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Why SpotnRides Fleet Management System is Trusted by over 700+ Businesses Globally?


Among the freight sector, fleet transport is by far the most popular of all. But like others, it suffers from efficiency issues. Maintenance of fleets, driver management, licensing, permits, fuel management, safety etc are some of the important factors that influence the overall efficiency of the fleets. This is not only confined to the freight sector but also to other transport sectors like taxi...

How Integrating SpotnRides Fleet Management Software with GPS System Benefits For Your Business?


Large vehicle fleet whatever it maybe needs a fleet management software and it is not because everyone has it. But to run the business smoothly, get insights to improve business performance, maintain costs, and find ways to derive more profit. How these can be achieved is the main question to be answered. And our SpotnRides fleet management software has the answer for it. A typical fleet...

An Quick Overview about SpotnRides Fleet management System


Taxi aggregators like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi, and many logistics companies, transport companies use a system to manage their fleet. The fleet management system is what differentiates them from others and that is why they are in the top rung in their respective fields. Usually, the fleet management system is a software that uses information database system and global positioning system(GPS)...