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Build a Robust Taxi-Hailing app like Lyft to Reduce riders’ expenses and driver’s stress. Make every customer feel comfortable and manage your business as efficiently with the advanced Lyft clone application.

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why use our lyft clone app?

Why is the Lyft Clone App an essential one?

Since the future transport industry is in the hands of on-demand ride-hailing apps, the entrepreneurs have the space to launch their own ride-hailing business through robust taxi-booking applications. An advanced Lyft Clone Script from SpotnRides allows the ride-hailing venture owners to manage the activities wisely and makes the customers feel comfortable while booking the taxi from anywhere. The taxi-service enhancement through SpotnRides Lyft clone app includes advanced features like:

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    Easy Accessible Interfaces

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    Loyalty Improvement Options

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    Brand Aware Strategies

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    More Customer Engagements

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    Fast Deployment

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    Increase in operational efficiency

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    Scalable, customizable solution

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    Android/iOS Compatibility

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Our Work Speak Louder than Words

How did Our Lyft Clone Script Make Your Online Taxi-Booking Venture Powerful?

Thanks to ever-growing technology revolutions, the influence of the ride-hailing application on the transportation industry is high. People looking for the option to turn their spare cars into a revenue-making tool have the valid option with our Lyft clone script. Since the taxi market contains giant players like Ola Uber, etc, registering the space for your business needs special practices and advanced features. Our Lyft clone script is not like a common application, it also acts as the best supportive partner for all the end-users in the taxi industry. The specialized features included in this Lyft clone script like one-tap taxi booking, vehicle tracking quickly, and the scheduling of trips transform the ride-hailing business as powerful and make the venture owners deliver an amazing experience to the riders easily. The Lyft clone script power up the taxi booking venture in the following ways:

A rider who wishes to make the travel can easily register their profile initially. The registration can be in an upgraded form with the social media profile-based. In our Lyft clone script makes you know the customer’s booking interests easily. The sequential activities after the registration process are searching for nearby available vehicles, booking the one who is available during the booking period, tracking them quickly and pay the charges smartly with the third-party payment gateways integrated in the App. The digitized options included in our script allow all the players involved in the ride-hailing business to experience the new way of traveling. This also proves the smartness in workflows and the efficient management of all the booking requests in anyplace effortlessly.

How Our Lyft Clone Script Differs From Others?

  • Traveller-friendly usable interfaces
  • Easy Integration of third-party apps as per the business needs
  • Less-Time to start the taxi-hailing business
  • Equip with multi-dimensional payment ways Digital Wallets, Crypto coins
  • Real-Time Tracking analytics
  • All-in-one powerful dashboards
  • Inclusion of Best-in-Class Features
  • Easy-to-access of all panels for effective management
  • Fast Deployment and customizable against the fluctuations with our Lyft Clone App.

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What do We offer in the Lyft Clone App?

Feasible Login

Customers initially get the easy login credentials by specifying the mobile numbers and email-id to get access and use for booking

Location Specification

Specify the pickup and drop location either direct or by searching on Google analytics.

Trip-Set Option

Set their own profile as the traveler and locate nearby cabs based on location metrics and book for the ride.

Fare Details & Payment

After booking the ride, the fare for the trip can be estimated and showed to the customers based on vehicle selection. With multiple payment options like cash, card, and smart wallets, travelers also have the option to pay the fare quickly.

Interactive Tracking

Travelers can easily track the cab movements lively using the Geo-location navigation option in the application.

Push Notification

Notified with the driver’s movement with the distance and time information exactly. This also allowed the travelers to experience comfort in an unfamiliar location

Emergency Alerts

Getting an instant help by just tapping this option inside the app window

Review/Rate for Trip

After the completion of the trips, travelers use this option to share their trip experience or rate the driver’s performance for further enhancement

Smart Profile Making

Drivers onboarding in ride-hailing service with simple registration via their personal credentials and generate their own profile with necessary documents uploading.

Alerts on Ride-Requests

Getting updates from the restaurants if the order is packaged as per the customer demands


Based on current trip status, the drivers select online or offline options either for pickup or turn the riders to search for another respectively.

Smart Navigation

With the use of the in-built location-aware ad navigation option, the drivers reach the traveler’s space quickly or within the specified time limit.

Status Updates to Customers

After booking the trips, the consistent status is updated to the customers with this option.

Trip Fare Details

Drivers can easily get the details on the number of completed trips, fare collected, and the payment status wisely with this option.

History of Trips

Drivers can easily track the entire trip history prior to either editing or monitoring the trip according to the needs.

In-app Chat Options

In case of emergency scenarios, the drivers are allowed to chat with either the travelers and the service providers related to trip changes with this option easily.

Aware of Driver’s Status

With this option, the admin can easily view the status of the active/inactive drivers anywhere and anytime.

Profile Analysis

Admin has the control option like add/remove drivers and riders by accessing profile details as per easily.

Fare Estimation Updates

As per the vehicle selection, the fare estimates can be adjusted accordingly. They have the authenticity to select a perfect vehicle name, type, and corresponding updates.

Smart Fleet Tracking via Google maps

Admin directly accesses the drivers and the riders quickly and get their live report based on google maps.

Trip Payout History

The payment for every trip is recorded in this option and visible to the admin for analysis.

Driver’s Earning Details

This option allows the admin to make an eye on the driver’s earnings after the completion of trips.

Commission Collection

This allows you to see the driver’s contribution to your cash flow.

Zone-based Price Fixing

Using this option, you can set the fixed price for some zones and get additional benefits from this booking.

What are all extra-features (customer Requisition) added?

Surge-Price Offerings
Adapt Car Pooling for fuel cost reduction
Customer Delighting options like discounts, offers, etc.
Widened Fleet Management
How do we offer security to Your Ride-Hailing Business Plans?
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How our Lyft Clone App Makes you Stand Out?

  • Ride Later

    Allows the riders or travelers to book the ride for future travel. They can specify the scheduled period directly in this option for comfortable travel using our Lyft Clone App

  • Smart Wallet-based Payments

    Make the customers pay the traveling fee via various digital wallets, promo code options, etc in a comfortable manner.

  • Book Favourable Ride

    This allows the riders to specify the favorite spot and select the top-rated vehicle drivers for recursive trips. This option in our Lyft clone app is the convenient one for corporate professionals to do daily trips without any difficulties.

  • Social Engagement

    Running the ride-hailing business as per the customer’s expectations is the tricky option to stay ahead in the market. Integrating social media with the application allows you to track the customer’s behavior, vehicle booking interests clearly and run the taxi-services as smart.

  • In-Built Messaging Services

    Allows the riders to start a conversation with the drivers regarding the location and changes in the trip where the call-based options do not exist.

  • Effective Car-Pooling

    This option allows more than one traveler on the same route to share the ride and this is the feasible option for the fuel cost reduction process.

  • Monitoring Analytics

    This option allows the admin to easily access the trips completed, fare collection, commission earning per ride, and the transaction history report in a single window of Lyft clone app.

  • Linguistic & Currency Support

    This allows the service provider to easily expand the business into many regions across the seas without considering any language and currency barriers.

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What do We Offer in Lyft Clone App Setup?

  • Driver App
  • Rider app
  • Android, iOS Platforms
  • Web Application for Admin

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Happy Worldwide Customers using our Lyft Clone

Happy Worldwide Customers using our Lyft Clone

Why Do People Decide SpotnRides for Developing a Lyft Clone App?

SpotnRides is an expert and also experienced player in the on-demand taxi-hailing industry providing the white-label solution for Uber clones. Due to various needs that exist on a regional basis, the demand for cab-booking services is an ever-green revenue option for the various startup professionals.

With the use of the latest cutting-edge technology, the development of taxi applications like Lyft from SpotnRides surely makes your ride-hailing business a forerunner in the transport industry. If you purchase the Lyft clone script from us, you can experience the following things.
  • Development time is less and this makes your launch as fast
  • 24/7 tech support within your economic limits
  • Well-expertise in app development with accurate domain knowledge
  • Assure your brand value in the market with the unique feature set.
  • Top-quality product with latest tech-stack usage
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SpotnRides Lyft Clone Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lyft Clone?

After knowing the success of the Lyft application, the app development similar to Lyft starts increasing in the market. For the customization and the upgrade, the pre-built version is highly preferred and this is called a Lyft clone.

Who Will Own Lyft Source Code?

You are the owner of the entire Lyft app source code and the application will be hosted on the company server that belongs to you.

Will SpotnRides Offer Post-Launch Support?

Yes. We will be delighted to provide full-fledged support both during launching and post-launch for the necessary enhancement.

How can I earn money with the Lyft clone?

You can earn money with the Lyft clone script by collecting the commission from the drivers who wish to stay in the top-of-the customer searches. With the integration of online platforms, you can also earn the referral-based earning premises.

Does Lyft Clone Script restrict the trips for drivers?

No. There is no prior limit for the number of trips per day. As per the customer service requisition, the drivers can get unlimited trips that lead to gain more revenue.

Will SpotnRides keep me in the loop for Lyft clone app development?

Yes. Our team has a consistent touch with you during the entire development process. The suggestions and the inputs are collected from you for a feasible launch and further enhancement.