Strengthening Integral Link in Dairy Industry: Undertaking Potential Issues of Milk-Haulers by SpotnRides Milk Hauler Management App Solution

The dairy industry is one of the most economical driving partners and also saves the livelihood. Hence, extreme care and attention are required while transporting them from the origin like farm or milk station to the milk distribution system or customer respectively. Preserving the freshness and well packaging are required in order to prevent them from pollution.

Among the various dairy products, milk transportation either from the farm to plant or plant to store is the most important segment in the dairy industry. Through the use of trucks and vans, fresh milk is collected from the dairy farm to the local dairy processing plant.

The workflow of the transportation in either of the following: from the single farm or multiple farms. If the dairy farm has enough capacity to fill the full tank from the single farm itself, then the travel is in a single route. In other cases, the small type of dairy farm doesn’t have enough milk so the driver must go to the multiple dairy farms that make more trips.

Collecting the milk from the farm and transporting the bulk milk to the plant are the critical tasks for the drivers. Due to the arrival of the Milk delivery management app solution, the prediction of an efficient route to the multiple farms is easy. But, new arrival of demands and innovations require fine tunes in the milk hauling services and dairy transportation app development.  

Nowadays, the world is moving to a healthier environment where the reduction of carbon emissions is a major focus. To meet this criterion, a number of trips must be reduced in the future that requires scheduling of trips based on direct communication with the farm owners. In order to handle both these activities, a suitable dairy hauler management app solution is to be needed in our hands.

One such solution available in the market is called SpotnRides and this creates the milk hauler management app and allows you to start your own milk hauler service to earn the money. How the process flows?. Prior to looking into it, you should know broadly on milk transportation and the impact of milk haulers in transportation.

How SpotnRides App Solution Helps Milk Haulers and Dairy Products Transportation?

Getting started with Bulk Milk Transportation

         A distinctive logistics application with high transportation cost observed is called bulk milk transportation. Reduction of collection routes and collecting the milk from the farm are critical for the delivery drivers called milk haulers. Traditionally, dairy companies are small and the milk collected from the local farms easily. But, in the case of now, distance traveled to collect the fresh milk from farm areas is high due to the large size dairy farms are evolving.

         Based on the location of dairy farms and their count, the bulk milk can be limited to small distances or across regions. Accessing more trips only achieved with the help of suitable milk hauler management app solutions. Some of the major tactics must be looked at while getting into bulk milk transportation.

  • Convenience trips

Since the load is heavy, the hassle-free trip is the major focus of the hauler. Requests from the farm are more and this leads to an increase in the number of trips per day. Another thing to be noted that the farm location and the routes to reach on the farms.

 Finding the route and tracking the traveling location must be needed to compute which distance is shorter to reach the farms. In the same way, after collecting the milk from the farm, the status information is needed from the milk processing unit or stores and it is necessary to be continuously communicated.

  • Schedule Maintenance

Consistency in the delivery schedule on stores is necessary to maintain a loyal relationship with the store owners. Delay in the milk delivery will not give the problems to the milk hauler itself, it also affects the reputation of store owners and delivery of milk to the customer’s hands gets delayed.

  • Qualified Transporters

This is the important one in bulk milk transportation. Partnered drivers must have valid proof stating eligible for handling bulk trucks or vans and meet the specification of government regulatory terms.

One of the difficult aspects is to search the available types of haulers available either within locally or across the region with the valid proof documents required. 

What will you do? Do you think that man-based searching and the validating process is sufficient?

No. Digitization offers the solution to this problem. Yes. Direct uploading of the document that describes the eligible is one of the requirements and this enables the use of a hauler management app.

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Break the Integral Link in Milk Transportation: Concerns of Milk Haulers

         Milk haulers are the integral link of milk transportation and if there is any drop out is observed, then it will greatly affect the entire supply chain. Route prediction is a common problem if you look in general. In the deep analysis, some serious concerns are present and they break the integral link of the dairy industry. Those are listed here. 

  • Instability of designated locations

Since milk production in the dairy farm is not a constant one, the transportation routes are uncommon. In some cases like a shortage of milk or surplus cause dramatic changes in the trips. At that time, alerting them with the proper notification or updates surely reduces the trips onto that particular location.

Besides, in the milk store or processing unit, there must be an emergency need for milk and they also raise up the new requests instantly. To handle this mismatch, milk haulers must be aware of numerous dairy farms.

  • Impact of hauling rate

Making contact with the haulers is only done by the milk cooperative stores or farm owners through the detailed search of haulers available and select the best available. Besides, the hauler performance and reputation are also important which is based on the measure of timely delivery.

Open bidding based on the routes is the unusual practice and this leads to problems when negotiations arise. The factors deciding the hauling rate are the location of the farm, point of delivery and route mileage. If the reduction is observed on those metrics, then there will be a reduction in hauling rate.

  • Restricted Hours of driver service

This term describes the number of consecutive hours logged in for bulk milk transportation. When maximizing this hour, there may be an issue with the transportation regulations by the government. i.e. based on the location, the driver may be restricted to the ten consecutive hours of service.

To cope up with such criterion, milk haulers are urged to cover maximum trips and this enables two drivers on a single route strategy.

  • Milk Hauler retention

Retaining skilled haulers is the major thing in bulk milk transportation. In addition to wages, promo codes for purchase, ranking, and other incentives are the demanding factors from the milk haulers. If anyone offers high wages, then milk haulers can easily switch over to that service and retention is a serious problem.

Upon the study of all these issues, milk hauler service is not easy without a proper hauler management app. One of the prominent app development players in the market SpotnRides who designs the milk hauler management app in order to cover all sorts of issues.

Importance of SpotnRides Milk Hauler Management App Solution on Milk Run System

SpotnRides mil hauler management app solution inherits with the three interfaces such as milk processor or dairy farm owner, milk hauler and service provider. The workflow comprised as follows:

Milk hauler

  • Registering themselves by personal credentials
  • Uploading the proof of the document to ensure the validity
  • View the requests from either farm owner or milk processing unit  Identify the pickup drop location
  • See the details of milk quantity, pickup time
  • Chat with the players if there is a need
  • Realizing the routes based on the map and traffic conditions
  • Get alert notifications if there is a change in order or dairy farm location

Dairy Farm Owners or Milk Processor

  • Initiate either milk pickup or needed requests
  • Specify the location for pick up and drop off
  • See the available milk haulers on the map
  • Get the information regarding hauling rates
  • Track the milk travel through GPS map availability
  • Assign review or rate the milk haulers after successful delivery


  • See the milk hauler transactions in real-time
  • Monitor the cash flow, number of participators from the dairy farm or milk processor
  • Managing divers milk haulers, vehicle type and their hauling rate
  • Access live milk transportation trip details and financial details.

The direct uploading of documents within the app itself achieves the qualified transport selection. Besides, the tracking feasibility in SpotnRides has a direct impact on quality milk transportation services within the time period.

How SpotnRides Milk Hauler Management App Scheduling Strengthen the Integral Link

As discussed in the previous section, the SpotnRides milk hauler management app solution concentrated on offering the remedies for those issues in the following ways.

  • Consistency in trip

The notifications section plays a major role in preserving the link where the availability of milk on the dairy farms is easily communicated to the milk haulers. Hence, based on the notifications, milk transportation trips are gained one and the haulers are not getting frustrated.

  • Effective Hauling rate

Open bidding resolves many financial issues when multi-plyers are involved. Here, the selection of milk haulers is done based on the hauling rate. This depends on the location and distance traveled.

Partnering with the nearby located milk haulers and scheduling of trips based on covering of multiple dairy farms on a single trip reduces transportation and this greatly impacts the hauling service.

Further, the entire bidding is done only through the mobile app that assures transparency and increases the revenue.

  • Convenience in handling hours of service

Real-time tracking options in the SpotnRides milk hauler app management solution allows the hauler to find the feasible route from the number of routes where they can easily reach the destination in a risk-free manner. Once the milk is collected from that farm, the successive travels are taking place easily and this supports the regulations by the government.

  • Retaining Milk Haulers

When numerous players are involved, identifying the best performer and value their service is needed one in order to resume their service. In the SpotnRides solution, there is an option called review, rating where the milk hauler experience is rated.

A milk hauler who has more positive reviews engaged with any promo-codes for purchase and ranking them to make the top in the market. The top rank holder will take more trips and thereby revenue is grown.

Final say

Having a unique milk hauler service business idea and familiarity with the dairy farm owner means you immediately launch your own milk hauler service startup to strengthen the dairy industry. By reading this blog, you came across various issues like the retention of milk haulers, lack of consistency in communication and the necessity of qualified transporters.

With the availability of prominent solutions namely the SpotnRides milk hauler management app solution, you can easily enter the bulk milk transportation. Still, you are having doubts, clarifying with our technical team at [email protected]

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