Staying lively in the market for a long-time with potential customers is still crucial for the local shop owners. To stay long in the market and get volumetric appointments, addressing the personalization needs of the customers in a smart way is the important criteria. Raising digital platforms such as app-based modules acts as the best […]

The first modern taxi appeared in the streets of London in the 1800s. Then the taxis transformed as an industry and spread to all parts of the world. Some 10 years back this industry was disrupted by a company name Uber. Uber introduced the app-based booking concept. Uber harnessed the potential of smartphones and the […]

At present, we are able to book a taxi, order food, get a person for running errands, handyman for work, tutor for our child, and many more things anytime and anywhere. These works are done using mobile apps with just a tap. This model of using an app for everything was first introduced by Uber […]

In the last 5 years there is an exponential rise in the on-demand startups around the globe and so does the demand for good quality mobile applications. The app for the on-demand business is the one that connects the service provider with the customer/user and so it should be user-friendly, foolproof, simple to use and […]

Businesses are vulnerable to a lot of challenges. On-demand app-based taxi booking business alone is not immune to it. We can see many conventional taxi firms moving towards the on-demand model in the hope of running their business sustainable in the long run. Little do they know that this market is fiercely competitive and being […]

Nowadays it has become increasingly difficult for working parents to take care of their children all the time. That said, children under the age of 10 require special care and attention. In the US alone, 45% of the families have both mother and father working. Even though they allocate a considerable amount of time to […]

There is never-ending craze for startups at present and even more is the interest shown by big investors and VCs to fund startups. More than 70% of startups are on-demand startups. The on-demand model first came through the taxi ride handling firms and slowly it was emulated to other areas. Education, entertainment, healthcare, delivery, home […]

The Uber model has become so popular that entrepreneurs are using it to solve many common problems among the people. Just like app-based food delivery, at home tutoring, home services, and beauty service, why can’t there be one for laundry. I hope it is possible to change the way laundry service works when Uber for […]

Private jets need no introduction. They are used by many individuals and MNCs on a daily basis. Having a private jet is more of a need than a luxury for many companies. They can use private jets for frequent business travel by their employees. By doing this, helps them to retain the employees and lower […]

Start a Dedicated Taxi Service for Kids To have Safe Travel using SpotnRides Uber Clone App Solution

There is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a shuttle service for kids. It is very difficult for working parents nowadays to leave their kids in the schools daily and take them back. Although a lot of other transport services are there,  parents are still wary of their safety and security. The Taxi app […]

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