Why SpotnRides Fleet Management System is Trusted by over 700+ Businesses Globally?

Among the freight sector, fleet transport is by far the most popular of all. But like others, it suffers from efficiency issues. Maintenance of fleets, driver management, licensing, permits, fuel management, safety etc are some of the important factors that influence the overall efficiency of the fleets.

This is not only confined to the freight sector but also to other transport sectors like taxi dispatch, parcel delivery, and many more. If you are operating any fleets, then it is time to improve your fleet by adopting a fully loaded fleet management software. 

SpotnRides presents you with a wonderful fleet management system which has tons of functionalities and brings an immense amount of data to your hands.

Before I divulge into our SpotnRides fleet management system let me give some points on why you must adopt fleet management to your business.

Why it is Apt for you to Use SpotnRides Fleet Management Software?

Cost, insurance and traffic non-compliance

Costs associated with operating the vehicle like running cost, fuel, insurance, permits, traffic violation, etc must be correctly accounted which if not done can make a significant dent in the daily accounts. 

But the software can record all these proceedings and can even be made to alert any cost overrun.

GPS based route mapping

Cutting fuel cost and time is very much valued in the fleet transport sector. With rising fuel prices, cutting its cost is necessary to maintain the balance sheet. This is made possible in the software using route optimization. This sophisticated software can find routes for the destination with minimal traffic and distance. It uses a GPS system to find the optimized routes and relay the same to admin. 

Fleet scheduling

All records regarding vehicle dispatch and driver data is saved in real-time and a detailed report is sent to web admin. This helps the admin to organise vehicle inventory and ensure driver and freight safety.

Longer vehicle life span

Performance of the vehicle largely depends on how it is used. The fleet management software gives performance data which can be used as an input to improve vehicle life span.

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High customer/rider retention rate

Customer retention rate is estimated to increase by at least 20% when the fleet system is used. Reason being the provisions available in the customer app like asset tracking, viewing ETA, and getting notifications regarding the ride.

Eliminate data discrepancies

There is a chance for discrepancies when data is recorded manually.  With our software, it is a thing of the past. Labour frauds are completely eliminated because of the transparency the software gives.

Safety data

Speeding of vehicles, running a red light, tire pressure, route followed, downtime, brake timing, etc should be maintained for driver and asset safety. These data are captured in realtime and relayed in the admin panel. The software can also be made to send warnings if any preset data is breached.

SpotnRides Fleet management software

SpotnRides has so far delivered the fleet management solution to 700+ businesses worldwide. We also build products focusing on the on-demand business.

Our software comprises of the driver app, dispatcher app, customer app, and admin web panel.

Driver app

Real-time trip management: Drivers will know the details of the trip and safety data in real-time. These data can be used to optimize driving.

Earning history: All the history of commission generated after each ride can be viewed by the driver from his app. 

In-app chat: The driver can send and receive messages regarding the trip anytime from the app.

Admin panel

Revenue management: Overall revenue for a ride is displayed in the admin panel. Gross revenue, and revenue after adjustments like driver commission, misc cost, fuel cost, permit, etc are articulated in the admin web app.

Asset management: The asset can be passengers in a taxi and freight in a truck fleet.  If it is a taxi, the no. of passengers, ride distance, estimated time of arrival, etc are all computed and displayed to customer app.  

If it is a truck, the freight load, ETA, and other important data are sent to admin and the customer.

Rides management: The admin get data about completed rides and resources utilised for a ride. Customer review and rating is displayed at the end of the ride.

Monitoring system: The monitoring system is akin to the dispatcher system. All the dispatcher works are done from the monitoring system.

What can you expect from our SpotnRides Fleet management system?

Our most comprehensive fully loaded fleet management system is made up of the following things. 

  • Android app (driver)
  • Dynamic admin panel
  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time tracking
  • Auto dispatch
  • Fare estimation
  • Google map integration
  • Scheduled booking
  • Analytics support
  • In-app chat

This list is not exhaustive and more functionalities are present. Generally, the fleet management system evolves over time and our team at SpotnRides picks relevant trends and adds to the software. 

The software is tried and tested multiple times for different devices and platforms. So the chance of performance issue is almost nil. After the software is purchased and deployed, the project manager assigned to you will assist you in after-sales technical assistance.  

You need not worry about the degree of data handled by SpotnRides, it is very much scalable and robust.

Final say!

I hope you are satisfied with the information presented about our fleet management software. Contact us via [email protected]. Our business executive will reach out to you in minutes.

We are keen to power your fleet with our software. Quickly join us!

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