Group Professional Carpenters In your Region and Launch Uber-like Carpenters Booking Marketplace Startup using SpotnRides Uber for Carpenter App Solution

Suppose a person wants to repair the wooden cupboard in his house, what do you think he will do? Find a local carpenter in the nearby area. This may sound easy but inherently there is a bit of unreliability and inconvenience. Finding a skilled carpenter is difficult that too at the right time and pricing, quality of work is also difficult to compute.

This is not a rare case and everyone, mainly in the urban areas who have migrated know the pain of it. Carpentry work is not only confined to houses and offices, but shops, complexes, commercial establishments too also require them at some times. 

So what do you think can be the solution for quickly engaging a skilled carpenter? Technology obviously. When we have the on-demand Uber for x model, why worry about connecting with a carpenter?

How On-demand Uber for Carpenter as a Tech Startup?

What if I say that the need for carpenters and the tech to connect them with people can be harnessed to form a startup. If you dream to become a tech entrepreneur, then I find no better way than the Uber for carpenters startup.

Uber for carpenters comes on the lines of other app-based services startup. It is an online marketplace to list and find carpenters. In an overall sense, it is a win-win situation for users and service providers.

The revenue for service providers is found to increase multifold after they are listed in the app. The revenue model for this startup works like this: For every booking, some percentage of the fee is credited as commission.

Long term outlook of Uber for carpenters

In the long run, more services like carpenters shall be added based on demand. In a few year’s time an all-around the multi-services app will be well received from users.

Potential for earning good is relatively high and over time the on-demand app solution is expected to evolve better.

Interfaces in the on-demand carpenter app

  1. Customer mobile/web app
  2. Service provider mobile app
  3. Admin web panel

SpotnRides on-demand carpenter app solution

You get a complete package of the Uber-like app for carpenters which comprises all the interfaces from SpotnRides. SpotnRides is a well-established player in the on-demand app development segment.

Below are the reasons for you to partner with us.

Changing the base app to any shape: Our technical expertise in the domain of app development allow us to modify the app to suit your specific requirements. This we do without hurting the core setup of the app.

Updating the latest technologies:  Our team lets you know the latest advances in the on-demand segment and recommend relevant technologies for your startup. 

Secure and licensed source code: After purchase, you get complete source code of the solution with full license and unencrypted. We have no control over the script after purchase.

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Working of our Uber for carpenter app

  • User downloads the app; enter location; and address. Navigate the app to find the carpenter nearby. Additionally, enter the work specifications and work type.
  • Select the carpenter and request a service. Negotiate in the app to finalize the price.
  • Carpenter gets the request and based on the situation, he accepts/rejects the request.
  • The user gets notified at each point while accepting requests, on arrival, completion, and invoice generation.
  • Finally, each of them rates and review the service in their respective app.
  • The admin panel shows all the real-time data of all bookings and payments.

Wrapping up!

The Uber for carpenters app is poised to make wonders in the on-demand segment mainly because of its flexibility to accommodate more services. And when you use SpotnRides for it, it gets even more promising in the future. 

Each interface of our app solution is loaded with features and advanced functionalities; especially the admin panel has sophisticated analytics and financial tools. SpotnRides would be a great choice for you to launch your startup. 

You can call us anytime or send a mail to [email protected] to know exciting details about this app. What this blog says is just a glance at the overall picture.


What will be the type of app development we undertake?

We are equipped to build apps in both the Hybrid and Native areas.

What is the total cost of development?

The basic app script comes at a fixed cost. Feature addition and customization costs extra.

Who can get this app?

Running it as an online marketplace platform will be the apt model for this business idea. You just provide the app to help connect users and carpenters.

Can we customize the app?

Yes, since the complete source code is given to you after purchase you can modify the solution independent of others.

Do we get any support from you after deployment?

We have an awesome technical assistance package for all clients. The cost of it is free for some time and after that, we charge a nominal fee.

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