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Fuel up your truck booking business with a convenient ondemand truck booking app.

The option to define the ability to specify the vehicles that are required simplifies the process of transporting your logistics. Ondemand trucks app bridges the gap between customers and truck booking businesses.

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Truck Booking App

Why Should You Need Our Truck Booking App?

A truck booking app takes care of transporting logistics supplies from the pickup point, providing safe transportation, and ensuring on-time delivery. Leveraging your business with a cargo booking app can be beneficial as follows:

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    Increase the visibility of your parcel delivery and pickup operation.

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    Prevent driver shortages as the software may contain an infinite number of drivers.

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    Through efficient referral programs, grow your customer base.

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    Eliminate communication barriers with multilingual support.

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    Utilize traffic insights to cut down on travel time.

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    Deep data analytics can be used to enhance business strategies.

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    By opening up additional income streams, you can generate more money.

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    Incorporate total transparency and gain the upper hand in your business.

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How Efficient Is SpotnRides Truck Booking App?

Let us share the story of Samuel…

Samuel is a young entrepreneur who lives in California, USA. He is running a truck business in his city. Samuel had 7 trucks of varied sizes and managed drivers for his business. For his business, he had a clerk manage the order data. He hired new drivers often because of improper maintenance of the service record.

His business was performing only within a short boundary. Managing the drivers and transportation was difficult for Samuel. Sustaining the business became a big deal for Samuel. He had a good reach among users, but he couldn't maintain the popularity, and his business started falling apart.

Many of his friends recommended shutting down the business. His maintenance of business has become a question mark. The sustainability of his business suffered a great setback. His father was a news geek and searched for a solution for his son’s business.

He chose SpotnRides Truck Booking App

When the business started losing regular customers, Samuel thought of leaving the business. But Samuel came to know about the SpotnRides truck booking app. He reached out to the team for his business.

Samuel explained the need for an app and got the help of SpotnRides in its development.

He got a user-friendly app for his business.

He initially pushed the information through mouth-spread news, and day by day, the reach of the app started increasing. Customers started to like the app's convenience and reach spread between people.

Flexible and customized software made him affluent

After getting the Uber for Trucks app, he sorted out many issues. The ondemand trucks app helped in managing varied data like driver details, availability, and revenue from the business. Samuel invested in some more trucks and extended his truck booking business outside his town. With minimal effort on business control, he ran his business at a higher level than before, with an increase in reach between people. And data insights over the business, and easy handling of the drivers and customers. And the decision made him stand out from other competitors.

Develop your app and get technical support from SpotnRides to expand your logistics and transportation business.

Know How Our Cargo Booking App Is Unique In The Market

  • Customer-focused strategy
  • Adaptable for small to enterprise-level businesses
  • Personalized revenue streams
  • Customized features to engage customers
  • Workflow with high transparency
  • Compatibility with any type of transportation business model
  • Quickly deploy and launch
  • Reliable loyalty programs
  • Multi-language and currency support
  • Get Wallet integration in your app

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Truck Booking App

Integral Features Of Our Truck Booking App

Easy Sign-Up and Sign-in Process Registration

Customers can easily log in or sign up by providing basic information such as their name, email address, and so on.


Choosing a truck size is critical to transporting your goods safely and efficiently. Truck sizes vary by transport service provider, ranging from small pickup trucks to large trailers. Determine the weight, size, and quantity of your cargo and select the truck size.

Fare Estimate Registration

Customers will receive an estimated fare after selecting the vehicle category, entering the weight of the shipments, and updating the travel distance.

Promo Code Registration

It is one of the customer engagement features that enable customers to receive instant gift vouchers or price discounts.

Registration Multiple Payment Option

The consumer of the service has multiple payment options, like a debit card, credit card, or cash on delivery, to pay for the service.

Registration Real-time Tracking Facility

After booking a transport, the customer can track the real-time location of the truck/carrier assigned to them.

Registration History and Summary

Customers can view the history of bookings and payments made through the app.

Registration Live Chat with Driver

The app enables an inbuilt chat option and maintains the privacy of the customer and driver numbers.

Easy Registration Process Registration

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements and has valid documents can apply to become a driver using the driver's application.

Notification Registration

When a customer requests a package for pickup and delivery, drivers in the area are notified.

Availability Management Registration

To receive more task requests from customers, drivers can manage their availability statuses, such as "online/ offline," based on their schedule. The app also allows you to add truck models.

Navigation Registration

The navigation feature of this application, which uses GPS positioning technology, will make it simple to locate pickup and drop-off locations.

Registration In-App Communication

The in-app messaging and call features will be useful in preventing misunderstandings between customers and drivers.

Registration Traffic Insights

Drivers can use real-time traffic insight data from the driver app to optimize their delivery route.

Registration SOS Button

Drivers who want to be extra cautious can use the SOS option. They can designate up to five contacts with whom to communicate in an emergency.

Registration Cash On Delivery

For the cash-on-delivery payment method, the driver must first approve the customer's request online via the driver's application.

User Management Registration

Admin has the authority to approve the driver's signup request and other user data through the admin panel.

Fare Management Registration

The admin panel allows the admin to manage and change the fare price for each vehicle type, such as the base fare, price per kilometer, grace waiting time, subscription cost, platform fee, and surge price.

Revenue Management Registration

The main revenue model is based on the driver's daily subscription. In addition, by optimizing the workflow as the admin, any other revenue streams can be unlocked.

Language and Currency Registration

The app can support a variety of languages and currencies. Using the admin panel, the admin can select the language and currency.

Registration Notification Management

With the admin panel, the administrator can only send custom notifications about offers, announcements, and other items.

Registration Real-time Updates

The administrator can view complete and up-to-date information, such as the driver's location, progress, and status of any trip assigned via the delivery management software.

Registration Referral Management

The admin panel will make it simple to manage and optimize the referral program.

Registration Data Insights

Admins can get comprehensive data analytics on customer behavior, revenue, and other factors to process the data and develop effective marketing strategies.


Get More Add-on Features (Only On Request)

Customization for rental business
In-app Chatbots
Social Media Integration for Signup Process
Automated Dispatch Solution
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Additional Features

  • Heat Map

    It delivers real-time traffic insights to the drivers and also the admin to optimize the delivery process.

  • Manage Favorites

    Customers can save the location where they ship goods frequently with the customer application.

  • Coupon Marketing

    You can build your customer base with effective coupon marketing as this software solution supports promo codes and coupons.

  • OTP Verification

    For the first time, when the driver signs up with the driver app, they need to verify their phone number with an OTP.

  • Endless Categories

    The admin can categorize the types of services based on vehicle, fare, driver ratings, or any others through the admin panel.

  • Flexible

    Our logistics delivery software is completely customizable corresponding to your business model regardless of the size of your business.

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What will You Get with our truck booking app?

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

Using an efficient software solution, you can personalize your entire parcel delivery service.

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Discover How We Created Our On demand Truck Booking App

The development process of an app for truck booking needs the contribution of experts with excellent organizational and time management skills. We have professionals to take a hand in your on-demand truck booking app development project with the utmost care.

As we have years of experience in app and software development, we can develop software for logistics truck booking that can harmonize with your business model. The solution will be backed by up-to-the-minute tech stacks and a strategic workflow. We used to follow the steps provided here to develop freight booking software.
  • Analyzing your business, competitors, and market for the perfect outcomes.
  • Sketching the app structure like workflow, necessary features, etc.
  • Develop and customize flawless software with high-end UI/UX.
  • Run multiple QA tests to ensure usability, compatibility, security, and performance.
  • Post-production support and deployment of the Software.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck booking app?

A truck booking app is a digital platform designed to facilitate booking trucks for transportation services. It allows users to connect with truck owners, logistics companies, or freight carriers to book and manage transportation.

How does a truck booking app work?

A truck booking app operates through a user-friendly process. Users need to sign up or log in to the app. They can input their pickup and delivery locations, along with the type and quantity of goods to be transported. The app will display trucks or carriers suitable for the requirements, along with their rates and estimated delivery time. Users can select their preferred option and book the truck for transportation.

What are the benefits of using a truck booking app?

1. Using a truck booking app offers several advantages for both businesses and individual users.

2. It streamlines the process of finding and booking trucks, saving time and effort.

3. It provides access to a wide network of truck owners and carriers, offering more choices for transportation needs.

4. Logistics delivery apps often come with real-time tracking features, allowing users to monitor their shipments throughout the journey.

Is it safe to use a truck booking app for transporting goods?

Yes, using a reputable and reliable truck booking app is safe for transporting goods.

How can I track my shipment using a truck booking app?

Tracking a shipment using a truck booking app is typically a straightforward process. Once the truck is booked and the shipment is on its way, the app provides a unique tracking ID or link.