On Demand Doctor App- Allow Doctors Stay Connected with Patients via Uber for Doctors App to Ensure High-Quality Treatment

Get the best doctor on demand app to streamline the doorstep healthcare services. SpotnRides provides a best-fit Uber for doctors app that creates wonders in the healthcare industry via advanced features.


What is the On Demand Doctor App?

Doctor on demand app is the digitized platform that connects doctors with the patients closely in order to improve the quality of medical services ranging from simple checkups to emergency treatment. The inclusion of personalized analytics in this Uber for doctors app transforms doctor bookings as easier and ensures high-quality treatment in the healthcare industry.

why use our Uber-for-Doctor clone app?

Why is it Essential for Your Healthcare Industry?

Handling the unhealthy issues for the patients in a smart way is an erratic one in the healthcare industry. Periodical visits, long-queue, and the waiting time are tedious issues for the patients. Doctors also faced major issues in keep on maintaining the patient details and the quality treatment in real-time. The metrics for the Doctor on demand app to assure the essentiality are:

  • Provide seamless health experience for the patients with smart booking options

  • A comfort in-house treatment via doctor on-demand app reduces the queue

  • Simplified functioning of Uber for doctors app ensures the speedy treatment

  • Allow patients to select the preferable doctors based on their needs

  • A patient-centric platform that allows them to select any kind of medical services directly

  • Instant notifications, booking history makes the doctors manage them collapse-free

  • Reduction of physical visits by providing the accurate doorstep-treatment service

  • Get excellency in the healthcare industry via smart doctor on demand app usage

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Why Choose SpotnRides for On demand Doctor App Development?

SpotnRides adding value to your doctor bookings by the dedicated interfaces and empower high-quality treatment in the healthcare service industry via the pre-built uber for doctors app. The technologies we consider are the latest and that enable medical experts and patients to stay on this platform for the long-term.

Greeting with plenty of unified management dashboards and impressive features, the doctors can easily manage their appointments smarter and turn to be a top accessible player locally or globally.
The metrics that make us stand out in the market are:
  • The turnkey solution makes to launch in the market at zero-time
  • Robust scalable platforms to extend services in future
  • Build own brand, since it is a white-label solution
  • Best user experience with the platform compatibility
  • Feature-rich platform to make you runaway long
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What are all features Do We Offer in Our Uber for Doctors App?

Patients App

Patients App

Either a simple check-up or an emergency needs, the patients use this interface to book an appointment with the medical experts. Since this is a digitized cloud-based platform, patients can easily store their details, disease details, medicines takeover, prior reports in a digital form that make them to handover to the doctors for high-quality treatment.

  • Create your own profile with the detailed information and update if necessary.
  • Search and book the doctors or the medical services via location-specific nature.
  • Initiate the appointment request to the preferable doctor after validation.
  • Get notified once the doctor accepts the request with the date and time information.
  • Map-based navigation options to track the doctor’s location status smarter.
  • Greeted with multi-mode payment options to pay treatment fees in a unique way.

Doctor App

Doctors available in several locations access this interface to show their online presence consistently. This will surely bring more appointments to them. Further, the special options included in the doctor interface of Uber for doctors app allow them to handle patient issues quickly and provide high-quality treatment accurately.

  • Design their profile with the inclusion of all the details regarding qualification, experience.
  • Get notified by alerts, once the new patient initiates the treatment requests.
  • Show their availability via a toggle to bring awareness to the patients.
  • Get the optimal distance from the GPS-integration and perform the trip via minimum time.
  • Booking history allows the doctors to access and plan future arrangements smartly.
  • Get the schedule information from the patient and update according to it quickly.
Doctors App
Admin App

Admin App

The one who manages all the appointments with the doctors and patient details uses this interface for their improved workflow. Due to the digitized platform, the excessive burden by the paper-based workflow gets reduced. With the customizing nature, they expand the treatment services across many country regions and bring fame to the locally available doctors.

  • Access patient/doctor dashboard to trace all the activities to ensure the perfect treatment.
  • Verify the doctor details prior to onboarding for more patient handlings.
  • Options to access the bills and manage the payments collected from the patient.
  • Filled with reports and analytic to identify the weaker areas and promote on them.
  • Get aware of the patients who are looking for doctors based on locational details.
  • Manage referral earnings and the commissions via a single-window easily.

What are all Add-ons in our Doctor on demand app to improve visibility?

Stripe payment gateway
Feedback options for patient
Authentication to access patient details
Doctor’s range selection options
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What are all Elements in Our Doctor on-demand App Package?

  • Doctor App
  • Patient App
  • Android & iOS
  • Web Panel for

The best uber for doctors app is waiting for you to improve medical services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Uber for Doctor App Code Customized Ourselves?

No. SpotnRides strictly restricts DIY customization. We have a dedicated team to customize it. If the script is modified by you, then we are not able to do further upgrades.

Is support provided for testing the app on a local machine or server?

The installation package from us covers the deployment to the server and not on the localhost.

Is the web installation covered in the package or not?

No. But, we provide an installation package that makes you get your app up and running in no time.

How do Doctor on demand app clone differ from Standalone Familiar Apps?

With the use of the Uber for Doctors app pre-built version, the inclusion of the new features and the customization of the app interfaces according to patient or doctor demands can be easier than standalone apps.