How Is Dispatch Software Helpful for a Business

How Is Dispatch Software Helpful for a Business?

Is your business dealing with a delivery service or providing transportation-related services? Then you’re at the right place as this blog explains why and how dispatching is essential for your business. 

The dispatching process must be streamlined in a proper way using scalable tech solutions. 

Here, we’re going to discuss how to dispatch software can support businesses like taxis, towing, and others. Let’s dive deeper.

What is Dispatch Software?

The word “Dispatch” bears the meaning of sending off something/ somebody to a destination or to perform a task. Dispatch software is a technical solution that automates and organizes the dispatching process. 

Dispatch Software is a common name and can be specifically mentioned with the name of the object/ objective for which the dispatching process was initiated. For instance, if dispatch software allows taxi services to manage their cab dispatching processes, then it is taxi dispatch software.

If it’s personalized for tow truck service providers, then it can be known as Towing Dispatch Software. Now let’s check how this dispatching software works and simplifies the process of taxi dispatching.

Taxi Dispatch System: How it Works?

Usually, in a taxi booking process, the dispatching can be taken in several ways. For instance, 

Traditional Taxi Dispatch: In this method, customers call a taxi dispatch center, and a dispatcher assigns a taxi to pick them up.

Web-based Taxi Dispatching: Similar to traditional taxi dispatching, customers can request a ride through a web-based platform, and a dispatcher assigns a taxi to pick them up.

Nearby Taxi Dispatch Using Mobile Apps: Mobile taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab allow customers to request a ride on their smartphones. When they send a request, all nearby available drivers will be alerted regarding the request and the driver who accepts the trip will automatically be allotted for the trip.

Ride Hailing: In this method, the customers hail a taxi on the street. Simply the driver will stop to pick them up. 

An efficient taxi dispatch software can revolutionize all these dispatching methods. To make it possible, a dispatch software-enabled taxi booking app solution has an admin panel, an app for customers, and an app for drivers. 

The Workflow

In the traditional taxi dispatch and web-based taxi dispatch method, the admin can assign taxis for a particular ride using a taxi dispatch software solution. The admin panel of the software plots a way for it. 

Once the admin assigns a ride for a particular driver, the corresponding driver will be notified through a mobile application. So that the driver can locate the customer’s address to pick them up. 

On other hand, to enable nearby taxi dispatch/ automatic dispatch, the software has a separate flow. Upon request, all nearby available drivers will be notified about the ride request, and the driver who accepts the trip will automatically be assigned to the trip. 

In this same manner, towing dispatch software will work and the only major difference between towing dispatch and taxi dispatch is the vehicle type. 

Other than this main flow, the software also helps the drivers to navigate the pickup and drop-off location, get real-time traffic insights, manage payments with an in-app wallet, and others. 

It is also helpful for business owners to streamline the dispatching processes, monitor the complete workflow, manage user data, and others. 

At the same time, you should note that adopting the dispatch software for the right business needs only can provide these benefits. For instance, there is no use of dispatch software when you’re providing a tutoring service. Let’s check when and where to use the dispatch software.

Where and When to Utilize the Software?

When your business is directly dealing with transportation processes you need dispatch software. It’s not necessarily a taxi business but also any business that operates multiple delivery, pick-ups, and transportation. 

Let’s check some use cases of dispatch software for a variety of businesses. 

  • Parcel Delivery- When you have been running a parcel delivery service, basically you need dispatch software, a delivery route planner, along with other technical support. So that your fleet of delivery persons can reach their destinations quickly and accurately with ease. 
  • Grocery Delivery – By integrating dispatch software with grocery delivery software, the admin can streamline the grocery delivery service easily. 
  • Courier Delivery – Allotting delivery persons in a fraction of a second you can fasten the courier delivery service. This process can be done with a dispatch software solution.
  • Logistics –  In the logistics industry, using dispatch software along with other additional technologies like RFID tags, logistics software, etc you can track the parcels and also monitor the delivery persons to take complete control of them. 

Like these, a single dispatch software solution can leverage a business by integrating with any other software solution.

What’s Next?

From Uplogic Technologies we provide complete software solutions for taxi businesses, and towing businesses with various kinds of software solutions like SpotnRides Uber Clone app script, Uber for Towing App Script, Taxi Dispatch System, and Towing Dispatch Software.

We have multiple products under the banner of SpotnRides that can also cover all types of dispatching, delivering, and booking processes of any business. To know more about our solutions, contact our experts now.

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