Uber for Handyman-Get a Premier in On-demand Handyman Service Industry Via Futuristic Business Model

Transform handyman services into smarter with the perfect-fit Uber for handyman services app. SpotnRides provides a top-notch handyman app solution to bridge the gap between customers and handyman.


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How Can Our Handyman Service App Bring Revolution to Your On-demand Service Business?

Taking the handyman services to the next level via the handyman services app is an essential thing to boost the revenue. Ensure online visibility through the handyman app like uber enables the handyman service to connect the service professionals with the customers clearly via uber for the handyman. Since the Uber for handyman app is an independent module, a brand gets assured clearly. Due to its online possibility, the customer bookings are getting increased. With the designated interfaces, the handyman services turned to be the low-cost approach.

SpotnRides widening the opportunities to run the handyman services in an advanced manner and scale up the revenue value quickly with the perfect handyman app. The independent modules for customers as well as the handyman in the uber for handyman allow both of them to exchange the needs and corresponding solutions in a timely manner. The real-time optimum business model from SpotnRides efficiently fill-ups the gaps between the customers and the handyman accurately through the perfect handyman app.

Why Choose Uber for Handyman App or Your Services?

  • Eye-catching design to streamline the workflows smarter

  • Reliable payment interfaces support instant service fee payment

  • Real-time analytics inclusion improves customer engagement highly

  • Multi-location access of handyman enhances the visibility

  • A full-fledged control platform reduces the burden of admin

  • Synchronized app design ensures smoothness workflow

  • Flawless service access due to customizable platforms

  • Multi-service platform to improve the customer engagement

  • In-app communication ensure strong collaboration

  • Visual analytics increases operational efficiency

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What are all Feature set of Our handyman Service app Script?

New Service Booking

Allows the customers to search and book the handyman based on their needs after registering via multiple channels within the handyman app.

Handyman Professional List

View the entire handyman professionals list with the details like service specification, name, and contact details, etc.

Select Handyman

From the handyman professional list, select the handyman according to the current needs, high-ratings, and location specifications.

Track Handyman Real-Time

By the integration of GPS-feature, the current location status of the handyman is exactly tracked and gets the information regarding the estimated time of arrival.

Address Filling

Allows the customers to fill up their address, contact numbers in a digital form that enables the handyman to access their details.

Schedule for Handyman

Allows the customers to set the schedule or time for the handyman based on the availability. This also ensures collapse-free services.

Selective Handyman Booking

Upon satisfactory services in the previous booking, the customers use this option to book the selective handyman repeatedly.

Instant Pay Module

Allows the customers to pay the service charge via smart payment modules like cards, net-banking, and wallet-based payments easily.

Digitized Own Profile

Makes the handyman create their own profile with service specification, a number of services handled and the experience details, etc.

Impressive Service List

This listed up the number of services to be handled and the corresponding handyman to ensure quick access from the customer side.

New Service Request

As soon as the new customer initiates the request, the handyman gets the instant alerts from this option and is ready to handle it in a proper way.

Service History

The service history option included allows the handyman to view the entire service history, the number of services completed, pending, etc.

Handyman Availability

With this toggle, the handyman can easily show their availability status based on the work or free to accept the service.

Instant Messaging

With this option, the handyman and the customers get connected smartly and perform the communication easily.

Payment History

Allows the handyman can easily view the payments collected for the completed services and the pending payments etc.

Rating Visibility

Using this, a handyman can easily view the ratings hosted by the customers or feedback and transform it in the future based on them.

Customer Category

Allows setting a category for the customer to differentiate potential from the new users in order to provide additional benefits quickly.

Handyman Management

Allows the admin to manage the number of handymen by accessing their profile and check how many service orders handled in real-time.

Validate Handyman Skill

Allows the admin to carefully check the documents shared by a handyman to ensure the skill players in services

Handyman Service Category

This option used to add the category of the handyman based on the qualification and experience in the service field.

Pay Record Maintenance

Digitally access all the payment collection by a handyman and keep the records in a secure database for future access.

Alert Handyman

While the new service requests initiated, this option allows the admin to alert the handyman in order to map them with the customers.

Instant Commission Deduction

For every service completion, the commission is directly deducted from the service payment and maintains the record also.

Top Handyman Selection

By the deep analysis of the customer reviews, the admin can select the top-handyman for rewards and additional benefits by this option.

Add-On features in Our Uber for Handyman App to Enhance the Workflow

Wallet-based Payments
Promo-Code/ Subscription
Category-Wise Handyman Listings
Advanced Schedule Preferences
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How Our Uber for Handyman App Turns Workflows Smarter?

  • Multi-Service Requests Handling

    Customers get benefitted from multiple service bookings right from the plumbers to gardeners in a single window and assign schedules for them via the handyman app itself.

  • Expand Reachability via Referrals

    By allowing handyman and customers to refer to this model expands the reachability of the services and this also brings benefits to existing users.

  • Social Engagement Option

    Encouraging the customers and handyman to login via social media accounts allows them to connect socially and get instant services.

  • e-Invoice Generation

    An automated invoice generation after the service completed in the handyman app makes the customer and the handyman aware of the service charge collected instantly.

  • Visual Integrated Analytics

    Right from the booking to the final service completion, the report generation and the map-based analytics create a great impact in real-time.

  • ETA Report

    With the consistent tracking feature, the estimated time of arrival for the handyman is easily identified and this gives comfort to customers.

  • Multilingual-Based Bookings

    By the inclusion of the language selection option, the service providers and service seekers get connected without any location limitations.

  • AD-Banner Integration

    Allowing the handyman to showcase the promotional messages and the banners, the business can be expanded and the revenue is scaled up.

Uber for Handyman Services

How Our Uber for Handyman App Accelerates Your Earnings?

Starting your Uber for handyman services via our feature-rich uber for handyman opens your revenue-generating possibilities in the following ways:

  • Email Subscription Fee

    Collect fees to conduct email marketing campaigns in order to engage the customers by sending the newsletter, blog component, etc.

  • Advertising Fee

    Encouraging the handyman to advertise digitally within our app increases the reachability widely. Collecting fees for this process is one way to generate revenue.

  • Earnings Via Referrals

    Greeting the customers and handyman with the commissions for their referrals via invitation code is an impressive option in our handyman app.

  • Premium Model

    Get the special fee from the customers to use the advanced features in the premium model. This helps to increase revenue as well as customers.

  • Fee for Priority Services

    To fulfill the instant service requirements from the number of requests, the additional charge is collected to set the priority to them.

  • Service Sub-category Fee

    Assigning a special charge to add subcategories for the handyman services will also boost the earnings and increase the profit value.

  • Tips For Handyman

    Upon satisfying services, customers show a willingness to pay the additional tips to a handyman that assure the additional benefit to them.

  • Appointment Cancellation Charge

    During unmatched conditions, the requested service may be canceled. The specific amount is deducted for the cancellation.

  • Handyman Verification Fee

    To assure trustworthiness in services, the verification status is required from the customer side. Get the fee for this assurance.

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What are all Elements Do We Offer With Our Handyman App like Uber?

  • Customer App (Android/iOS)
  • Handyman App (Android/iOS)
  • Web panel for Admin
  • Branding Elements

The well-designed Uber for Handyman App from us allows you to launch on-demand handyman services quickly in the market. The unique appealing designs and the interfaces in our uber for handyman app ensure more bookings from the customer side.

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Why SpotnRides be an Opt Choice for Uber for Handyman App?

Bridging the gap between the handyman and the customers is an essential activity to bring unforgettable experiences to the customers. Further, the management of all handyman and customers via a handyman app is also one important requirement. SpotnRides provides you a well-crafted handyman app that includes dedicated interfaces and the unique feature set to ensure simplicity in management. With the use of a robust handyman app, SpotnRides helped the numerous handyman to get an essential familiarity and more access in real-time.

We also include advanced features like smart payment integration, familiar assurance options, revenue making, etc to the application by acting as the full-fledged platform.

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  • The use of next-gen technologies while designing app platform offers a delightful experience
  • App-model is the best-fit to scale up the operations as per the business requirements
  • Based on market conditions, the tailored multi-service models can be easily built
  • Specialized team works tirelessly to ensure the flawless performance of the handyman app
  • Ready-to-go handyman app reduces your turn-around time as per customer needs

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