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Create a ready-to-go delivery management system to speed-up all the delivery operations through the optimized routes and ensure productivity by reducing the shipping costs.

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why use our delivery route planning?

What is the Delivery Management System in the On-demand Delivery Business?

Delivery Management System is the fruitful platform to order the routes as per the high-priority delivery needs, find the best routes to reach the destinations as fast as possible, and fulfill the instant delivery demands in the market. The digitized entries regarding the customer locations and the scheduled stops are easily made via a perfect delivery management system. With the consistent tracking, the up-to-date locational status of the delivery professionals, and the short distance patterns can be easily found with the perfect delivery management system. Delivery route optimization software inherits the following options to scale-up the delivery business revenue in real-time.

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    Instant Prediction of Profitable Delivery Routes.

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    Fulfill delivery demands at multiple stops with minimum time.

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    Complete the delivery process on on-time.

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    Instant prediction of alternate routes if any issues in the regular routes

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    Assure Five-Star Delivery Experience to the Customers.

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    Late delivery issues can be resolved via optimal routes.

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    Sales enhancement through risk-free delivery routes

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    Perfect route optimization according to real-time traffic conditions.

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With the objective of enhancing sales and achieving better functionality, the efficient use of resources is the main activity in real-time. To cope up with this, looking for routific like software and the software like optimoroute is the trendy business activity in real-time. Our delivery route optimization software included several advanced metrics to ensure on-time deliveries, an increase in productive hours for delivery employees, minimum chances for accidents, and driving hours. Due to the customization nature of the Delivery Route Planning App, the integration of our software with E-commerce platforms makes the goods delivery process efficient. A well-managed digitized platform increases the overall productivity with less money spent on the route management process.

A well-synchronized delivery management system from our side allows the admin to track the routes for pickup & delivery. By including the appropriate features like an immediate update of the appointments handling in the Delivery Route Planning App, optimal work management, the tracking of the delivery people turn to be hassle-free. Also, the inclusion of e-signature and photos in our delivery management system ensures proof of the delivery. The impressive dashboards with the real-time routing analytics allow the bring the graphical view of the tasks for the delivery people.

Why Choose Us for Delivery Route Planning App?

  • Minimum Delivery Turn-Around Time
  • Cost Spent for Last-Mile Delivery Gets Reduced
  • Map-based Routing Plans for the Delivery Partners
  • Improved Delivery Partners Experience
  • Automation in Work Allocation to Delivery Executives
  • Mitigate the Real-Time Risks in Route Prediction
  • Transparency in Logistic Operations
  • Seamless Collaboration Options for Perfect Delivery
  • Ensure Real-Time Visibility of Delivery peoples

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What are all essential features of our Delivery Management System for Delivery People and Admin?

Smart Home Page Creation

Delivery people can easily build their profile with name, email, mobile number, and current location. Also, they have special settings to modify them.

Add Locations

Allows the delivery people to fetch the locational data via text, and camera to find the optimal route for the minimum trip time.

Create New Route

After analyzing all the location information, the delivery people can easily analyze all the information and use this option to create the new route.

Optimal Route Information

By analyzing the pool of the routes based on location information, the optimal route is predicted and shown in the window for navigation.

List-based View

Information regarding the routes can be viewed in the list format where the delivery people pick the location after analyzing the full-list.

Map-based Route Information

A digital showcase of route information in map form allows the delivery peoples to pick the right route as per their choice graphically.

Routes History

The history of the route information for each delivery trip is recorded and the entire history is analyzed to predict the route easily.

Real-Time Interactive Options

Allow the delivery people to easily communicate with the admin to notify the instants of the delivery trip till to reach the destination.

Smart Login

Allows the admin to register and create their own profile with the social media profile, email, and mobile numbers, etc.

View Category-Wise

This allows the admin to view the delivery people in three categories like the total numbers, free trial, and the paid users.

Delivery Executives Management

Allows the admin to access the delivery people information and have the possibilities to add, edit or delete and view the information directly.

Subscription-based Access

This allows the admin to split the free-trial users with the subscription users and grant the usability for them to use new features in the app-based model.

History of Payments

With the use of this option, the admin accesses the payment history of the delivery people, mode of payment, and the charge details, etc.

Payment Gateways Control

Allows the admin to take full-fledged control on the payment gateway namely stripe to bring convenience in payment processing.

Monitor Entries

By accessing the delivery people profiles, the admin can use this option to change the entries if any amount variations occurred.

Overall API Configuration

Allows the admin to monitor or change the settings as per the delivery people’s grouping, real-time requirements easily.

What are all Add-ons We Consider As per Needs?

Adding Unlimited Locations
Smart payment Gateway
Customer Attentive Options, Subscription, Offers, etc
Collaborative Interfaces
How do We assure Safety for Your Delivery Route Planning Services?
Collaborate with us by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to secure your business ideas.
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How our Delivery Management System Differs From Others?

  • Route Planning Within Seconds

    With the use of our delivery route planning app, the complex computations performed easily and predicted the accurate shorter route for the trip quickly.

  • Easy Turns for Delivery Peoples

    By the direct prediction of the optimized routes, the number of turns gets reduced and this reduces the time for the delivery trip.

  • Decrease in Fuel Expense

    Prior prediction of the route via our software allows the delivery peoples to perform the trip in traffic-congestion free routes that leads to minimum fuel consumption.

  • Accurate Drop-offs

    Accurate marking of the entrances with the specific dropping points via the software ensures the quality delivery time without any delays.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    The software allows the admin to carefully monitor the delivery people’s activities due to its consistent tracking nature.

  • Greeting Options for High-Performers

    With the inclusion of review or rating options, the high-level performers can be easily identified and greeted with impressive offers, etc

  • Recursive Delivery Player Booking

    This allows the particular delivery driver to receive multiple booking requests upon satisfactory services.

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What do You Get from the Delivery Planner Software Setup?

  • Delivery Route
    Planning App
  • Delivery Executives
  • Android, iOS
  • Web Application
    for Admin

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What Does Our Delivery Management System Development Process Look Like?

The distribution system has its unique place in the on-demand delivery business and its main aspect is to run in a cost-efficient way. We carefully understand this aspect and develop the royal delivery route optimization software to digitize the route plans. We consider geofencing and the smart way of integrating map modules within the software to ensure the consistent visibility of the on-ground movement of the delivery partners.

Since we are an experienced player in the taxi service startup solution, we are having enough knowledge of the real-time limitations in the routing process. With the detailed analysis, proper functioning modules, and unique features in the delivery route planning app, our development process for the delivery route planner software differed from others in the following aspects.

  • Scalability to both internal or the third-party fleets.
  • Prior route information via our platform ensures high-dropping density.
  • Alerts to restrict the drivers in unsafe areas.
  • Automated scheduling of pickup & drop ensures the timely delivery.
  • Multi-route features at the same time allow you to check feasible routes instantly.
  • Route mapping data update is a speedy one to avoid the delay
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SpotnRides Delivery Planner Software Technology Stack


Is Delivery Planner Software essential for our delivery business?

Yes. Due to the arrival of multiple players and the lack of knowledge on the location, the delivery business is getting competitive and the issues related to on-time delivery are more. Specifically, the route prediction is in need of optimization to reduce the fuel cost. For perfect optimization, the delivery planner software is a highly needed one.

How is the Delivery Planner Software Script Beneficial for delivery peoples?

With the use of delivery routing optimization software, the delivery peoples can easily predict the optimal route from the pool of routes. Due to minimization in the distance value, the time to cover the delivery trip is minimum and hence the drop-off orders are maximum.

Will I expand my services into more delivery businesses via delivery route optimization software?

Yes. With the customized version of the software and the scalability nature, the delivery route optimization software from us allows you to expand the applicability to the different delivery businesses easily.

Will You customize the delivery route optimization software as per Business Requirements?

Yes. In order to make your business according to current trends and the customer requirements, we will definitely do the customization as well as offer great support after launching too.

How Can I Get the Demo for Delivery Route Planning App?

By sharing your email ids or by accessing our technical expert via live chat, you can get the demo for the delivery route planning app.

Is it an on-prem or cloud-based platform?

In order to make the changes on the fly in a cost-effective and secure manner, a cloud-based delivery route planning app is highly preferable. We also provide such a platform to ensure smartness in delivery business updates compared to on-prem.

Will this delivery management system help to scale-up productivity?

By using our delivery route planning app, the delivery people can easily overcome the delay limitations by the optimal routes. With this, the stakeholders attached to the delivery peoples planned for multiple deliveries on the same day. This will surely increase productivity.

Will this delivery management system be a perfect-fit for pay in real-time?

Yes. The software includes multiple modes especially stripe payment gateway that brings the feasibility in real-time payments.