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Be a game-changer in the on-demand service industry! Our Gojek clone script allows you to extend your control on various services under one app. A ready-made solution acts as an all-inclusive platform to register your service as a niche one in the on-demand market.

Gojek App Clone

What is Gojek Clone?

Gojek Clone script is a ready-to-launch on-demand multi-service app in-built with several custom-centric requirements. It smartly assists in building a new business app optioned with various on-demand services such as handyman, taxi service, tow truck, laundry, doctor booking, etc. The ready-made app makes startups so cost-effective to the respective marketplace as well as creating a possibility of affordable investment.

Gojek Clone Script

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What are all the wonders of a multi-services app like Gojek?

The rapid increase of app usage brings more innovations to the on-demand service industry where booking everything in a conventional manner. But, the usage of separate applications for each service brings an additional burden, and remembering the login details is a crucial issue to the users. What happens if all of them are integrated into a single platform?. Yes. Gojek clone app for multi-services is a perfect choice and this provides convenience in the booking of various services on a single platform. The creation of on-demand services apps like Gojek will also bring the possibilities to the service launchers for high-revenue.

Kickstarting on-demand services is now easy with the arrival of apps like Gojek. The dedicated interfaces for the service professionals and the sub-category players in this app solution make the service providers feel better to handle all in-out operations. This app not only provides wonders to the customers and the service providers but also acts as the perfect techie-partner for the service handlers in real-time. Right from the new appointment approval to the payment collection, the uniqueness in all the stages makes the on-demand service a prominent one and it is accessible by large-size users. Due to high-accessibility, the number of users and service providers is increasing that increases the productivity of the on-demand services.

Why choose us for the development of an On-demand service app like Gojek?

  • Grow only when the update process continues. You can get 100% source code and hence you can change it as per future needs without depending on us.

  • Registering a brand in the on-demand service market is an easy one since our Gojek clone script is a white-label solution.

  • Our app script is the best-fit solution to scale-up the business value. This allows the participation of unlimited service providers that increase profit easily.

  • Without any issues due to linguistics and the currency variations, launching and managing the on-demand multi-services globally become easier.

  • Direct inclusion of personalization strategies makes you retain the customers for the long-term and bring new customers also.

  • The design of our Gojek clone modules is based on the factors of usability, easy accessibility, and updates related to service requirements.

  • Multi-mode payment options included in our app allows the customers to pay the service charge effortlessly anywhere and anytime.

  • Backed up with robust software architecture, our app script allows you to launch ‘All-in-one’ services and provide numerous services to the customers.

  • Support continues even after app development too. You can easily contact us for customization and any issues.

  • Our app script is pre-built and this supports you to launch the on-demand services in a super-fast manner.

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Gojek Clone Script

What are all the features gained in our Gojek clone app package by customers, service providers, and admin?

Social Media Login

Customers can easily register with their basic credentials like email, mobile number, and social media accounts and login via such credentials easily.

Search Service Provider

This allows the users to search the nearby service providers available in the market with the reviews, service offering templates, and the skillset.

Request Service provider

After verification of profiles and the ratings, the customers can raise the requests by specifying their name, mobile number, type of service required, and location details.

Service Invoice

This helps the customers to view all the details related to the type of service selected like invoice number, service date, service fee, and payment method, etc.

Book Service Now or Later

This makes the customers book the service either instantly or schedule it for later as per the availability. Customers can change the appointments later on.

Track Service Provider Smartly

With the GPS option, the customers can easily track the service provider’s location and their travels till they reach their home.

Smart Payment Interface

Once the service is completed, the customers can easily pay the service charge through this smart payment gateway like wallets, cards, net-banking, etc.

Service Rating

Star-based ratings and feedback sharing options allow the customer to validate the service quality and the service provider’s status.

Documents Uploading

Allows the service providers to upload their documents showing the experience, skills, and educational background related to the service digitally.

Profile Creation

This allows the service providers to create the profile by specifying their details like name, email, mobile numbers, and locational details easily.

Availability Status Information

The toggling of the availability allows the service provider to show whether they are handling service or free currently.

Service Accept/Reject

Once the availability is free, then the service provider accepts the request and they reject if they are busy with other services.

Job Schedule Information

By integrating the calendar within the app, the service provider can set the schedules for the accepted services and deal with them without any collapse.

Route Analytics

The route analytics allows the service provider to know the exact location of the customers and the number of optimal routes available to deal with the services in minimum time.

Service Updates

With this option, the service providers can easily manage or update the services as per the market trends or customer needs like time, place, etc.

Payment History

For every service completion, the fee collected via smart payment modules is recorded and this history brings transparency in real-time transactions.

Service Categories

Allows the admin to create a list of all the services handled by the service providers. Access to this list makes the admin make the requested services available on-time.

Service Provider Details

This makes the admin access all the details of the service provider and views the essential information like name, service history, payment collection, etc.

Quick Validation

Admin has the power to verify the credentials of the service providers thoroughly and then added them into the service portal to receive appointments.

Optimize Service Category

As per the customer requests, the admin can add or edit the service details and the category list in order to make the service professionals complete requirements quickly.

Location-based Service List

This makes the admin launch the service in a new region by partnering with the service providers easily with this customized app interface.

Earning Management

For each service completion, the clear analysis of payment collection and the respective commission deduction are monitored with this option.

Priority-Based Service Management

During emergency cases specifically, healthcare needs, the admin assigns the respective service provider and topmost priority to the service requests for timely completion.

Promo Codes Management

Admin can easily decide the number of promo-codes and create them from its web-panel to offer the discounts, offers to the users easily.


What are all Add-ons to the innovative workflow of on-demand multi-services?

Web/call-based service booking
Extra-language Preferences
Customer/Service Provider Delighting Options
Secure/Smart Payment Gateways
No doubt on whether your business ideas are secure or not. We follow the NDA agreement strictly and we never reveal your app idea or brand name to others. Sign a rock-solid NDA form before developing a services app like Gojek.
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How does our Gojek clone script differ from others?

  • Robust Service Integration Platform

    We offer the exact licensed source code where the app is built and the robustness of our Gojek clone script makes you able to add any services to this platform.

  • Own Branding

    We will provide the white label app with your own logo and the name of the services and hence you can get complete ownership for your brand in your region.

  • Ready-to-Upgrade

    After the launch of a multi-services app like Gojek, consistent upgrades as per the customer needs and the trends from us make you attain sustainability in the market.

  • Valuing Top-Rated Services

    Top-rated service providers from the customer’s positive reviews can easily get repetitive appointments by placing them at the top of the searches.

  • Unlimited Service Offerings

    Our app script allows the service providers to change the settings as per the number of services included and the players involved without any limitation.

  • Multi-Booking Options

    The booking process can be done via multiple options like in-app calls, requests within the app, and the web-based. Hence, the convenience in service access achieved.

  • Fit to Currency/Language Variations

    Gojek clone script from us arrived with the nature of extra languages and the currencies that allow us to launch the services globally.

  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

    Our app script provides seamless payment options like cash, card, and wallets to make the customers feel-free payments and perform transactions in a secure manner.

Gojek Clone App

What are all the Revenue making streams of our Gojek Clone app?

Avail maximum revenue benefits quickly with simple service registration as follows

  • Commission-based Earning

    For each service completion, the percentage of the commission from the whole service payment is directly credited to the service provider's account.

  • Membership/Subscription Plans

    Gojek clone app design with these options ensures customer retention on on-demand service models for a long-time. Plans can be varied according to the region and user preferences.

  • Fee Collection for Top-Rated Service Provider

    One of the unique options from us to assign the fee for the process of making the top-rated service providers at the top of the searches to get more appointments.

  • Fee for Instant Service Completion

    Among the number of services available, the fulfillment of the needs instantly gets numerous appreciations in real-time. Assigning a special fee for such concern increases the revenue value.

  • Host Add, Earn More

    By allowing the service handlers and their friends to host their advertisement on the app, and assigning the fee, gaining additional revenue is possible.

  • Premium Model for Upgrades

    Assign the premium fee to the long-term customers as well as service professionals to get more money quickly.

  • Pay for High-Priority

    To get fulfilment in top-priority services like medicines and other emergency tasks, a special fee is assigned and this will help the service provider to earn good revenue.

  • Delay-Fee Collection

    In some cases, there is a definite interval between the services. If the booking customer takes more time and then the waiting time charge brings additional revenue to the service provider.

  • Fee for Credential Verification

    When a number of players are involved, the quality of the service professionals decides the appointments. Assigning fee to quick validation also increases the overall revenue.

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What do We offer in Gojek Clone App Package?

  • Licensed Source Code
  • App versions for users, service providers
  • Admin Web Interface
  • Web-Panel Organization

Multi-Services in One-Window is possible with the perfect on-demand service app like Gojek here! Our specially designed app script allows the people to launch and become familiar appreneur in the on-demand service industry. Specifically, our app script makes you customize the business model as per the needs. .

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How to get Your Gojek Clone Script from us?

The entire app development process starts with the discussion phase. Once the services offered are finalized, then the framework for each interface is designed. After that, the app development process starts. We will focus on how your services are made to be unique and accessible by all-scale service professionals. Not only on developing, but we will also help you with installation, app-submission, and maintenance services. With the objective of client satisfaction, we are always there for them to clarify their queries instantly.

We mainly consider several quality assurance tests in order to ensure high-quality during the running phase in the ground scenario. We will also guide you in-app launch and deployment to bring good exposure to your services.

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  • Since our app is an easy-to-use form, the number of consumers can get the doorstep services quickly by placing the requests.
  • The workflow and the synchronization allow you to carry a huge range of tasks in the simplest form.
  • Easy accessible and immediate booking options included in this app script allow you to build a strong customer base in the on-demand service industry.
  • With the inclusion of a centralized admin dashboard, you can manage or control entire activities in a seamless manner.
  • Due to the uniqueness in design, workflow, and feature set, our app will definitely provide the essential familiarity in the on-demand service industry.

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