Explore the Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Uber for Hair Stylist Startup using SpotnRides App Solution

A consulting firm based in the US estimated that the demand for hairdressers and stylists is going to increase by at least 15 percent. The US and Europe consists of more than half of the hair stylists worldwide. There is a fad for this profession even in conservative regions in Asia and the Middle east.

As of 2019, a typical highly professional hairstylist earns up to $10. So, if you are one of them, then it is possible that you can earn more. With advances in the internet and mobile phones, why don’t you launch your own Uber like hair stylists app?  

No one can deny the popularity of Uber like on-demand businesses. This model is making strides into every service. Unlike others, hair stylists are required in large nos and they serve directly in the customer’s place. So, it is highly practical for you to launch this app marketplace. Another big thing is that you create employment for numerous professionals through your app.    

Is the Uber for Hair Stylist App Feasible?

  • On the finance side, it is not a big deal because launching an on-demand marketplace platform requires very little capital. To be frank, you need to spend mainly on app solutions and marketing only.
  • Many residents who are working in the MNC sector in developed and developing nations have little time to spend in salons. They prefer to have in-house hair stylists. So having an Uber like app is a win-win situation for both the users and service providers.
  • Freelance hairdressers will have more reach and visibility when they list their service online. 
  • You need not be a professional hairdresser to launch this business. You can be a tech entrepreneur and operate this exciting online marketplace.  
  • GlamSquad is a US-based on-demand hair stylist booking startup and it functions in 100+ US cities. It got seed funding quickly because of its uniqueness.

On-demand hair stylist app from SpotnRides

For getting the app solution, you need not think much about it. We have a readymade solution customized for the hair stylist. It is also possible to mold the app to any shape and size. Now, let me give you the interfaces present in our solution.

Customer app(Android/iOS)

  • Hairstylist app
  • Hairstylist web app
  • Admin web app 

The web panel of SpotnRides works fine in all systems. The mobile app is pre-built with all necessary features in both the iOS and Android.

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How does the app work?

  1. The working of this app is pretty much similar to the Uber taxi app. Let me explain it word by word.
  2. The customer downloads the app and registers all the details. Next, he/she search the app for specific hair stylists nearby.
  3. If the user likes any profile, he/she sends a request after entering the time and date.
  4. The hairstylist then get a request in his/her app. There is an option to accept or reject the request.     
  5. After the request is accepted, the customer gets a notification. The hair stylist uses the in app navigation to find the customer.
  6. After the service, the customer can pay in any format i.e. in cash or digital payment.
  7. The admin can oversee all the proceedings from the dashboard.
  8. Finally, both the hair stylist and the customer rates and review the service. This rating can be used to further improve the service.

Features in SpotnRides hair stylist app

Cutting edge search option: In the customer app, the search option is made with a cutting edge algorithm. Quick and location based accurate search results are possible. 

Scheduling made easy: The scheduling option in the customer app is synced with the calendar. Any scheduled booking will be notified well before the date. The hairstylist will also get the booking request in advance.

Real-time updates in the admin panel: When the hair stylist reaches the customer, the admin panel gets notified as “hair stylist reached”. When the service starts, admin gets notified as “ service started”. Similar to this, real-time updates are visible under this order in the admin panel.

Instant invoice generation: After the service is over, the service provider and user gets a digital invoice. The digital invoice contains all the details regarding the service.

Promo code & referral: This feature can be controlled from the admin panel. It helps to promote and market the app.

Each interface of the hair stylist app contains numerous features. You can recommend us new and interesting features which can be applied to the app using our experienced team.

What stops you from launching a Uber for hair stylist using our SpotnRides solution?      

There is no better time than now to launch this interesting hair stylist startup. Ping us immediately to get exciting offers on the app solution. Within a few days of purchase, you can launch your own online marketplace startup.

SpotnRides delivered on-demand hair stylist app solutions in more than 15+ countries and are continuously working to make the app impactful for its users and operator.

Connect us on [email protected] and get all the details regarding our app. Any other services similar to hair stylists can be applied to this solution.

The admin panel in our app is a comprehensive build embedded with analytics and finance tools to compute daily bookings and commissions.


What will be the type of app development we undertake?

We are equipped to build apps in both Hybrid and Native area.

What is the total cost of development?

The basic app script comes at a fixed cost. Feature addition and customization costs extra.

Who can get this app?

If you are an existing hair stylist and want to go online, then you can enter this startup business. Individual entrepreneurs can use this app as a marketplace platform.

Can we customize the app?

Yes, since the complete source code is given to you after purchase you can modify the solution independent of others.

Do we get any support from you after deployment?

We have an awesome technical assistance package for all clients. The cost of it is free for some time and after that, we charge a nominal fee.

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