Connect All Locksmiths in your Locality and Launch a Booking Marketplace Startup with Uber like On-Demand Locksmith App from SpotnRides

Locksmith is a highly skilled profession and this is one of the fields undeterred by the digital wave. No machine can replace the work of locksmiths. In fact, its demand is surging to a new high with young professionals entering this sector equipped with advanced security and alarm technologies. 

Locksmith’s work is not only confined to manipulate lock in a house but also to repair, fit new, and service old locks. Accidentally locked cars, cupboards, and pet cages are other applications of a locksmith. Seeing this we can say that the responsibilities of locksmiths are expanding day by day.

While the demand for a locksmith is good, people find it challenging to get one of them at the right time. Obviously, with the help of technology, we can address this problem. I think the on-demand Uber-like model will be apt for locksmith.

How SpotnRides Uber for Locksmith App Solution Aids Startups? 

Already very few firms in Europe have launched an on-demand locksmith marketplace. In some countries, including Europe, only skilled and licensed locksmith can register in the app. 

This is a lucrative industry to get a commission for every booking. You need not have to spend a lot of capital investment for this startup. What is required is a perfect locksmith app solution. Once it is done, you persuade professional locksmiths to list their service in the app.

To find such a well-made app solution, don’t search elsewhere. Get a minimum viable app solution from SpotnRides.

Using our app for your marketplace business it is almost easy to find the right locksmith in the nearby area. There is a provision for a locksmith to describe the skills possessed by them.

SpotnRides locksmith app comprises of the following apps.

  1. Customer booking smartphone app
  2. Admin web app
  3. Locksmith smartphone app

The smartphone app comes in both iOS and Android. 

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 How Uber for locksmith app works?

  1. The customer app is logged in by the user using ID or social media accounts.
  2. Select from the list of services based on requirements and find from the list of locksmiths nearby. Apt locksmith is selected and a request is sent.
  3. Locksmith gets the request in his app and has the option of rejecting or accepting it.
  4. After accepting the request, the user gets notified until the locksmith reaches the destination.
  5. After the service, the invoice is generated for both the user and locksmith. Later, ratings and reviews are done for the service.
  6. All the bookings and locksmith registration is displayed in the admin web app.

Why choose SpotnRides on-demand locksmith app solution?

Desired branding

The app solution you purchase from us comes as a white labeled solution i.e. you can keep your desired app logo and name on it. SpotnRides design team also specializes in designing eye catching logos with a nominal cost. 

Full source code without encryption

We provide full technical support even after the app is made live. But, we don’t have any control over the solution. After purchase, full source code without any encryption will be deployed on your server. You can edit the app independently or with our assistance.

24/7 live chat during issues

After the app is deployed, a project manager and their team will be assigned to you to address any grievances 24/7. On-demand apps are prone to temporary issues and bugs. So we do our bit to help during critical times.

Is it the right time to launch a Uber for locksmith startup?

Launch when the product is ready

The app solution is the core product of this startup business. Since SpotnRides has a readymade solution for it, it won’t take much time to launch the app. Startups spend much time on developing the product and in this case, there are no such hassles. Like I said before, the development team from SpotnRides will assist you right till the end. We always look forward to keep a long term commitment to our clients.

When you have the required capital

The cost of launching the on-demand locksmith startup heavily relies on the app solution and marketing. The latter part is optional and we do it effortlessly. We take responsibility for increasing the downloads on the app store and do quantitative research analysis to find the dos and don’ts for promotion. We charge a nominal rate for online promotion. 

Having a competitive edge

Having a competitive edge over the existing startups is necessary to launch and sustain in the business. Clearly, using SpotnRides itself gives you a much-needed advantage. The features and functionalities in our app are unique and we constantly innovate and add new features. Recent advances in machine learning, AI, and predictive analysis are used to further increase app usability and cost effectiveness.

Winding up!

The Uber for locksmith is relatively new in the on-demand market and hopes are high for this. In case you are looking to begin this as your first step into the on-demand market, then I strongly recommend you to use SpotnRides locksmith app solution.

Like I explained before, you will have a clear competitive edge over others in terms of app performance and user experience. Not to mention the long term assistance we offer.

To know more about our product, tap a message to [email protected]. We are always at your disposal.  

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