The fully functional and customizable UberEats clone script

Launch your food delivery business with this super ready UberEats clone script that can literally be used out-of-the-box.

UberEats Clone
UberEats clone app

Why use our UberEats clone app?

UberEats is a big business. They've spent years building the mobile app. Don't let the scale of the app become an obstacle. With our UberEats clone app you can launch your full-fledged delivery business within days. No need to hire an expensive team of mobile app developers and spend months on designing, developing and debugging a complex food delivery app.

  • Completely brandable and customizable.

    Works like a framework with full customization and branding.

  • Capable of handling massive activity simultaneously

    Extremely fast and agile deployment.

  • Available for both Android and iOS.

    Full customization support and post-deployment maintenance.

  • Can be used out of the box with little effort.

    Built by a team that develops enterprise solutions.

  • Completely prebuilt and scalable UberEats clone app.

    UberEats clone app is available for Android and iOS.

  • Tested on multiple businesses and has been performing flawlessly.

    Control your entire business with a dedicated admin panel.

  • Completely administrable and manageable through a dedicated admin panel.

    Individual dashboard for individual users.

  • Full customization, deployment and maintenance support.

    You can add unlimited restaurants and unlimited users.

Our Work Speak Louder than Words

Our UberEats clone app script customization and deployment process

Although the UberEats clone app script can be installed out-of-the-box and you can start using it from day one, we know that (and you too) some level of customization and branding will be required before you can seriously use the app. For this, we will understand the finer nitty-gritty of your business and then incorporate the changes.

Here we explain, step-by-step, how we will create full-fledged food delivery apps that you can use to run your business successfully.

  • A close scrutiny of what you intend to achieve.
  • A mockup of how your entire workflow is going to execute.
  • Customization and branding based on your input. We can do visualization, or you can provide graphics.
  • Live testing on multiple platforms.
  • Final deployment and ongoing support, if requested.

How does our UberEats clone app script work?

The UberEats clone app script works like any other state-of-the-art food ordering app works. It provides you all the possible functions and extensions that you need to run a thriving food ordering and food delivery business. Here is a typical workflow.


1. User Registration

Restaurants and deliverers can either register by themselves or you can add them manually. Customers can registered simply by OTP.

Different search options

2. Different search options

Users can search by restaurant, cuisine or food category. They can even search for food within restaurant or through a menu.

Place order

3. Place order

Once they have found what they are looking for, they can immediately place the order.

Make payment

4. Make payment

Users can make payments in multiple ways including debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI or digital wallet.

Order alert

5. Order alert

The restaurant gets the order alert. The user receives a notification immediately when the order is accepted.

Deliverer is notified

6. Deliverer is notified

The restaurant notifies the deliverer with the order details. The deliverer accepts the assignment.

Order pickup

7. Order pickup

The deliverer picks the order from the restaurant.

Real-time tracking

8. Real-time tracking

The user can track the movement of the deliverer on the map inside the UberEats clone app.

Doorstep delivery

9. Doorstep delivery

The order is delivered at the doorstep of the user.

Review Service

10. Review Service

User host the review about the entire service with this option.

What makes our UberEats clone app script so powerful?

  • No need to know programming.
  • Complete support for customization, branding and deployment.
  • Start your food delivery business within a week.
  • Highly robust and secure.
  • Works like a charm on Android and iOS.
  • Comes at a fraction of the cost of building an app from scratch.
  • Leverages native capabilities.
  • Multiple currencies and multiple languages.
  • Live tracking of multiple orders.
  • Impermeable security for data and user privacy.

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Ubereats Clone Script

UberEats clone script app feature list for users, delivery partners, food outlets, and administrators

Features for customers

Look up nearby restaurants

The app script can automatically find the nearby food joints and restaurants based on user location.

Graphic and text listing

Appealing listings with a smattering of mouthwatering images and text descriptions.

Multiple addresses

Users can save and use multiple addresses for food delivery.

Pickup-delivery option

Users can decide whether they want to pick up the food or get it delivered.

Coupon code

Users can use coupon codes to enjoy discounts offered by restaurant owners.

Live order tracking

Users can view their food order moving on the live map that is updated by the second.

Easy payments

Multiple payment modes using credit and debit cards, digital wallets, net banking or cash on delivery.

Table reservation

Users can make reservations before visiting the restaurant from within the UberEats clone script app.

Features for delivery partners

Online/off-line status

Delivery partners can highlight their current status for better scheduling.

Receive orders

They can receive real-time notifications in their areas for better time and schedule management.

Delivery location/ETA on map

Users can save and use multiple addresses for food delivery.

In-app call facility

Delivery partners can call customers and restaurants from within the app.

Earning reports

Through the dashboard, delivery partners can generate digital reports of their earning, by date ranges.

Real-time recording

The movement of the delivery partners can be tracked by all the stakeholders including restaurant owners, customers and admins.

Manual payment option

Delivery partners can request manual payment to the admin.

Profile management

Delivery partners can manage their profile details from the dashboard.

Features for restaurant owners

Order management

From receiving the order to accepting the payments to updating customers to dispatching and tracking, everything.

Manage reservations

Hotel reservations can be managed from the app and tables can be kept ready for the customers.

Kitchen management

The preparation of the food can be minutely tracked through individual kitchens.

Payment management

The script accommodates multiple payment modes with multiple currencies.

Customer management

Direct updates and notifications to customers. Direct call to customers. Real-time redressal.

Delivery partner management

Tracking precise movements, dispatch and delivery

Ratings and reviews

Reviews can be requested from the users. They can be used to improve listings

Features for administrators

Reservation management

Admins can monitor and supervise reservations among individual restaurants and users.

Coupon code management

Track awarding of coupons, use of coupons by users and commission recalculation.

Kitchen management

Admins can decide.which kitchens to include based on quality and service.

Menu management

To ensure only the quality menus, admins can control the dynamics of the menus uploaded by individual restaurants.

Options management

The various features that are available to users, delivery services and restaurants can be managed by the admin.

Category management

Categories – creation, approval and updating – can be left to the users and can also be manually managed.

Reviews management

Admins can manage biased reviews and make other adjustments that may harm the business if not made.

Feedback management

Review the feedback and allocate/disallow privileges accordingly.

Add-on features (on customer request)

Crypto Payments
One-time fixed payment model. No monthly subscription model
Payment Gateway and Chat Integration
Any on demand features requested by you
We will sign an airtight NDA to protect your idea.
No need to worry about someone stealing your brilliant food delivery idea.
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Additional feature in our UberEats clone script app

  • Invoice generation

    Maintain digital invoices that are automatically generated. Unlimited invoices.

  • Share referrals

    Manage a referral program and create more and diverse revenue streams.

  • Commission tracking

    Track commission from different restaurants based on regions.

  • Analytics dashboard

    Improve the performance of your UberEats clone script app by carefully analyzing user behaviour.

  • Push notifications

    Broadcast timely notifications to restaurant owners, delivery agents and users; automated & manual.

  • Geo-fencing

    Deter delivery partners from taking unnecessary roads and keep them on track and supervised.

  • Integrated chat

    Provide support and resolve issues using integrated chat feature available in the UberEats clone script app.

  • Sub-admin management

    Delegate duties to sub-admins and efficiently run your food delivery business.

Ubereats Clone

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What are all deliverables in our UberEats Clone Script Setup?

  • Both Android & iOS versionsApp for Customer
    (Android &iOS)
  • Food delivery appApp for Delivery Partner
  •  Web/browser admin panelBackend Panel for Restaurant
  • App interface for users Backend Panel for Admin

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Technologies used in our product

Frequently asked questions about our UberEats clone app script

Is the UberEats clone app script a software that can be run directly?

It is a script that needs to be customized and deployed partially onto the server and then the main installation file on the app store such as Apple's App Store and Google Play. It is a collection of files arranged hierarchical folders. You can either get the entire collection of scripts from us and do the changes yourself, or our developers can help you customize and brand the app.

Do I need to know how to program to successfully run the UberEats clone app script?

Knowing a little bit of programming definitely helps. It makes you independent and you don't need to depend on developers. Nonetheless, we have exclusively developed the script so that people who don't know how to program can also use it and grow their businesses upon it. This is our primary work model. We want to provide the script to a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs without them having to learn anything new except for their original business, in this case, food delivery through multiple restaurants, hotels and eating joints.

Besides, knowing how to program doesn't mean that one may also have the knowledge of the scripting language used in this particular UberEats clone app script.

How long does it take for an app like this to be made ready to download and use?

Depends on your business model and the scale of the business that you want to run. The UberEats clone script app is a mobile app that is complete in itself. It can run on its own without you having to incorporate any changes. But, if you run it as it is, it won't be representing your business. Hence, some level of customization will be required. How much customization is required, depends on your preferences and the way you want to define your business. Having said that, a decent deployment may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Do I need to hire programmers to make this UberEats clone script app functional?

There is no need. We have our own team of developers – people who have actually developed this entire clone script. Nobody knows the script better than they do. They are the best people to help you customize the app. Of course, nothing stops you from hiring your own programmers but our advice would be, your money would be better spent if you work with our development team.

Will users be able to make payments from within the app?

Yes, users will be able to make payments using multiple payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking as well as digital wallets. Cash on delivery options will also be there.

How can I make money with the UberEats clone app script?

When people order food from your app they will make payments. These payments will be redirected to the food joints, restaurants and hotels they select for ordering their food items. Before directing the payment, a small portion of the payment as a commission, will be added to your account. This is one way. You can also run promotional campaigns such as allowing hotels and restaurants to put up banners on your home screen or enjoy priority listing by paying you a sum.

Once I have purchased the UberEats app clone script, does it belong to me?

Yes, once you have purchased it, the script completely belongs to you.

Why should I use a clone app rather than developing an app from scratch?

If you have the budget, the expertise and the wherewithal, then sure, go ahead. The UberEats app clone script is for those entrepreneurs who don't want to reinvent the wheel and want to get on with business as soon as possible, and as efficiently as possible. This clone script contains everything that a typical food ordering app has, and a lot more. In fact, our UberEats app clone script has more features than the original UberEats app, simply because it is developed to cater to a wider audience.

Being a clone script doesn't make it any less of an app. It is just that, it is a ready-made framework that can be adjusted to make it into a fully functional business app as if it has been developed from scratch. Hence, an app that would otherwise take a year to build, can be built and deployed within a week.