How SpotnRides Truck Dispatch Software Helps in your Business Operation and lead to Generate more Revenue

If you are a truck services operator, you know the difficulty faced until a service reaches its destination. Any small mishap by the driver of the truck can lead to punitive action by the authorities. So everything must be in place during a truck service. This problem can be avoided by a perfect truck dispatch software. Starting from the speed, mileage, fuel stored, to the driving style of the driver can be monitored using a truck dispatch software. The result is you have a smooth truck service.

Some others functions like accounting, tracking, costing, and other management functions can be made using the software.

There is a misconception that such softwares are applicable and effective only for large fleets operated by Amazon, FedEx, Ups, etc. This is not true and our SpotnRides like truck management softwares are still patronised by solo truck operators.

Now let me give you some interesting stats about the truck industry.

Prospects of the truck and transport industry

The value of cargo moved in the truck alone in the US is estimated to be $600 billion. The loss of moving empty trucks are $15 billion worldwide. Yet, 85% of the cargos are moved in trucks. Because of the growing number of needs in rural areas, the demand for cargo truck only increases in future.

This future prospects mandates the use of truck management software like SpotnRides.

How SpotnRides Truck Dispatch Software Helps Small Business Operators?

Some questions that can be answered by using SpotnRides truck dispatch software

  1. Can the software provide preventive maintenance dates for the fleet promptly?

Due date data prediction technology in the software gives the calendar due dates for maintenance instead of the odometer values to be more precise. This technology eliminates the usage of expensive GPS system.

    2. What are the other core functionalities in the truck side?

Vehicle fuel usage, costs, insurance management, customized report generation are some other functionalities.

  3. Can the software generate trip invoice for all the trips?

Yes, after all the data regarding a trip is fed into the software, the invoice is generated in seconds.

  4. Can the software predict the mileage of the running truck?

Real-time data of the truck mileage can be viewed by the truck operator in the admin dashboard.

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How SpotnRides Truck Management Software Benefits you?

Unexpected cost escalations are eliminated

A small factor like the maintenance if not taken care properly will lead you to spend a lot of money. Obviously, many truck operators have a log book and notes about the maintenance but when the fleet size increases, manual log books are less helpful.

More time spent for important activities

Balancing both the truck service and your client is a tedious job and one cannot be compromised for the other. With SpotnRides truck management software you need not worry about the balancing act. All the activities can be managed from the smartphone app interface of the software. Less desk work means more time spent on growing the business.

Optimized expense management

All the accounting integrated with the balance sheets. So you can easily identify any cost overrun and take steps at the right time.

Separate app for the driver and client

The driver if the truck gets a smartphone app and can update the proceedings in real-time. Clients too can track their package from the app after registering their details.
Interfaces in SpotnRides truck management software package

  • Client app(Android/iOS)
  • Driver app
  • Fleet operator admin panel

Features in the client app

  • SMS verification
  • In-app navigation
  • Rating and review system
  • Easy login using social media accounts
  • In-app chat with the admin

Features in operator admin panel

  • Advanced tracking ability
  • In-app call and message
  • Advanced backend system
  • Real-time report generation
  • Mass messaging system

The features list for each interface is not exhaustive. Have a talk with our business executive to get more idea about our software.

Final word

We build a scalable and 100% customizable software. So even if future if you are expanding your business, you can do it without degrading the performance of the software. Since the software is already built by us and is available in multi language and multi currency, you need not worry if you want it in your language and currency.

Once you purchase the software from us we give you 100% bug free source code. Even after the software is made active our team gives constant support to make sure your are running smooth with our software.

To know more about SpotnRides and explore our working type and feature addition, send a mail to [email protected]. We are looking forward to catch you.

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