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Our Uber for X App Script takes your service online and makes it reach new heights quickly with essential features. With our white-labeled Uber for X model, you can build your own brand image in the on-demand service industry

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How can our Uber for X Bring Revolution to Your On-demand Service Business?

Recently, an instant solution is one of the major expectations from the customer side. On the other side, either a service handler or the service providers lack on maintaining the potential customer base and increasing it with the new arrivals. Looking for a proper platform is observed on both the sides highly in the market. At the same time, several professionals show their interest to launch the on-demand service business with a customizable platform. A one-stop solution for all the above-mentioned things is available from our side is the Uber for X app for a startup.

Generally, the Uber for X ideas are largely available and many developers start to build the startup solution in various ways. Our Uber for X clone app script makes your service as prominent in the market and turns them to the top of the customer searches quickly. The features considered while Uber for X app development is smarter like payment integration, real-time tracking, scheduled-based service booking, high-rated professional selection, offers/discount options, promo code based service handler retention options, etc. These features surely bring notable revolutions in the on-demand service industry. With these impressive feature sets, our uber for X clone script also makes the spot-serving as synchronizing and accurate one. Digitized form of completed service history and the payment collection assured high-quality services in real-time.

Why choose SpotnRides Uber for X App Script for Your Services?

  • Since our uber for X app script is the ready-made framework, customization according to the service business model quickly.

  • App design includes attentive interfaces with demanding features to enhance customer accessibility

  • Spot or schedule-based service booking is the easy one with the diverse booking options.

  • Multi-language and currency support makes anybody can register their service and earn revenue in multi-ways.

  • Increase of customer base through impressive options like offers, discounts, referral-based promotional, etc.

  • Easy-to-accessible app design and it can be modified as per the services you do.

  • Feasible payment options like the card, cardless, digital wallets, etc to make the service handlers to gain revenue quickly.

  • Strengthen human collaboration or communication with in-app messaging and chatbot options.

  • Offering multiple sections for the service providers to list their services, complete services, and maintain the same in the respective time.

  • Retain the customers and service providers into your uber for X startup model with the subscription and the promo-code based options respectively.

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Our Uber for X App Script for your on-demand service provides an immense feature set to the customers, service provider, and admin.


Customers can simply register their presence by providing basic credentials like mobile number, email, and social media profile, etc.


Using this, customers can set their profile by adding an image, profile name. Service lits they preferred in real-time easily.


By simply entering the location details manually or automatically navigating their location, the customers can easily view the services available.


With this option, the customers can immediately select the suitable service provider who has more positive ratings and reviews in real-time.


Allows the customer to book the service either now or later based on their availability.


Using the animated feature in the app, the customer can track the service provider in real-time and get ready accordingly.


This plays a vital role in healthcare and towing and this makes the customers send emergency alerts to customers for speedy recovery.


After the completion of service, the customers can host their booking experience through reviews and ratings.


Allows the service providers to register their profile online by entering the basic details and set the referral option also.


The service provider can instantly showcase the service handling if multiple services are available means associated with the price information.


Based on the current status like service handled or free, they can set their profile in on or off that makes the customers look for others immediately.


The entire job history like completed jobs, pending jobs, estimated time to be completed all is maintained in this option.


Based on the coin value of the services handled on the day, the availability status is easily intimated to the customers with this option.


As soon as the new service is initiated, the service provider and get the immediate notification with this feature.


The service provider can easily view the customer rating by simply tapping this option. This also makes the super service provider select the top-rated persons from the group.


Service providers can easily switch over into multiple languages as per the preferences from the customer side. Using this option.

Customer Management

Through the mentioning of labels and the access capabilities, this allows you to manage all the customers either individually or in a group easily.


Add or block the service providers based on the arrival and the completion of timely tasks is done using this option. Also, this allows them to make customs payments and change their profiles easily.


Analyze the complete details of the service providers thoroughly and send the verification status to the customers as well as the service providers


Diverse services are easily managed by this option in the application. The categories as per the targeted location are added or deleted manually.


Using this option, you can restrict the service on the special zones and changed the service model accordingly as per the real-time statistics.


Right from the initialization of service till the completion of the service, the notifications from the admin side are raised and transferred to the customers and service providers in an appropriate manner.


As soon as the emergency alerts are raised, you can immediately set the priority for such customers and drive the service providers to complete the tasks at first.


Get the view of all the user ratings and place the service provider at the top of the customer searches to make them gain more revenue.

Add-On features to enhance the workflow of Uber for X clone app script

In-app Call Options
Secure Payment Gateways
Retention Options (Promo/subscription)
Service Management Options
Do you have a doubt on the protection of business ideas related to the on-demand service booking model while our implementation of Uber for X? Be Clear. We secure your business plans via rock-solid NDA signing prior to proceeding.
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How our Uber for X app offers uniqueness to your services?

  • Outer Service Expansion as Easy

    With the inclusion of the lingual and currency support, the participants use theUber for Xapp in their own language and transfer the charge irrespective of the currency variations.

  • Multiple payment gateways

    Customize the payment gateway with various options like the card, cardless, digital wallets, net banking, etc based on customer’s preferences.

  • Specific-Service Provider Booking

    This allows the customers to select the specified service handler as per quick analysis on the reviews/ ratings and personalized experience. This also supports repetitive booking.

  • Service Provider Tips

    With the offering of high-quality and timely services, the service handler can get the extra-cash by including this option in the app itself.

  • Location-Aware Fare Option

    With the integration of clean map facilities, the status of the current location and the movements of the service handlers are known. Based on this, the service charge can be set.

  • Digitized Document Management

    All the reports related to the service trips, service charge details, and the commission available in digitized form.

  • Wallet Maintenance

    Customers can easily view the transactions carried out and add the amount to the wallet to make the payment as easy.

  • Bird’s View

    With this option, the admin can view all the service bookings and trips through the integration of map-based options.

On-Demand Multi Services App

What are all the revenue making streams of our Uber for X app?

By simply onboarding on our Uber for X app, you can experience many real revenue benefits:

  • Service Provider Verification fee

    Charge the fee for providing the verification status to the service handler and the potential customers to get more preferences in real-time.

  • Referral-Based Earning

    By sending the invitation code to friends and making them use this app, the customers and the service provider can easily earn the respective commissions easily.

  • Long-Term Membership

    With the inclusion of diverse membership plans, the customers and the service providers retain the business model and use it for any service booking.

  • Ad-based Revenue Making

    By making the service providers advertise their services within the app, you can get the respective commission through an ad fee.

  • Go Premium for Extra-features

    This option allows you to ask for the extra charges for the recommendation of new services and the extra features if customers requested.

  • Priority-based Fee Assignment

    During an emergency or if the customers require immediate solutions, the service provider sets the priority for that. The special service charge to be assigned to the customers for this.

  • Wait Period Fee

    After booking a service provider, there is a special mention for the grace period for the visits. Set a charge on each excessive time limit of the grace period, the wait time fee is calculated.

  • Cancellation Charges

    If the customer cancels the service appointments, then the small amount of deduction adds to the revenue for the service providers.

  • Instant Commission Fee

    While customers pay for the booking, the admin can get the respective commission on their accounts easily.

How to scale-up your revenue for the on-demand service booking business?

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What will you get in Uber for X solution while partnering with us?

  • Own Source Code
  • Android. iOS app versions for all players
  • Web panel for Admin
  • Customization and branding

Looking for the perfect-fit uber for X solution ends here! The well-crafted Uber for X app script makes you launch any on-demand service with a demanding feature set. Honorable mention for our Uber for X app is easy to set up and update according to business needs.

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How Will Our Uber for X App Development Will be?

Getting a unique booking app from a qualified technical team is the emerging idea from the entrepreneurs to register their brand image. The Uber for X app from us comes up with the necessary standard features to launch the business quickly. Our team acts as the big support to create and maintain the startup as per the latest niches in the market. Right from the app idea-sharing till the post-launch, We deliver complete customizable app solutions with the multi-platform capability and web-based interfaces to make the tasks as easy.

We also include advanced features like smart payment integration, familiar assurance options, revenue making, etc to the application by acting as the full-fledged platform.

  • The scalable nature of the Uber for X app supports scale up the on-demand service growth.
  • Bug-free and modifiable app scripts allow you to function uninterruptedly.
  • Hassle-free app usage by the peoples around the world due to multi-lingual support.
  • Increase the customer base with the irresistible promotions and the offers within the app itself.
  • Complete testing, debugging prior to launch assures the guarantee of the successful workflow of the on-demand services.

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