Cabify Clone App - Launch an On-demand Taxi Business With Advanced Booking App

SpotnRides provides the ready-to-go Cabify clone app platform with the inclusion of various features to kickstart a traveler-friendly taxi business and ahead in the market quickly.

why use our cabify clone app?

What is the Cabify Clone App in the On-demand Taxi Business?

According to modern customers, every service at the doorstep instantly and directly is the major expectation. To meet this, various business platforms are contested in the market. Taxi service is one such advanced platform where it includes several variations year by year. The usage of booking applications is high and this fills the app store with the number of taxi-hailing applications. Cabify is one such application with the basic features. SpotnRides provides the best Cabify clone for the taxi service providers to maintain all the booking activities in effortless ways. The inclusion of advanced features set in the Cabify clone app surely makes your taxi booking service the top in the customers’ perspective. The metrics that make the Cabify clone app a necessary one in the taxi-hailing business are listed as follows.

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    Create the Brand Value of Taxi-Services

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    Quick Access Platforms

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    Full-fledged controllable solution

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    Engage Riders Socially

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    Ready-to-use application

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    Attractive Workflows

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    100% Scalable and complete customizable

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    Compatible to Multi-platforms

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How Did Our Cabify Clone Script Take Taxi-Hailing Business to Next Level?

Call-based Taxi-booking is a familiar activity from decades ago. With the fast-changing technology and the arrival of advanced methodologies, the traditional way of taxi-booking is converted into click-based booking. As per one of the expectations from the customer side like booking based on all details including price information, our Cabify clone script is specially designed with the appropriate options. The dependency of the customers with the taxi-companies is always an existing one in order to complete the trip in an easy way. With the SpotnRides Cabify clone script, the taxi service provider has the ability to integrate a wide range of taxi drivers and provide seamless services to travelers easily. The advanced features implemented in our Cabify clone script like the easy booking of taxis, consistent real-time tracking, smart way of payment module integration, emergency handling metrics, instant cancellation, and the right price identification bring numerous advances in the taxi industry. The top ways of the Cabify clone script to take the ride-hailing business into the next level.

The customer creates their own profile by specifying the basic credentials and starts to search for any taxi services in the nearby region. By encouraging all the participants like customers, drivers, and the admin to onboard the application through social media profiles in our Cabify clone script, the visibility of the taxi services in the market is assured. The successive activities, location specification, booking the taxis, tracking them in an advanced manner, enjoying the trips as per their interests, paying the amount digitally, etc will make the customers complete the travel in the expected forms. The custom Cabify clone app contains well-manageable interfaces that allow the participants to carry each activity in the easiest ways. Business profile creation, rental options included in our Cabify clone script bring convenience in all the aspects and take.

Why Choose SpotnRides Cabify Clone Script?

  • Quick Launch of New Ventures
  • Hassle-free User Interfaces
  • Best-in-class features
  • Smart Payment Interfaces
  • Fully customizable according to business needs
  • Guarantee of Timely App Development
  • The white-labeled taxi app solution
  • Brand Assurance Options
  • Our Cabify Clone App is the most economical solution

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What Are All Essential Features of Our Cabify Clone App for You, Drivers and Customers?

Unique Registration

Customers get into the app platforms by registering simply via email, mobile numbers and social media profiles,s, etc.

Seamless Profile Making

By adding the necessary details like name, email ID, number, password, the customers can set their own profile for future trip orders.

Locational Detailings

Allow the customers either to select or specify the location details for pick up and drop prior to ride booking.

Feasible Vehicle Selection

Customers use this option to select the vehicles among sedan, mini, SUV, etc.

Instant Fare Details

Based on the location and the vehicle selection options, the fare for the trip is immediately shown to the customer’s side.

Smart Tracking

Makes the customers be attentive to the exact locations of the vehicle and get ready for the trips in a stress-free manner.

SOS Alerts

Customers simply click this SOS button and the current location details are sent to the saved contacts automatically o emergency scenarios


At the end of the trip, the customers can host the reviews/ratings about the trip experience or driver’s credibility, etc.

Smart Register/Verification

This option allows the drivers easily register their presence through social media profiles and get the verification from the admin before the start of the ride.

Digital Way of Documents Processing

The major documents like the License, experience details, etc can directly be uploaded in the digital form for easy admin verification.

Trip Service Requests

After the admin approval, the drivers present in the app lively and ready to get the service requests from various locations.

Geo-Fenced Service & Navigation

With the location-aware options, the drivers have information about the boundaries of the trips and also they can view the real-time transitions with the use of map integration. The feasible route for minimum travel time is known with this option

Accept/Reject Ride

Based on the travel status, the drivers either accept or reject the ride requests within the 30 secs smartly.

Trips/Earning Detailings

This option allows the drivers easily get information about trips and earning history like completed trips, collected payments, and pending trips easily.

Instant Profile Deactivation

This feature allows the drivers to easily deactivate the profile through the application itself.

In-app Call/Chat Options

The drivers can easily call or text a rider for immediate ride requests

Panels Accessibility

Allows the admin to access the drivers and customer panels to know the current activities in the taxi-hailing process.

Profile Management

Allows the admin to add/delete the driver or customer as per the requirements easily

Transaction Analysis

Based on the trip completion, the total fare for the trip per day is easily managed

Driver Verification

Admin directly accesses the document details, credentials and provide the approval for participants.

Total Earning Analysis

Admin use this option to track the earnings for the whole trips on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

Driver’s Payout History

This option allows the admin to make an eye on the driver’s earnings after the completion of trips.

Review Management

This allows you to manage the reviews or feedback about the trip and take the smart decision for player retention

Configure Settings

Using this option, you can configure the entire taxi-operating system activities like mail sent, audience management, SMS management, tracking, etc.

Additional Features in Cabify Clone (Customer Requisition)

Secure Payment Modules
Smart Cab Dispatch
Retaining Options, Promo Offers Subscription, etc.
Efficient Fleet Management
Secure Your Taxi-Hailing Venture Business Ideas
Sign on to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to sharing your ideas.
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How Our Cabify Clone App Takes Your Service to the Next Level?

  • Unified Operating Mode

    Allows the drivers to start their trip without getting the initiation request. This feature is a fruitful option for the street rides, elders trips, etc.

  • Car Rental

    Makes the customers book the taxis on an hourly basis or day basis. This feature is the supporting one for the corporate professionals and those who perform multiple trips.

  • Referral-based Earnings

    Cabify clone app has this option to make the drivers and the customers earn the benefits by inviting their friends to increase both drivers and customers

  • Block Danger Zone Ride

    Admin or taxi service providers use this option to mark some zones as red zones to avoid danger during a ride.

  • Chat Module Integration

    The special integrated module in the Cabify clone app allows the drivers as well as the customers to share confidential details after booking.

  • Outstation Trip Booking

    Allows the customers to book the taxis especially for outstation trips

  • Recursive Rides

    This option included in the Cabify clone app allows the daily travelers to set their own trip preferences through the ride pass details.

  • Linguistic & Currency Support

    This allows the service provider to easily expand the business into many regions across the seas without considering any language and currency barriers.

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What Do You Get From the Cabify Clone App Setup?

  • Driver App
  • Customer app
  • Android, iOS Platforms
  • Web Application for Admin

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Happy Worldwide Customers Using Our Cabify Clone

Happy Worldwide Customers Using Our Cabify Clone

Why Use SpotnRides Cabify Clone App?

SpotnRides implements the standard features in the Cabify clone script that make you start the taxi-hailing business quickly with the high-quality in nature. Since SpotnRides has the base form already, getting the robust, scalable, and customizable Cabify clone solution is the timely one. Being an experienced player in the taxi-service startup solution provider in the market, the features included in our Cabifyclone app are as per the customer preferences and hence this will surely make you stand out in the market. The benefits you have earned from us are listed as follows.

  • Tailor-Made solutions from the dedicated team players
  • Excellent solutions cope up with your business requirements
  • Tech-driven solution with a diverse range of business ideas
  • Get immediate branding with the advanced feature set.
  • 24/7 Tech assistance for seamless operations
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SpotnRides Cabify Clone Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cabify Clone?

A digital booking platform looks like the familiar Cabify application that allows the customers to find the taxis available nearby with them easily. This also provides the chances for the taxi-service providers and the independent drivers to build the business and get the expected revenue easily.

How The Cabify Clone Script is Beneficial for Drivers and Riders?

The independent drivers and the several riders experiencing the real-time benefits if they partnered with the Cabify clone script. Visibility, smart earnings, scheduled booking, outstation trips, smart payment, etc are the highly beneficial things for the Cabify clone script.

How Do I Get the Cabify Clone App Solution?

To buy the user-friendly solution, the email dropping is an initial stage and immediately our team will contact you. After the preliminary discussions are getting over and the final plan is set, the Cabify clone app design is initiated with the most-needed features. After the design is over, We deploy the driver and the passenger application in both Andriod/iOS platforms. Additionally, the admin panel and the backend database are hosted in the AWS server.

Will I Get Full Ownership of the Source Code?

Yes. You will get full ownership and the license for the base code.

Will You Support Customization as per Business Requirements?

Yes. SpotnRides offers customization to any extent to serve the on-demand taxi service, business model. We will surely provide the tech-support for customization to make your service a sustainable one.

How Can I Get the Demo for Cabify Clone Script?

Either by doing the email or live chat with us to get the live demo of the web, mobile apps for Cabify

Do You Make Native or Hybrid Apps?

We can develop both native and hybrid apps. For native apps, we prefer Swift and Java. for the hybrid apps, we prefer the react-native

How Much Does the Cabify Clone App Development Cost?

By simply filling and submitting the form on the landing page, you will be given a quote from our customer support team.