Logistics Delivery Management Software

To automate your end-to-end last mile delivery business.

It is a logistics delivery software solution to manage carriers and shippers of your logistic service in a single platform.

Logistics Delivery Software
Logistics Delivery Software

Why Should You Need Our Delivery Management Software?

Managing a transportation business like last-mile delivery, parcel pickup, delivery, end-to-end transportation, and others will be easy with this logistics delivery software. By adopting our last mile delivery software, you’ll get the following benefits.

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    Enhance the visibility of your parcel pickup and delivery business.

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    Avoid driver shortages as the software can include endless drivers.

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    Expand the customer base with effective referral programs.

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    Eliminate communication barriers with multilingual support.

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    Reduce transportation time with traffic insights.

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    Improve business strategies with in-depth data analytics.

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    Generate more revenue by unlocking multiple income streams.

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    Ensure complete transparency and the upper hand in your business.

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How Efficient is SpotnRides Logistics Delivery Software Solution?

Let us share the story of James…

James Benjamin has started a logistics and transportation service in Hull, UK with five trucks. He hired some human sources like office clerks, drivers, and a mechanic. He gets some orders to transport goods from local stores and individuals.

But, not everything was fine after some days. He couldn’t rely on the drivers as they couldn’t be present to complete the job. And, managing the business with a few staff and drivers is also a difficult task for him.

While most potential customers use online logistics and transport services through their mobile apps. After a year, his business remained in the same place with only the trucks.

He chose SpotnRides logistics delivery software

In that situation, he came across the SpotnRides Logistics Delivery Software. He bought the software for logistics delivery company as it cost lower than his previous investment. Through this software, he restarted his business and aggregated many drivers and potential shippers online.

Shippers love his service as he can provide the carrier service in a few minutes with some taps on the mobile app.

Drivers can also show their interest as they’ll get income for each job done by them instantly.

James can generate and save money with a well-organized workflow.

Flexible and customized software made him affluent

Now, James is one of the best online logistic and transportation providers in his locality with effective delivery management software. As the software is highly flexible and productive, he aggregates hundreds of truck drivers and thousands of shippers online.

Often he gets technical support from SpotnRides to expand his online logistics and transportation business with the software. Now it’s your turn to shine.

Know How Our Delivery Management Software is Unique in the Market

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Flexible for small to enterprise-level businesses
  • Customized income streams
  • Tailored features to engage customers
  • User-friendly in nature
  • High transparency in workflow
  • Compatible with any kind of transportation business model
  • Deploy and launch in no time
  • Efficient loyalty programs
  • Multi-language and currency support

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Imperative Features of our Logistics Delivery Software

Easy Sign-Up and Sign-in Process Registration

Customers can easily log in or signup by entering their basic details like name, mail ID, etc.

Online Booking and Schedulings Registration

Booking or scheduling for a pickup and delivery service can be made easy with this feature.

Fare Estimate Registration

Once the customers pick the category of the vehicle and enter the destinations, they’ll get an estimated fare that will be shown on the customer application.

Promo Code Registration

It is one of the customer engagement features that allows customers to get instant gift vouchers or offers on the price.

Registration Multiple Payment Option

The consumer of the service has multiple payment options like a debit card, credit card, or cash on delivery to pay for the service.

Registration Real-time Tracking Facility

Once the customer books a transport, they can track the real-time location of the truck/ carrier they assign.

Registration Option to Share Trip Link

The Customer can share the parcel pickup and drop location along with the driver's details through any medium.

Registration History and Summary

The customers can access the history of bookings and payments that are made through the application anytime they want.

Easy Registration Process Registration

Anyone who has eligibility with valid documents can enroll as a driver through the driver application.

Notification Registration

When a customer requests a parcel pickup and delivery service, the drivers nearby the customers will be alerted with a notification.

Availability Management Registration

Drivers can manage their availability status like “online/ offline” depending on their schedule to get more task requests from customers.

Navigation Registration

Locating the pick-up and the drop-off places will be easy with the navigation facility of this application which uses the positioning technology GPS.

Registration In-App Communication

To avoid misunderstandings between the customers and the drivers, the in-app messaging and call facilities will be helpful.

Registration Traffic Insights

To optimize the delivery route, the drivers can use real-time traffic insight data through the driver application.

Registration SOS Button

The drivers who want to maximize their safety, can use the SOS option. They can set up to five contacts to communicate in case of emergency.

Registration Cash On Delivery

For the cash-on-delivery payment method, the driver should approve the request from the customers online through the driver application.

User Management Registration

Admin has the authority to approve the driver’s signup request and other user data with the admin panel.

Fare Management Registration

With the admin panel, the admin can manage and change the fare price like base fare, price per Km, grace waiting time, subscription cost, platform fee, and surge price for each vehicle type.

Revenue Management Registration

The primary revenue model is based on the driver’s daily subscription. In addition to this, any other revenue streams can be unlocked by optimizing the workflow as the admin.

Language and Currency Registration

The software can support multiple languages and currencies. The admin can choose the language and the currency through the admin panel.

Registration Notification Management

Admin can only send the custom notification regarding offers, announcements, and others with the admin panel.

Registration Real-time Updates

The admin can check complete and updated data like the driver’s location, progress, and status of any trip assigned through the delivery management software.

Registration Referral Program Management

Managing and optimizing the referral program will be easy with the admin panel.

Registration Data Insights

Admin can get complete data analytics regarding customer behavior, revenue, and others to process the data to plot effective marketing strategies.


Get More Add-on Features (Only On Request)

Customization for Unique Revenue Model
In-app Chatbots
Social Media Integration for Signup Process
Automated Dispatch Solution
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Additional Features

  • Heat Map

    It delivers real-time traffic insights to the drivers and also the admin to optimize the delivery process.

  • Manage Favorites

    Customers can save the location where they ship goods frequently with the customer application.

  • In-app Campaigns

    With this software, the admin can conduct in-app campaigns like referral programs and loyalty programs

  • Coupon Marketing

    You can build your customer base with effective coupon marketing as this software solution supports promo codes and coupons.

  • OTP Verification

    For the first time, when the driver signs up with the driver app, they need to verify their phone number with an OTP.

  • Endless Categories

    The admin can categorize the types of services based on vehicle, fare, driver ratings, or any others through the admin panel.

  • Flexible

    Our logistics delivery software is completely customizable corresponding to your business model regardless of the size of your business.

Logistics Delivery Software

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What will You Get with our Delivery Management Software?

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

Personalize your end-to-end parcel delivery service with an effective software solution.

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Know How We Develop Parcel Pickup and Delivery Software

The development process of software for logistics delivery company needs the contribution of experts with excellent organizational and time management skills.We have professionals to take a hand in your project of parcel delivery management software development with utmost care.

As we have years of experience in app and software development, we can develop software for logistics businesses that can harmonize with your business model. The solution will be backed by up-to-the-minute tech stacks and strategic workflow. We used to follow the steps provided here to develop logistics delivery management software.
  • Analyzing your business, competitors, and market for the perfect outcomes.
  • Sketching the app structure like workflow, necessary features, etc.
  • Develop and customize flawless software with high-end UI/UX.
  • Run multiple QA tests to ensure usability, compatibility, security, and performance.
  • Post-production support and deployment of the Software.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETA in logistics?

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) in logistics delivery refers to the estimated time when a shipment or package is expected to arrive at its destination.

How can I purchase logistics delivery software from SpotnRides?

By filling and submitting the form provided above, our executives will reach you and discuss the logistics delivery software development process, cost, time taken for the process, etc. They’ll guide you to do the necessary things to avail of our logistics delivery software.

How does using last mile delivery management software impact a courier service?

A last mile delivery management software system can improve a courier service's efficiency, real-time tracking capabilities, customer experience, productivity, and competitive advantage.

How can I monetize this parcel pickup and delivery software?

By availing of this software, you can develop an online marketplace-based logistic and transportation business easily. Through that, you can generate income with multiple revenue streams. In addition to this, you can customize this software to be compatible with multiple business and revenue models. So, it’ll be helpful to increase productivity and profitability.

Why do businesses need a delivery software system?

Delivery software systems streamline the delivery process, provide real-time tracking, save costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency. That’s why businesses need a delivery software system.

How to customize this parcel pickup and delivery software?

You can avail and customize the parcel pickup and delivery software with the help of our IT experts. SpotnRides will support you at all stages of deploying the software for your business. Besides, we can also support you even after launching your software, based on your demand.