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Top 3 Unexplored Aggregator Business Ideas And Feasible Solutions That Work Expertly

All entrepreneurs want success in their startups. To achieve that, they need a strong strategic plan for their business. That’s why you should pay more attention, dedicated work to plot a map of your business. 

Nowadays, the aggregator business model is one of the great business models that get success. So, as an entrepreneur with business acumen, you can choose an aggregator service in an unexplored industry or business. 

For instance, you can get an app for tailors, a tattoo designer app, a hairstylist scheduling app, others like these to support service providers in the tailoring, tattoo, hairstyle designing industry. These three industries are filled with many service providers and demands; so you can choose anyone from these.

On this blog, you can get some innovative business ideas based on the aggregator model, especially in the tailoring, tattoo, hairstyle designing industries. 

Go Through The Aggregator Business Model 

The aggregator business is nothing but a network that connects service providers and customers. By establishing this connection, an aggregator can earn money. Usually, the aggregator has an online platform to list the services and empower the customers to demand their needs. 

You can classify the type of aggregator business based on the service they are providing to the customers. As per the aspect, there are many types of aggregators like Handyman Service Aggregators, News Aggregators, Video Aggregators, Shopping Aggregators, which are here.

As a real-time example, you can see some cab-hailing aggregators named Uber, Lyft, etc. So, people are started to use the aggregator service online to get services or products from many on-demand industries. But still, there are a few industries that are very rarely or not listed on the aggregator model.

Before that, you need to know the future opportunities and scope for the aggregate business model.

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Positive Aspects of Aggregator Business, On Which You Can Believe

This kind of business model can provide benefits to the service providers, customers, and also admin. This is the main reason why the business model is so efficient and productive. 

To add more extra benefits, the mobile applications are also joining hands with the aggregator business model. So, features of the application have increased the extra points in the list of benefits of the aggregator business model that is provided below.

  • Door Step Service – Mostly all aggregators have assured the doorstep service or product delivery to the customers. So, many customers have been getting benefits from this business model. So, the demand for customers is always increasing in this model. 
  • Multiple Options To Customers – This business model is very useful and liked by the consumer as they can get many choices to choose a service provider. 
  • Easy To Get a Customer – When many service providers are aggregated as a unit, they can reach more customers than individual businesses. 
  • In-Built Payment Options – The aggregator applications have multiple payment options and currency. So, many service providers can easily get paid by their consumers. 
  • Personalized Service – Through the application of an aggregator, the admin or entrepreneur can monitor and manage all user activities. By using this, the admin can provide personalized service and extra offers to regular consumers. 

Overall, the aggregator business is a one-stop solution that can deliver the demand of customers, help to earn money for the service provides, and monetize your service as an aggregator. Now let’s check the business ideas based on this model for your start-up plan. 

Top 3 Unexplored Aggregator Business Ideas 

The aggregator model has touched a maximum of on-demand business which deals directly with the customers. In this part, we suggest some ideas for your aggregator business.

  1. Aggregate Tailoring Business – You may come across some on-demand laundry businesses in the aggregate model. If that is possible in the model, then it can also be possible in the aggregator model. All you need to launch an application is to invite more service providers. Then the customers who want to stitch their clothes will make the order for the service.

Then the service provider or staff from nearby service providers will go to the customer’s place. Then he/she take the measurements and the clothes from the customers. After the estimated service duration end, the service provider will deliver the final product to the customer. After that, the customer will pay for the service.

  1. Aggregate Hair Designing Business – Most humans need to take care of their hair health. So, you can use this demand for your business idea. You can provide doorstep hair design service through an aggregator mobile application. You can provide basic hair designs like hair cuts, coloring, etc at normal cost at the doorstep of your customers. 

You can also provide elite hair care service by charging more fair from the customers. This also helps many skilled people in hair designing to get customers with your on-demand hairstylist startup

  1. Aggregate Tattoo Service Idea – Most people like tattoos. So, you blaze a trail to new culture named the aggregator tattooing business. Through this business, people can find tattoo artists nearby them and check their work, reviewing their previous customer’s feedback and others. 

So, your customer can get a skilled tattoo artist and the service provider will get recognition for their skill. 

These industries have low competition for the aggregator model. So, you can choose these ideas as your start-up plan. Anyway, you also need an effective tool or solution that can make a practicable way to implement the idea.

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Futuristic Feasible Solution FromTechnical Expert 

All aggregating businesses need an e-commerce platform. Nowadays mobile applications are more preferred to this type of business. But getting an application takes time and more money. You can choose an alternative instead of making the application from scratch.

App clones are the best alternative. Uber application is the most famous and demanded application clone in recent times because of its attractive mobile interface and performance. So, you can also prefer this. But, you have to find the best place to craft the app clone. 

SpotnRides has been providing such solutions to the entrepreneurs like you for their on-demand business. We can create and cater to you the best app clone solution like on-demand hairstylist startups, uber for tailor apps, and online tattoo artist booking app solutions. By using our app clone you can provide seamless service to your customers. This will increase the success rate of your business. 


As the last reminder, if you are looking for business ideas for your new start-p, then you should consider the aggregator model. Especially in tailoring, tattooing, and hair designing. You can be an icon of this industry by choosing the best app developers to get a tech solution for your business in this kind.

We SpotnRides are here to help you by providing ready-to-launch app clone models. This on-demand tailors app or tattoo artist booking app or uber for hairstylists can make a difference between your business and others. You can impress more customers through our app clone solution for your business. Let’s grow with new ideas and innovative tech solutions.


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