Six Techie-Features of SpotnRides Limo Dispatch Software Foster’s your own Limo Service Business to deliver luxury services

How to make the day special during travel. If people travel in the style of a luxurious limousine, then the day is special for them and it also gives them an unforgettable experience. Limo service is provided by huge people especially during weddings, welcoming top celebrities, traveling lucrative professionals, etc. Hire the good limo service provider makes the people to get the stress free travel and to reach the destination on time.  With the increase in demands, the limo service business growth is in a tremendous way. 

With the new technological innovations and rise up of huge app development companies, the transportation sector is updated day by day. When you look into the Limo industry, the businesses transformed into a digital platform and the number of service delivery players is contested. In 2021, the Limo industry is expected to expand its services to private households, corporations, and travel. Hence, entering into the limo service industry with the right startup is definitely beneficial for you.

Why Start a Limo Service Business Using Dispatch Software?

Limousine business provides the ultimate benefits to the people who love to work in varied hours. Limo service is mainly known for its style, elegance, and class. Due to enabling customers to feel the highest luxury level travel within the cost-effective budget, demand also increases. Stress and tension free travel experience is the major thing to hire a limo service. 

In case of any emergencies like engine repair, tire blowouts, and parking sites, the trained chauffeurs will take responsibility and make them riders a pleasant experience. The statistics reports proved that the limousine business grew at 2.5% and brought revenue of 12 billion dollars to the US economy. 

Research reports showed that around 130,000 limousines are running in the USA. Among them, 85% of the companies have their own website and make the customer use an online registering system and keep tech-relationship with them. Hence, providing luxury service on time is the major key factor to stand on top.  From these reports, you understood that if you are looking to start your own limo service business, this is the right time to capture the lucrative transport industry. 

What are the top 2020 trends in Limo Service Business?

When you start a new business, you should know the trends followed at present for your business. This is also applicable to the Limo service business also. Market research conducted on the US showed that around 1,08,000 chauffeured vehicles were present in the year 2018. With the increase in demand, this number goes strong year by year.  Some of the market trends in 2020 supported the growth of the limousine business and they listed as follows:

  • Digital Platform

With the arrival of smartphones and internet facilities, each company owns a website and makes customers feel free registration online. With the drastic evolution of taxi booking apps, the companies also turned the concentration towards how the luxury services delivered to the customers at an affordable cost. Customers have the ability to operate the smartphones easily nowadays and hence the app-based platforms are evolving year by year. Since you are interested in creating new ventures, it is essential to meet the digitization needs of the customer and satisfy them. 

  • Out-of box Expanding

Need for limousines is for weddings traditionally, but now limousine business expands its services to the corporations, travel and different occasions when luxury and stress-free travel in people’s minds. Study reports highlighted that the amount of money transferred is 24% for airports and 21.5% for corporates by providing limo services. These statistics showed that the limo service business has the global need

  • Demands for Chauffeurs

In order to handle the limo leets, there is a huge demand for chauffeurs because of the handling issues. Not every taxi player operates limos. High-experience professionals needed to drive the limo business. License facilities and several prerequisites are required to appoint the new chauffeurs. 

  • Impact of technology innovation

In the future, the entire vehicle manufacturing sector is moving towards electric and autonomous. According to the survey report from Ohio University, the waiting time and cost of spending for the ride are reduced from 5 minutes to 36 seconds and 0.5 dollars per km respectively. Besides, ensuring road safety is the biggest concern for the transportation industry. Hence, the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is evolved for safety conditions.  

To support these types of market trends, your startup will definitely be attentive among the lucrative people. But, to cope up with new trends, several real-time challenges are there for the limo service business. Let’s have a detailed study of it. 

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Are Limo service companies faced challenges?

With the dense population of ride requests and drivers, the limousine companies are failing in tracking, payments, and managing large fleets. In addition to these major challenges, some more are highlighted in this section.

  • Lack of reservation

New Limo ride-booking and changes in the reservation are some of the basic challenges in the traditional approach. Finding a car with a lot of amenities during seasonal hours is another issue. Offering Limo service anytime anywhere is impossible and hence there is a new solution that is capable of providing reservation management and good chauffeurs on time. 

  • Insufficiency in tracking Chauffeurs

This is the major issue observed in large dimensions in the limo service industry. Chauffeurs wasted the time in the searching of the location of the riders and this made the unnecessary delays in traveling. This hurts the customer and affects the brand value of the corresponding limo service company. To overcome this, the tracking mechanism with the digital map capabilities enabled in the startup.

  • Less Connectivity

Booking the new chauffeur for the limo ride is based on the previous review reports observed in the traditional approaches. The direct interaction between the chauffeurs and the riders is necessary to track their location and ride status instantly. Hence, the technology solution addresses this issue and makes the feasible connection between the limo riders and chauffeurs prior to ride booking.

  • The need for dashboard management

The major limitation and headache for the limo service companies is the lack of a dashboard. Since the numerous activities like new limo ride booking, scheduling the drivers, payments, passenger details, billings are involved in every limo service, there is a need for suitable dashboards for maintaining all. Through dashboard management, the visualization of the entire process makes limo service providers excel in the market. 

From the above, you clearly know the challenges of running a limo service business. After studying these, finding out the solution for them is important. How. The perfect answer is using mobile apps. Yes. With the help of revolutions in the smartphone industry, the limo service companies meet these challenges without hesitation.  

Why Mobile Apps Streamlining Limo Service Business?

With the aim of providing a hassle-free ride experience to the customers, many taxi giants have entered into the market like Ola, Uber, etc. Booking and dispatching the limos are made easier than before which reduces the stress for both customers and limo chauffeurs. The stress-free ride experience will definitely add revenue to the owners. The major streamlining factors for mobile apps are listed as follows:

  • Professional in Booking

With the help of immense smartphones, the customers can easily book or cancel the new limo ride with a single tap on the mobile app. In the same way, the mobile app in the chauffeur’s side gets their ride requests immediately with the rider location information in order to reach the destination quickly. 

  • Productivity Analytics

Providing awareness of the past trip details, revenue details, total number of trips, kilometers traveled to the chauffeurs’ app enables them to self analyze their productivity and earnings.

  • Easy Navigation

Reaching the rider’s location without delay is the major concern for the limo service business. The navigation feature enables the limo chauffeurs to know the optimal route by filtering the dense traffic routes in order to reach the customer place and destination on time. The voice assistance feature also enhanced navigation capability. 

  • Payments

Cash fare and the inability to accept the cards for the payments are the major difficulties observed in the chauffeur’s side. To resolve this, mobile apps inherit the multiple payment gateways that make the customer pay the fare through digital modes. 

With these possibilities, mobile apps streamline the limo service business effectively. But, the developments in technology demand more techie-features that SpotnRides addressed effectively. 

What are the techie-Features of SpotnRides for the successful delivery of luxury services?

In this section, the effectiveness of the SpotnRides is discussed to make the successful delivery of luxury services with enhanced features.  

  • Automated Scheduling

When the multiple trips arrived, the connection between the chauffeur and the customer is disturbed. The automated scheduling of trips in SpotnRides can assure the constant coordination among the Chauffeurs and customers. With the help of scheduling options, chauffeurs make the immediate decision on the next ride without delay.

  • Real-time Tracking

As already know the tracking of chauffeurs is the major issue in the limo service business. The real-time tracking option in SpotnRides on the GPS maps enables the customer to know the position of chauffeurs and the ride status easily. 

  • Digital Fare Management

The monitoring of entire trips, far for each ride and commission management by the admin dashboard in the SpotnRides solution enhances the productivity of your own startup. 

  • Digital revenue assessment

We all know the manual assessment of accounts gives the lengthy process and thereby recently evolved mobile apps made them digitally. SpotnRides enhances revenue assessment through the specially designed feature commission management. The admin dashboard monitors the day-to-day revenue flow from this feature and makes the necessary decision for increasing. 

  • Multi-Language Multi-currency Support

Already in previous sessions, feasible communication between the riders and chauffeurs play as well as the payment are the major driving factors for the limo service business. The SpotnRides addresses this issue and offers the multi-language and multi-currency support option to stand your startup internationally. 

  • Chauffeurs Identity management

The dedicated feature in the Chauffeurs panel especially for verification of proof of identity of the Chauffeurs. They can easily upload the photo and license through your app easily for verification. This ensures the safety of the riders and provides security services to them. 

Now you are very clear about the entire limo service business and why SpotnRIdes is the best solution for your startups. 

Final Words

Concluding this blog, the Limo service business is the other dimension of the taxi booking services and makes you grow with the long-term relationship with the high-end professionals, celebrities in the world. Analysis reports show the impact of limo service business on the global economy. After going through this blog, the idea is lightened up in your mind. Yes. Start Limo service business with SpotnRides and make your brand as a top. Drop your innovative ideas to [email protected]

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