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How Taxi Dispatch Software Differ From Fleet Management Software And Why You Need It?

There are a lot of tools in the market to help your taxi and other transportation business. You need to know about each tool to use them effectively. In this manner, many people confused the concept of Taxi Dispatch Software and Fleet Management Software.

We SpotnRides has been providing both solutions for many entrepreneurs like you.

So, we have the responsibility to clarify the Taxi Dispatch System and highlight the difference between these similar-looking tools. We got the opportunity through this blog.

Taxi Dispatch Software For Transportation Business

Most people thought the Taxi Dispatch System is only for taxies as the name has the word ‘Taxi’. But, it can be portraited as Transportation Dispatch Solution also because it can be used in any transportation business. 

The online taxi dispatch software is nothing but a software solution from the expert app developers to manage the fleet of cabs, trucks, buses, bikes, and others. So, if you have a travel agency or bike cab business or any business related to a fleet of transports you need this tool to automate your business. 

You can simply understand the small fleet taxi dispatch software system is a tool to ensure the quick and timely service of your rides or transports. This tool has made it possible by accessing route optimization and GPS for vehicle location. 

Speed up the process of reaching your pickup and drop-off location through this software so that you will be a promising loyal business in your industry. Let us explain its features before jumping into the comparison part of Taxi Dispatch Software and Fleet Management Software.

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Unique Features Of Taxi Dispatch Software To Keep-Up On-Time Service

A report from MarketWatch shows the future opportunities of the global taxi dispatch software in the market. As per the report, the market for this software is projected to reach USD 723 million by 2025 at the compound annual growth rate of 17.5% from 2018 to 2025.

Only a software product which has filled with features can give such a positive growth map. We listed some of its features below.

  • Able To track locations of any of Your vehicles,
  • Customizable and Deployable Easily,
  • Manageable From Multi-Devices And Platforms Like Android and iOS,
  • Centralized Dashboard or Managing Panel To Automate The Dispatch,
  • Big Data Analytical Tools Integrated Within The Interface,
  • User-Friendly Interface, etc.

These properties of an online taxi dispatch system will provide the convenience to book your service, cashless and multiple methods of payment, rating, and review options for your customers. You can achieve faster response time, a strong customer base, complete management of your business in one window through the same. 

Maybe these features and benefits will be familiar to you in case you have already come across the Fleet Management Software. But don’t get confused. Both are crafted to focus on different parts of the taxi booking software. You will get an idea about the major difference between these from the next part.

Major Difference Between Taxi Dispatch Software And Fleet Management Software

As said earlier, SpotnRides has been offering the Taxi Dispatch Software and Fleet Management Software for entrepreneurs on-demand. Through our understanding and practices, we list out some differences between them. 

  1. The small fleet taxi dispatch software or Taxi Dispatch Software will be very useful for the traditional taxi companies who have their own cabs and are struggling to transform into the recent trends. While the Fleet Management Software will be used by the taxi aggregators like Uber and other many logistics companies. 
  2. But both can be uniquely benefited by both software. For instance, Fleet Management Software can give you the details about the vehicle and its maintenance. On the other hand, taxi dispatch software can help you to focus on time management and scheduling trips. 
  3. However, both can access the GPS to do some specified functions other than common functions like tracking, etc. For example, taxi dispatch software can automate the process of booking a taxi by finding the available nearby taxi through GPS. The fleet management software uses GPS to ensure the safety of the vehicle and also the driver along with tracking. 
  4. The fleet management system can help the admin to perform calculations for the total cost of ownership including maintenance, fuel, and other factors of a vehicle. But a small fleet taxi dispatch software can’t help to calculate and manage the physical maintenance of a vehicle. 
  5. A fleet management software came with a taxi booking app for riders, drivers, dispatcher dashboard, and admin panel. The dispatcher dashboard has the features of driver and booking management, surge pricing, and ride status notification. The Taxi Dispatch Software will be provided with individual apps for riders, drivers, and admin. 

In simple words, the Fleet Management Software can cover the overall management process and the Taxi Dispatch Software will focus on the advanced dispatch procedure along with the basic needs of an online taxi booking software.

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The necessity of Taxi Dispatch Software

It seems you got the idea about the major difference between Taxi Dispatch Software and Fleet Management software. But you may be confused about which is good for your business. Let us give some suggestions. 

Both software are offering the functionality to operate an efficient transportation business including taxis. By using Fleet Management Software, you can ensure your fleet management, safety, maintenance, and service to your customers. 

At the same time, Taxi Dispatch Software is also a powerful tool that can automate the dispatch system of your business. It also can schedule trips, allow the customer to choose their drivers themselves, other processes. This software has the power to increase your business value by weed out the difficulties of the dispatching process. 

So, both are necessary to level up your business to be a future-ready transportation business. SpotnRides have the pre-eminent solution to craft this software for your business. We are promising the ultimate support for your business through our product. 


As the last-minute sentence, online taxi dispatch systems and fleet taxi dispatch software differ from each other and have unique features and benefits. We recommend including both software facilities to make your business influential. 

SpotnRides is one of the great taxi booking software and app solution providers worldwide. We are providing the productive Transportation Dispatch Solution and Fleet Management Software to the entrepreneurs like you. Choose the best to do the best for your business.

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