Build Your Own On-Demand Bike Taxi Business With SpotnRides Rapido Clone App Solution For A Successful Bike Taxi StartUp

Nowadays we working people are busy with our scheduled lifestyle. We aren’t able to seated in-side the car and are stuck somewhere in the traffic that usually happens. Counting every minute in the traffic on a special day is a tough job right? Here comes the two-wheeler transportation service that reduces your transportation system easily and quickly.

The revenue growth of the bike taxi is 5 million per year. Nowadays, people are choosing a bike taxi over a car service. They give you quick service and you won’t be stuck in between the traffic because they will be taking you in short-cuts. If you’re interested to start your own E-hailing business then I suggest you choose a bike taxi.

This blog is all about the bike taxi and how our service gives you the best solution rapido clone app development. Keep reading to know about the top bike taxi application service.

Cater Demand Of The Rapido Application In The Current Scenario 

Rapido is one of the top two-wheeler cabs that are ready to pick you up from anywhere and it gives you 100% safety measures by providing you a helmet. At the starting period, they have launched their service in nearly 75 cites. Now with the good revenue growth and the need for two-wheeler cabs they have also launched their service 100+cities.

They gain the average revenue of 15,000 scheduled rides and 30,000 riders per day. They provide a unique solution that reduces the waiting time in the traffic and gives you instant pickup. They provide last-mile service to their users, keep their service safer, and hygiene that enables the speed of growth. 

Rapido also included the SOS system to provide safer service to their riders on the night travels. They also provide female drivers for the particular selection so that females are also allowed to book a female driver on the night ride. Here let me share with you the business and revenue model of Rapido.

What makes the Rapido a highly successful and sustainable app?

  • Rapido Business model – The aim of the Rapido is to give a ride for the workers in a short period of time. The business model is a rapid shift than renting a cab for daily transportation. Rapid gives its users a two-wheeler service. This gradually reduces the maintenance cost and renting costs.  
  • Rapido Revenue model – The revenue that Rapido gained from launching their two-wheeler service is 5X from the starting period of time. They provide a 50-60% cheaper service than the other e-hailing. This is one of the main reasons people are used to choosing Rapido than other top tires.

Rapido also has two types of revenue models one is commission based and the other one is B2C commission. With the help of B2C, they earn extra commission fees by assisting the logistics companies by providing their products to the last mile (Adsense and brand advertisement).

By choosing a Rapido clone, you can easily gain high revenue, so all you’re in need of is a well-developed Rapido clone. One such solution is available here in SpotnRides rapido clone script, keep reading to know more about us and our service.

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SpotnRides highly customizable and scalable Rapido clone 

SpotnRides is a pre-developed modern software-based solution for all transportation services. Though our application is a pre-developed one with modern technology so that you won’t be finding any lacks while using it. Many might be providing the old version of an application. It means poorly developed application.

It won’t work properly in the current world, still many new firms lack at that point in the on-demand business service. But by choosing us you won’t get into that type of situation. We will be keeping our software updated according to the current trends. More than that you will also be benefited from a unique user interface.

Since we are providing a unique UI you can easily gain the user’s attraction in your region. The main part of choosing the application-based service is due to its user-friendly interfaces and quick service. In keeping that in our mind we have also pre-developed a few of the niche features that will make your service even better. 

I know you might have been confused by checking many services in the nook and corner of your region who are ready to give you the best service. But they won’t; mostly no service will give you pre and post-launch service for free. In SpotnRides we give you free service for a certain period of time so that you can be well-trained by using your application.

The main three interfaces in your Rapido clone application

  1. Two-wheeler driver app (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s app (iOS and Android),
  3. Centralized admin’s panel.

The above mentioned three interfaces are readily available in your application. You will be benefited by getting the full package of the application at an affordable price. These three interfaces are connected together to provide a smooth workflow in your two-wheeler transportation business. Here, let me share with you the workflow of your app.

  • Step-1 The user who is in need of transportation service has to download your application from their respective stores. Since your application is available on both platforms you can easily attract both the end-users. Once they download they have to log-in with the social media integration option. Then they are allowed to enter the destination and to check the nearby drivers.
  • Step-2 The user has to enter their destination and then they are allowed to check the nearby riders who are ready to pick them up from their location. Then the user has to send the pickup request once the request is sent it will automatically notify the rider. The rider can accept the service or reject it according to their preference. One they accept it will be notified to the respective user.
  • Step-3 The user can also schedule a ride according to their preference. This helps them to pre-book the ride in the rush hours. Once the user chooses this option the driver will be at the user’s doorstep at the right time without fail. It will intimate both the end-players. This gradually brings productivity among the users. 
  • Step-4 The final process after booking the rider is to pay the fare for the transportation service. This can be done easily with multiple options to make the fare charge easy. We have developed an algorithm that shows the accurate fare for the ride. And the multiple payment options allows them to pay according to their preference.

You as an admin are allowed to check everything easily from the centralized dashboard. You can also block the unwanted service provider too (driver). All the updates of the booking process will be directed automatically updated on your dashboard. So that you can overview everything easily. Here, let me share with you the advanced features that are readily available with your app.

The powerful features that gather the user’s attention in your region

  • Quick start – Nowadays social media plays a major role in everyone’s life and it is one of the quickest ways to login to any service. So keeping that in the mind our developers had developed social media integration. It is considered one of the easiest ways to log in and allows you to quickly start the service.
  • Driver’s profile verification – Though the passengers can easily sign-up with social media integration. The drivers (service providers) can also do so. By uploading the documents online, you as an admin can verify their required documents to get placed as a driver. Since everything is changed digital this feature will also make the process simple.
  • Ride request option – This feature is developed on thinking of driver’s shoes. This helps them to accept or reject the ride request according to their preference. This also lets the driver ON/OFF their service. Once the driver accepts the request it will instantly be updated to the respective rider’s app. 
  • Preferred ride selection – The passenger can choose their ride and driver preference by selecting the filter option in their application. This lets them select the vehicle type according to their preference. The service fare will be calculated according to the vehicle preference and travel distance.
  • Service charge – One of the important things people use to prefer e-hail is because of the fare estimation and ETA (estimated time of arrival). These two things are displayed in advance in your ride-hailing application for the riders. That facilitates the riders with the exact estimated fare of the ride before choosing the service.
  • Invoice details – This feature gives complete transparency in your service. This allows the passengers to check the complete details of their ride history and the ride fare along with the destination they had traveled. It helps them to check their previous ride and the fare of it easily with just a tap.

Bottom line

I hope by now you might get to know about our service and app like rapido. The formula of the on-demand transportation service is simple when it is developed in the right way. All you need to do is to fill the below form or contact us at [email protected] and we will reach you soon.

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