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why use our towing truck clone app?

Replicate the massive success the Uber app has experienced for your towing truck business

The way Uber revolutionized the on-demand cab service has always fascinated you, right? Just like the nearest cab reaches you once you have booked it through the Uber app, this clone script does the same for your towing truck business. Our clone script works much better in the following manner:

  • Kickstart your towing truck business with immediate effect.

  • Complete customization and branding as if it is a custom-made towing truck app.

  • Full support for installation, deployment, customization and maintenance.

  • Unlimited users and admins can use your app at the same time.

  • Inbuilt anonymity with call masking.

  • Separate versions available for Android and iOS to leverage native capabilities.

  • Easy incorporation of toll charges, driver tips and waiting charges.

  • Accommodation of other businesses of similar on-demand models.

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So, how can this ultra-efficient on demand roadside assistance app help you turn around your towing truck business?

Nothing explains something better than a story. Here we go…

Malcolm loved his towing truck business. With families owning multiple vehicles there was always one or another car or a four-wheel-drive breaking down and people calling his office to get the vehicle towed either to the nearest workshop or a service center, or sometimes, even home.

His model was traditional, but it worked. He would sell subscriptions so that his ongoing customers could easily avail his services through a fixed cost. He would also serve non-subscribers if they called him and requested a towing service in the case of an emergency.

Then, just as it happens with every business, the competition increased and due to Uber-like services, fewer people were using their own vehicles that needed to be towed when stranded at isolated spots.

Initially, he offered various incentives to his customers such as giving discounts and providing on-the-spot servicing in case there was a minor fix, but the number of his customers kept dwindling and there came a time when he started contemplating closing down his office and selling his towing trucks. He was also buried in debt.

Then he came across SpotnStay.

In a technology magazine he read about the surge in on-demand mobile apps. The idea of turning his towing truck business into an on-demand mobile app-based service excited him, but he was already in debt and felt that he didn’t have enough money to hire an app development team.

Being an entrepreneur was in his blood. He couldn’t give up easily. He kept looking for solutions on the web. He spent hours on various online forums, interacting on social media and doing his own research.

Then, one day he came across SpotnTow. Initially he was a bit skeptical because he thought why would he use a clone app? He thought that using such an app would be like stealing the idea from the other company.

Though, his interest was piqued. He did some more reading and realized that despite being an Uber for tow truck clone app, it was actually a framework that could be used not just to create a totally different app, but also to provide a completely different experience to the users.

The app works straight out-of-the-box.

He contacted the developers of SpotnTow. It was easy for him to pay for the script and for the services provided by the developers.

For years he had been in the towing truck business. He had an inquisitive mind but IT not being his field, he wasn’t aware of the concepts like cloud services, mobile app and other such stuff.

All these technicalities were taken care of by the SpotnTow team. Within a few days, he was able to download the mobile app on his mobile phone and set himself up as an admin. The dashboard was amazing. He could easily create various sections and change payment settings.

The best thing about the app was that now it was very easy to organize his fleet of towing trucks. Whichever towing truck was nearest to the customer could easily get to him or her and provide the needed help. This immediately struck a chord with the stranded customers.

He was sold.

His business began to grow exponentially when other towing truck companies and individual towing truck owners started getting their vehicles registered in his mobile app on a revenue sharing basis.

The app can easily get the coordinates of the stranded driver within the perimeter of a few meters. Consequently, less time is lost giving the specifications. People can simply hit the SOS button and the help is on its way.

People are subscribing to his towing truck service through the SpotnTow towing app like uber in droves now. Thanks to SpotnTow, Malcolm is doing more business than he was doing before.

Want to know how Malcolm achieved that?

Irresistible reasons why you should use the SpotnTow app for your towing truck business rather than another app

  • SpotnTow isn’t just an uber like app. It is a ready-made framework upon which you can customize your own towing truck app.

  • Comes with a great interface for installation and customization. Do it yourself or with the help of the developers.

  • Multiple payment modes are available. Your customers can use credit & debit cards as well as various available digital wallets.

  • Both pay-per-use and subscription payment models available.

  • On the spot as well as schedule booking.

  • Your own referral system to get more customers for your towing truck business.

  • Inbuilt customer support chat with AI-powered chatbot as well as human-to-human interaction.

  • Different sections for registering towing trucks, customer vehicles and customers themselves.

  • Multilingual support to enable you to run your towing truck business in multiple region.

  • For Android and iOS. Cloud-based. Includes web interface.

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Our Uber like mobile app script for your towing truck business provides easy-to-use
features to administrators, towing truck providers and customers

Multiple categories

Customers can maintain their profiles and choose to get different services under multiple categories for multiple vehicles.

Real-time tracking

Using an animated map, customers can track the movement of the towing truck when coming to their rescue or while towing their vehicle.

Schedule booking

Customers can make on-the-spot booking as well as scheduled bookings.

Payment/Bill Estimation

According to pre-saved parameters, your customers can get immediate estimate of how much the towing service is going to cost them.

Referral/promo code

Give another incentive for customers to join. They can earn money or privileges by recommending your mobile app to other customers.

Location sharing

The location of your customers is shared with the towing truck drivers in real-time for faster reach and accessibility.

Review and rating

Customers can review the drivers or the providers and the drivers and providers can review customers. They can give ratings to each other.

Refund option on Cancellation

Customer support chat: Customers can chat with your support for real-time assistance in case you are facing a problem.

Accept/Reject Booking

Towing truck owners and providers can accept or reject bookings through their dedicated dashboard.


Towing truck owners and providers can accept money into their digital wallet from the digital wallets of the customers or even from non-wallet sources such as net banking and debit & credit cards.


The owners and providers can make extra money through referring other customers and towing truck providers.

In app notifications

You can send in app notifications to the drivers individually as well as in groups.

Multilingual and multicurrency

Accommodate customers speaking multiple languages. Providers can accept multiple currencies.

Review and rating

Drivers and providers can get ratings from the customers or from the admin.

Social media login

Providers and drivers can quickly create an account using their existing social media credentials.

Fast listing approval

Speed is very crucial for the success of your system and this is why our booking app accommodates faster listing approval so that the tow-truck can be made available to the customer as early as possible.

Customer Management

Manage individual customers or group them under various categories and labels to manage them en masse.

Services Management

Define different services that you provide through your towing truck business and charge your customers accordingly.

Vehicles Management

Approve and reject vehicles. Allocate them to various areas. Use different payment models for different vehicle categories.

Drivers/Service Providers Management

Add and block drivers and service providers manually. Change their profiles. Make custom payments.

Documents/Insurance Management

Keep all the important documents about drivers/service providers under their profile including their licenses and insurance copy scans.

Coupon Code Management

Offer coupons to run promotional campaigns both for service providers and customers.

Promotions and Referrals

Run promotional campaigns through the dashboard and reward referrals with money and services.

God’s view

Get a complete picture of where your fleets are and how they are engaged in their duties.


Add-on features that can enhance the capabilities of your SpotnTow Uber-clone app script:

In-app calls/SMS
Subscription models for Customers and Providers
Cryptocurrency Payments
Customized UI
Do you feel protective about your brilliant towing truck business idea or any other idea that you would like to implement through our SpotnTow Uber for tow trucks script? Don’t worry. We will sign a solid NDA before proceeding.
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Additional features in the Uber for tow trucks app script for on demand roadside assistance business

  • Multiple currencies and languages

    Take your business online or multiracial. Allow your users to use the mobile app in their own language whether they are providing towing truck services or booking appointments. Similarly, you can launch your towing truck business in multiple countries with multiple currency options.

  • Multiple payment gateways

    Use the payment gateway of your choice to accept debit and credit card payments as well as net banking payments.

  • Toll charges

    The toll charges calculations can be integrated within the service payments if your towing trucks provide interstate services or pass through toll booths.

  • Driver tips

    Allow your tow truck drivers to earn extra cash with the incorporation of tipping facilities.

  • Heat map view

    Organize better by having a heat map view of the movement of your trucks to avoid congestion, increase or decrease charges and provide better services to less frequented regions.

  • Waiting charge

    Allow your towing truck drivers to charge your users according to the time they spend waiting, automatically through the app.

  • Call masking

    Both users and drivers can choose to mask their phone numbers to maintain anonymity and protect their privacy.

  • Wallet

    Your users can save money by adding credits to your app’s wallet for convenient as well as micro payments.

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Different ways of making money with our Uber for
towing truck app script

Wondering how many additional revenue streams you can generate with your towing truck app script? There are many:

  • Provide a verification fee

    You can charge an extra fee by providing a verification status to your towing truck provider so that they can get preference as well as a higher fee from your customers.

  • Referral commission

    You can provide an opportunity to your customers and providers to make money through referrals and in the process, earn a commission yourself.

  • Membership options

    By paying a small fee, both customers and providers can have different membership options and based on these options, various facilities and discounts can be made available to both.

  • Commission fee for booking

    Each time a customer pays for a booking, you can earn a commission fee.

  • Add banners

    You can allow your towing truck providers to advertise their services in their chosen areas or during their preferred timings.

  • Fee for recommendations and features

    You can charge a fee from the providers for recommending their services to your customers and you can allow them to use additional features for extra charge.

  • User registration fee

    You can charge a fee from the users for premium registration and get extra facilities like regular servicing of their vehicles and priority pick up in the hour of need.

  • Wait time fee

    Usually your providers have to wait in case the vehicle cannot be towed right away. A wait time fee can be charged, and you can keep for yourself a small amount of this waiting fee.

  • Charge for cancellation

    A small amount can be detected from the refund when a user cancels an appointment.

  • Minimum booking amount

    You can also make a commission by setting a minimum booking amount so that each time your customers make a booking, you earn a commission.

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What is included in the Uber like towing app script setup?

  • The complete script
  • Separate versions for Android and iOS
  • Customization & branding
  • Web-based interface for Administration

Please rest assured: this is the best possible Uber for towing app script you can get that is powerful, feature rich and above all, easy to setup and customize.

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What is our process of setting up and deploying your Uber like mobile app script for towing truck business?

Although, every business is unique with its unique branding and operational requirements, our app comes with all the standard features to get you started as early as possible. Nonetheless, even if you have zero technical know-how, our team is always there to carry out the complete set up for you. Right from setting up your server for the web-based interface to uploading the working versions for Android and iOS to Google Play and Apple’s App Store, respectively, we deliver you the complete solution.

Customization, branding, payment integration, website set up, logo and colours and even initial orientation, we provide you complete services. This is a full-fledged platform.

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  • Customization and branding using your logo, color scheme, icons and buttons.
  • Designing of the individual screens and sections as per your specifications.
  • Installation, deployment and post-deployment maintenance as per the package you sign up for.
  • Testing, debugging and sprucing up the mobile app both for Android and iOS.
  • Final testing, deployment and approval.

SpotnTow Technology Stack

Frequently asked questions about our Uber for tow trucks mobile app script for towing truck business

How does Uber for tow trucks handle payments?

Uber for tow trucks can handle payments both offline and online.

What is a wrecker dispatcher?

A wrecker dispatcher is a person/ software that coordinates the dispatching of tow trucks to respond to requests of customers for roadside assistance, such as a vehicle breakdown or accident.

How can I promote my tow truck business at no cost?

You can promote your towing business by generating word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews. Providing an online facility to book tow service can provoke positive customer experiences and can promote your business.

How can I start a towing business online?

By creating a website and a mobile app you can take your existing towing business online or start a new tow truck service online.

How do I get more customers for my towing business?

You can get customers through online platforms. So, having a website and Uber for tow trucks app solution can help you to get more customers.

What is the easiest towing business to start?

Creating an online marketplace for towing services is the easiest way to start a towing business. An Uber like towing app solution can help you to establish an online marketplace for tow truck drivers.

What are the benefits of “Uber for tow trucks?

An Uber for tow trucks can create online presence and visibility, streamline operations, improve customer experience, increase revenue, and enhance accessibility for your towing business.