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The increase in temperature of the earth because of climate change has brought with it a lot of pest menace. Because of outdoor temperature increase, insects, lizards, wasps, bees, etc have made our house their home. These pests are dangerous for families with toddlers and children. It is difficult to get rid of them. But, now there are a lot of options to remove them from our house.

By the way, the pest is not only a menace in households, but also in industries, farms, small buildings, etc. There are dedicated on-demand app based  pest control services to clean and remove pests from your house wardrobe, kitchen, storeroom, drawing room, children’s room, etc.

What are the Benefits of On-Demand Pest Control?

Health problems

Pests can cause frequent fever and for children the case is worse. Pest control can offer alternate visits and they can ensure that the house/building is free from pests. Without frequent health problems, you can improve your day-to-day productivity.

Minimizing allergies

Pest bites can give you allergies and itchiness on the body. Pest control can stave off these menaces and also gives you a peaceful sleep.

Keeps diseases at bay

Pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs can cause deadly diseases like malaria, typhoid. Keeping them out of the house using pest control can save us from these diseases.

Pests in farms

Pests like bugs can be detrimental to the health of crops and unless the bugs are removed, the entire farm will become useless. Pest control can do this job seamlessly.

So, the demand for pest control is substantially high in the US and it is becoming necessary in tropical countries like India and Africa.

The problem is that people find it difficult to get expert pest control services. It would be exciting for an entrepreneur to start an on-demand aggregator model Uber for pest control business. In this business, you just have to consolidate the pest control services in your locality and list their services on your app.

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Uber for pest control apps is available readily at SpotnRides. SpotnRides is a Uber for X app solution. Our solution is suited to any on-demand services and our technical team makes sure the app is flawless for all the stakeholders. We have readymade apps for some services and Uber for pest control is one among them.

Our solution consists of three apps.

  • The customer app
  • The pest control service provider app
  • Admin web app
  • Pest control partner app

The Uber for pest control app solution is available for both Android and iOS platforms and we have tested the app on multiple devices. We deploy the app only after a lot of active trials. Needless to say that each app has its own set of features.

So, if you have any idea of entering this business, please prepare a business plan keeping in mind the locality, demographics, and purchasing power of the people.

Send your business plan to [email protected]. You can also ask any queries and doubts regarding the solution to our business executives who are available 24/7.

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