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Why SpotnRides Fleet Management System is Trusted by over 700+ Businesses Globally?


Among the freight sector, fleet transport is by far the most popular of all. But like others, it suffers from efficiency issues. Maintenance of fleets, driver management, licensing, permits, fuel management, safety etc are some of the important factors that influence the overall efficiency of the fleets. This is not only confined to the freight sector but also to other transport sectors like taxi...

How SpotnRides Truck Dispatch Software Helps in your Business Operation and lead to Generate more Revenue


If you are a truck services operator, you know the difficulty faced until a service reaches its destination. Any small mishap by the driver of the truck can lead to punitive action by the authorities. So everything must be in place during a truck service. This problem can be avoided by a perfect truck dispatch software. Starting from the speed, mileage, fuel stored, to the driving style of the...

How Integrating SpotnRides Fleet Management Software with GPS System Benefits For Your Business?


Large vehicle fleet whatever it maybe needs a fleet management software and it is not because everyone has it. But to run the business smoothly, get insights to improve business performance, maintain costs, and find ways to derive more profit. How these can be achieved is the main question to be answered. And our SpotnRides fleet management software has the answer for it. A typical fleet...

How SpotnRides Truck Management Software Supports Small Business Operators and Aid Them in Sustainable Growth

How SpotnRides Truck Management Software Supports Small Business Operators and Aid Them in Sustainable Growth

As a business operator who runs a small fleet of trucks, you would have used google maps which uses GPS to find routes and you may be contented that what more do a truck operator like us need. What if you have a management system that can compute truck fuel level, tire pressure, travel time estimation, load weight calculation, mileage, and many other factors? Similar to the taxi dispatch system...

8 Things to Look Forward in SpotnRides Fleet Management Software


Fleet management software has changed a lot in the last 2 yrs after it was directly affected by the on-demand taxi software since the taxi industry has been the single largest user of fleet management software. Now things have changed and because of its integration with technology, businesses like logistics, truck, and taxi riding are moving towards this. A lot of companies are providing fleet...

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Taxi Dispatch Software for your Fleet Management Business


The first question that might have come to your mind after starting an on-demand taxi business is the fleet management system. To efficiently and effectively run the taxi business you should have a good hold on your taxi fleet i.e. managing the fleet cost, maintenance, dispatch, repair, performance assessment, security etc. Already the market is flooded with taxi dispatch software. A lot of...

An Quick Overview about SpotnRides Fleet management System


Taxi aggregators like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi, and many logistics companies, transport companies use a system to manage their fleet. The fleet management system is what differentiates them from others and that is why they are in the top rung in their respective fields. Usually, the fleet management system is a software that uses information database system and global positioning system(GPS)...

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ ) to ask Yourself while Developing an Uber Clone Mobile App Solution for your Business Venture

Uber Clone FAQ

Exciting and informative blog post for the startups and business owners those who are looking to launch their own taxi business. We definitely guarantee that around 90% of startups and business owners might rise and have a lot of questions running in their mind. We get a chance to round up and prepare a blog post with more than 30 frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) based on our conversation that...

100% Customizable Dispatch and Fleet Management Software You Have Been Waiting For

Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management Software

Commuting has become an integral part of our busy schedule. Every day in our daily life, we spend a few hours in a taxi or look for a taxi. For people who belonged to the metropolises, traveling in a taxi was not so affordable and available down the alley a few years. Only with the emergence of companies like Uber can an ordinary man now dream of renting a luxury taxi. The rise of taxi shipping...