must be unique and filled with useful features like real-time tracking, accurate ETA (estimate time of arrival), an in-app communication system, SOS, and others. 

At the same time, user-friendly UI is also an important thing to engage the customers potentially. The same report from Google reiterates this point as, approximately, 21% of smartphone/ app users are not ready to use an app with a complicated UI or UX.

That’s why you need to develop a taxi booking application with features and UI that should be compatible with recent trends and user expectations. 

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How SpotnRides Aid You to Avail the Best Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Most entrepreneurs in the ride-hailing industry are afraid of developing a taxi booking app like Uber as it costs high. But, by choosing a readymade app script, you can develop an app like Uber at a reasonable cost. That ready-to-use app solution can be known as the Uber clone app. 

It contains all the necessary features and UI like the Uber application. You can customize them to ensure your uniqueness in the application. Along with this, you can also add some additional features or interfaces by choosing a customized Uber clone app script. Want to avail of such an app solution at a reasonable price? Here, we are. 

SpotnRides has been delivering Uber clone app scripts for many taxi businesses to influence their local ride-hailing market. As we are experienced in customized Uber clone script development for years, you can rely on our service and script. 


Simply, by choosing the best taxi booking app development company like SpotnRides, you can get your final product with effective features and UI. By using our Uber clone script, you can reach more customers through various marketing strategies and engage existing customers with potential features. Let’s leverage your taxi business together.

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