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Grab Taxi clone app from SpotnRides enables you to launch an online business and get a boom in the on-demand market quickly. A well-crafted Grab clone app from SpotnRides helps your business is the best option for the customers with the unique feature-set.

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why use our Grab clone app?

What is Grab Taxi Clone and Why is the Grab clone App an Essential One?

Grab clone app is one of the open-source multi-service booking scripts to make the service providers carry many on-demand services to the customers through the customized version of the base platform called Grab. Technical needs for running the on-demand business in a smoothie way are high in recent days. With the objective of providing sophisticated customer service and gaining more profit, the startup owners look for an update in the business model. SpotnRides built the customer-centric Grab Taxi clone Script that allows you to greet the users with additional services like delivery with taxi-services. The features that make the Grab clone app to be an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to run the business effortless manner are:

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    All-in-one Service Platform

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    Customer-Centric Features

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    User-friendly Interfaces

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    Electrifying Business Model

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    Quick App Deployment

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    App-based Multi-Income Options

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    Platform compatibility

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    Tailor-Made Custom App Solution

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How to Run Online Multi-Services With the Best Grab Taxi Clone App Solution?

People move towards an app-based service booking and ordering things after the evolution of the related applications. As the same as that of, the app-storage is also the main thing for the users. Downloading of the application related to each service leads to storage issues and hence they look for a one-stop solution for all. To meet this demand, SpotnRides comes up with a unique ap solution namely the Grab clone app.

With the inclusion of dedicated app interfaces, Our Grab clone script extends the mobility service into the multi-service platform where it carries the delivery, rentals and personalized bookings, etc. This opportunity makes all the service providers, service handlers acted as the business participants under a single module to deliver a wide range of services to the customers.

The unique features of our clone app Grab like real-time tracking, efficient trip/order management, feasible booking options power up the online business as per the customer preferences. The honorable mention of our Grab clone app solution is the brand assurance through the custom metrics like logo, UX design, etc depending upon the latest technologies. Get your own Grab clone app from us to improve your growth.

What are all the Metrics of Our Super Grab Clone App that Makes You Stand Out?

  • Multi-On-Demand Services
  • Limitless Service Selection Options
  • Real-time Location-aware Workflows
  • Wide-Range of Customer Accessible Platform
  • Smart Payment Module Integration
  • Big-Data Driven Module
  • Built With the Multi-Platform Capabilities
  • Customization and scalable as per business niches
  • Ready-to-go Platform for Quick Time to Market
  • Brand Assurance Analytics

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Grab clone- Admin screen

What are all the Features Included in Our Grab Clone App for all the Players Involved?


Users can instantly signup for the app by specifying their credentials like emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles.


Users can easily configure the profile lie name, address, preferred payment method, image, contact numbers, etc directly in it.


When the trip needs arise, the users can immediately search the current location by Google analytics automatically or set it manually with this option.


Allows the user to set both the pickup/drop location to initiate the trip. With this option, the user also sets the ride either for now or later easily.


Users can easily view the fare estimate depends upon the travel distance as well as the vehicle selection immediately.


Users consistently track the driver or vehicle location currently with the mapping analytics and make further plans accordingly.

SOS Alerts

Allow the users to reach the emergency contacts with a simple click in the app itself.

Review/Ratings FOR TRIP

Allows the users to host their feedback either by short review or ratings to identify the service quality.


With the simple entering of the credentials, drivers can immediately register their participation in the app-based business models.


Documents like driving license, experience certificate, and grades are digitally uploaded for verification.


With this option, the driver can immediately show their presence either online/offline prior to trip initialization.


Based on the availability, the driver can immediately accept or cancel the new trip-requests.


Allows the drivers to view the traveling distance visually to make the trip in the minimum time interval that leads to high-productivity trip hours per day.


After the completion of each trip, the earning details are recorded and the whole history is stored for future analysis.


Drivers can immediately call the customers in case of any emergency needs or the alteration in a location easily within the app itself.


To encourage the cashless transaction and seamless commission gathering, the drivers can add or edit the bank details without any hassle by using this option.


Admin can easily view or manage the whole operations with the powered rich dashboard.


Allows the admin to manage the user-profiles and the information regarding the location to make the services as convenient.


After the document uploading, the admin can verify the details thoroughly prior to make them onboarding in the services.


Allows the admin to take control or monitor the driver information, the number of drivers who participated, and the user ratings.


The payment collection, number of trips completed, pending trips all are monitored by the single window easily by this option.


In the case of the priority-based trip. Admin has the power to allocate the schedules for the trips and provide the corresponding intimations to the drivers.


Allows the admin to control vehicle selection from categories on the customer’s app by defining the vehicle name, rate details.


This portal allows the admin to manage the drivers/vehicles count, trip booking management, service fee collection, and the commission details in an easy way.

What are all Addons that We Offer as Per Customer Requisition?

Promo-Code Integration
Corporate Rides
Surge Pricing
Exact Location Estimator
How Do We Offer Protection to Your Business Plans?
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What More Do We Offer With Our Best Grab Clone App?

  • Fare Table Analysis

    This exceptional feature allows the users to view the complete table of the diverse fares on the basis of location for feasible trip selection.

  • Referral Program-based Earning

    This caters to your users and the drivers to earn the specific revenue by referring your service to their friends, family, relatives easily.

  • Book Favourable Ride

    This allows the riders to specify the favorite spot and select the top-rated vehicle drivers for recursive trips. This option in our Grab clone app is the convenient one for corporate professionals to do daily trips without any difficulties.

  • Delivery Selection

    On the basis of the user's needs, this option allows them to select vehicles like large trucks, motorbikes, cargo cars, etc to make the fleet as easy.

  • Peak-Pricing

    Based on the emergency needs and the priority basis, this allows you to set the fare for the trips that highly disrupt the customer’s cost value.

  • Real-Time Currency Rate Conversion

    This helps to run the entire business based on the real-time fluctuations in the currency based on the region you are launched.

  • EWallet-Based Payment Option

    Allows the users to view the current transaction history and the recharge of the wallet within the single window of the Grab clone app.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Allows the participants in the service to view the content in their own language and change the language preferences accordingly.

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What Will You Get in Grab Taxi Clone App Setup from Us?

  • Driver App
  • User app
  • Android, iOS Platforms
  • Web Application for Admin

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Happy Worldwide Customers Using Our Grab Clone

Happy Worldwide Customers Using Our Grab Clone

Why Do People Decide SpotnRides for Developing a Grab Clone App?

With enough experience in on-demand taxi app development, SpotnRides provided you a tremendous app solution that is highly relevant to the market demands and customer preferences. In order to build the well-manageable clone app Grab, SpotnRides deploy path-breaking technologies and include the necessary features. By investing your money in one-time, you can be the sole owner of your application. Right from the conceptual business plans to the final deployment of the application, SpotnRides offers complete 360-degree support. By making a partnership with us, you can experience the following things.

  • 100% complete source code
  • Tech-support on app customization, installation, and bug handling
  • White-label solution
  • Quick app deployment
  • Multi-platform testing
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SpotnRides Grab Clone Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grab Taxi clone?

Grab Taxi is one of the best taxi booking app solutions in the market, like Uber. It is more popular in SEA countries. In the Grab clone, you can find the same features and interfaces that exist in Grab Taxi. It helps you to start your dream venture soon.

Is Your Grab Clone Product Customizable?

Yes, the installation of the SpotnRides Grab clone is totally free of cost.

Is the Installation of Grab Clone Free?

Yes, the installation of the SpotnRides Grab clone is totally free of cost.

SpotnRides Grab Clone Source Code is Accessible?

Our Grab Taxi clone source code is 100% accessible to you. We will be handling the fully-developed Android app, iOS app, and admin panel.

Can I Get SpotnRides Grab Taxi Clone Demo for Free?

Yes, Please drop a mail at [email protected] Our experts will catch you soon with the actual Grab clone product demo.

Is SpotnRides Grab Clone Support Multi-Language?

In SpotnRides Grab Taxi clone, you will be getting benefited from both multi-language and multi-currency feature support.

Why Should I Prefer SpotnRides Grab Taxi Clone?

In SpotnRides we have developed the Grab Taxi clone app with any competition in the quality. You can expect the same key-features as well as the business and revenue model of Grab. This helps you to gain the attention of the riders quickly and get branded soon.

How Often Will I Get Support From SpotnRides for Grab Taxi Clone?

Our dedicated team of experts is available 24/7 to clear your queries. You will be getting an immediate response to your queries within business hours.