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Transportation scheduling and fleet management was never easier. Deploy out-of-the-box or customize.

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Why use this ultimate scheduling and fleet management software ?

Whether you want to modernize your taxi business or exponentially boost the efficiency of your trucking and fleet business, this scheduling and fleet management software perfectly fits the bill.

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    Completely scalable according to your unique business needs.

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    Equipped with cutting-edge technologies to track locations of individual taxi, truck or any other vehicle.

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    Customizable and deployable with minimum fuss.

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    Multi-device interface including Android and iOS.

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    Parallel processing of multiple vehicles, users, schedules and movements.

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    Centralized dashboard to manage and control all the features of the software.

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    Very friendly visual interface to customize and brand every aspect of the software

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    Simple and advanced reporting for analytics and business improvement intelligence.

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Our Work Speak Louder than Words

Our Trustable Customer Feedback

What makes our on-demand dispatch and fleet management software a perfect solution for your transportation business?

Here is a small story…

Sanches had worked very hard to build his transportation business comprising of 25 small pickup trucks and 15 heavy duty trucks.

He also managed a fleet of 55 two-wheeler vehicles for 3 local fast food restaurants to deliver food.

Of late, instances of mismanagement had begun to creep into every aspect of his business. Although there were GPS devices fixed in all the vehicles, it was becoming increasingly difficult to track individual vehicle in terms of knowing where the vehicle is and to which client it has been assigned.

He was using some locally-made software to manage time and scheduling, but it was proving to be inefficient and he constantly required the services of an expensive programmer.

He was also exploring the possibilities of starting a taxi business but his current problems weren’t allowing him to diversify.

Every day there were complaints of his pickup trucks not reaching the destination on time or his heavy duty trucks getting stuck in bad weather or the food being delivered at the wrong place or at the wrong time.

In fact, one of the restaurants had threatened to cancel the contract with him.

To make the matters worse, he hadn’t been able to keep up with technology the way his competitors were doing and in the process, he was gaining less business and losing more.

When he was forced to sell 5 of his heavy duty trucks and let go of 15 members of his two-wheeler fleet, he had started thinking of selling his business to a competitor who was interested in purchasing just the hardware.

Then in one of the business advisory forums someone suggested that the problem might not be with the way he was running his business but with the software he was using.

He knew that the software that he was using didn’t have all the features he needed, but it never occurred to him that the entire problem might lay in the inabilities of his software.

He started reading about the various fleet management, transportation management, dispatch management and taxi fleet dispatch management software solutions available on the Internet.

What caught his attention was the raving reviews of SpotnRides that the users of the vehicle dispatch software had been leaving.

Since the SpotnRides website claimed that the software could be used out-of-the-box, he purchased a copy thinking that he would play around with it for a few days and see what impact it could have to his day-to-day operations, while running his current software parallelly.

He was blown the moment he deployed the software with the help of his programmer friend and accessed the dashboard. Right in front of his eyes, he had all the features he thought he should have, but never had.

Although he got some help from his friend, he realised that it was so easy to install the vehicle dispatch software that he could have done it himself.

Since he had many vehicles, and he had no staff, it took him a couple of days to enter the details of all the vehicles he was using, including two-wheelers, small pickup trucks and heavy duty trucks.

To his great amazement and surprise, he noticed that the software had provisions to manage every aspect of his vehicles, their schedules, route maps, destination, distance calculations and visual trackers.

Just on a single glance he was able to know where his individual trucks and scooters were. 80% of the tasks that he previously had to do manually, were being taken care of automatically by the SpotnRides software.

Within a week he uninstalled the old software and completely switched over to the SpotnRides software.

Now, he has been using the SpotnRides fleet management and transportation scheduling software for more than 5 months. He has not only purchased back the vehicles he sold, he has also added a fleet of 6 taxis to his business, with plans to add 10 more in 2 months.

If he continues to use the software to its full potential, he believes that within 2 years, he is going to triple his business.

Why transportation companies are choosing SpotnRides over other scheduling and fleet management software applications?

  • Seamless installation and deployment
  • 100% customization and branding
  • 360-degree view of the entire business setup
  • 24x7x365 support from the developers
  • End-to-end solution
  • Manage unlimited vehicles including trucks, taxis, buses and two-wheelers
  • Real-time data management
  • Native technology for both Android and iOS
  • Big data analytical tools integrated within the interface.
  • Works out of the box
  • Multiple platforms and multiple devices
  • Enterprise-level software solution that works with the ease of a mobile app
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Start managing operations within a day

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Outstanding features from every aspect of your transportation business

Easy registration & onboarding Registration

New users can register themselves with just a few taps and start using your taxi or transportation service immediately, with zero lag time.

Real-time fare calculation Registration

The riders won’t be caught off-guard because they will know in advance how much their travel is going to cost them.

Very fast transportation booking Registration

Just takes a few taps and the entire process of finding the transportation, setting the schedule and booking happens in a blink.

Advance ride booking Registration

The ability to schedule transportation in advance is one of the biggest strengths of SpotnRides.

Registration Live tracking of the movement

The riders can immediately know where the vehicle they have booked are station right now and to where it is moving.

Registration Real time reviewing facility

The drivers of the vehicle can be immediately reviewed by the riders, helping you weed out inefficiencies.

Registration SOS button

In case the rider feels anxious or in danger, he or she can immediately tap on the SOS icon and appropriate help can be rushed.

Registration Multiple payment options

Riders can pay using credit cards, debit cards and multifarious digital wallets available these days

Easy registration Registration

All the taxi, truck and two-wheeler owners that want to join your fleet can register and verify themselves easily

Instant assignment alerts Registration

Whenever one of your drivers is needed he or she can be sent instant alerts and he or she can respond according to his or her availability. Happens within a few seconds

Very fast document-based authentication Registration

Drivers of your fleet can easily upload their IT proofs and license documents using the inbuilt interface of the transportation scheduling software.

Payment history Registration

All your commercial vehicle drivers can access their billing and payment history immediately, sorted by day, week and month.

Registration Real-time track record

The software can keep track of your individual drivers along with the scheduling and time so that you know exactly how they are performing and how punctual they are.

Registration SOS contact by drivers

In case one of your drivers gets into trouble, he or she can immediately contact the headquarters and seek help.

Registration Scheduling for drivers

Scheduling is important both at macro and micro level. At micro level, drivers of all the vehicle and transportation services will be able to maintain and track their schedules.

Registration Choice of vehicle

The riders can choose which vehicle they want (out of the choices available with you) and the estimates will be accordingly adjusted.

Updated driver transaction history Registration

Immediately know the places your drivers have been travelling to and how much they have travelled.

Track your cash flow in real-time Registration

Get the exact idea of how much your individual drivers are making themselves as well as for you.

All users management Registration

Manage all your drivers and ongoing riders with a single dashboard from every angle

Manage multiple vehicles Registration

Being a 360-degree dispatch management software SpotnRides allows you to manage a wide spectrum of vehicles from a single dashboard.

Registration Google Maps integration

The on-demand dispatch software comes with integrated Google Maps that gives you real-time information on exactly where your vehicles are.

Registration Fare management

Control and manage all your fare settings from a central command system for different categories of your vehicles and even for different routes.

Registration Pay your drivers from your dashboard

Use a single interface to pay all your drivers and manage their payment amounts and commissions with ready-to-use statistics.

Registration Track ongoing trips

Always be in the know where all the vehicles affiliated to your SpotnRides software are parked or moving or heading to.


Want add-on features with your dispatch software?

Crypto Payments
One-time payment model. No subscription model
Mobile marketing for your fleet management software system
Custom, additional features as per your specifications.
Total confidentiality for your brilliant business idea. We sign a no-loopholes NDA before any business proceeding.
Sign a rocksolid NDA before talking to us.
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Additional features

  • Preferred driver

    Your riders can book their or vehicle with their preferred driver, making them feel more secure and satisfied

  • Automated vehicle modification

    The moment a vehicle is changed the information is reflected through the entire system so that there is no disparity.

  • Get social

    Your riders will be able to share their experience on their social media profiles from within their apps.

  • Offer promo codes

    Giving promo codes to your clients and riders is a great way of attracting new business to your service. Through SpotnRides, you can organise promo drives through your dashboard.

  • Scheduled trips

    To better organize their time your riders and clients will be able to schedule their rides or delivery in advance.

  • Multilanguage and multicurrency support

    When you use SpotnRides you’re not stuck with a single currency or language. The software application can be easily localized.

  • God’s eye view

    Get a single view of your entire business to understand the exact stage where everything is.

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What all is included in this top fleet management software?

  • The complete fleet dispatch management software solution.
  • Different sections for clients, drivers and admins.
  • Native interface for both Android and
  • Web Admin Panel

This is the best vehicle dispatch software you can get in the market.

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Happy Worldwide Customers using our Dispatch Software

Happy Worldwide Customers using our Dispatch Software

Our taxi dispatch software management process

Our development process is quite straightforward. Our transportation dispatch and scheduling software can be easily deployed and installed. Although it works out of the box, you may like to customize it before you operationalize it. Then afterwards you can make it available from your website or from one of the play stores.

Basically, our on-demand dispatch software works like a framework upon which your entire setup can be built. Our process includes:

  • Complete analysis of your requirement
  • Wireframing and designing individual screens through the software interface to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want.
  • Customization, installation and deployment.
  • Testing your transportation dispatch software on multiple platforms.
  • Final deployment
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SpotnRides Technology Stack

Frequently asked questions about our vehicle dispatch software

Do I need to know programming to be able to use this dispatching and scheduling software?

There is no need. The entire software works out-of-the-box. Even after that if you need help, our team is always at your disposal. We can customize it, deploy it and even provide the necessary training so that you can use it independently later on.

How much does it cost to build a full-fledged taxi management system?

A fraction of the cost that would be required to build such a software from scratch. We have already made this taxi and trucking dispatch software for you. Just buy it, get it customized and start using it within a few days. Even less.

Will I be able to run a real business with this fleet management software system?

Yes. This software is as legitimate as it gets. In fact, it is one of the best and top fleet management software solutions in its arena.

Will I be able to accept payments through the software?

Yes, provided you have a payment gateway configured. This is a complete fleet management software solution and whatever features are there in a typical software like this, all these features are available in SpotnRides.

Will I need to spend more time programming and tweaking this transportation dispatch software?

You don’t need to. It works as it is although, a bit of customization will be required and this can be easily done by our team.

Do I need to purchase the software?