Launch On-Demand Tattoo Artist Booking Platform For An Individual Artist With SpotnRides App Solution To Gain The Business Revenue

When the on-demand based application service started to transform the business industry, it didn’t leave the beauty industry behind. Yes, owning an on-demand platform for beauty platforms let the retailer earn more than before. These platforms offer worthy offers and discounts to the customers and bring the customers back.

What if you’re allowed to get to the customer’s doorstep to earn their relationship? Yes, one such solution is the tattoo artist booking application. You’re able to connect all the artists and start earning commissions on each booking. This blog is all about the tattoo artist booking service startup and how software benefits it.

What Makes The Online Tatoo Artist Booking App Solution Valuable?

People’s preferences used to change from season to season. Like that, now the on-demand application has brought the new revolution to all the businesses out there. Shoppers prefer on-demand application service for the doorstep solution.

Tattoo artist service is one among them. Yes, people feel bored to go and get tattoos so they are preferring tattoo artist booking services. This let the tattoo artist to directly reach the customer’s doorstep to do a tattoo. The employment of the tattoo artist was 8% on average; this growth is faster than normal growth.

This shows the demand and people’s interest in the tattooing service. Every tattoo artist has their own establishing style. Not all the artists are the same people; preference changes according to their demand. Either they can book a low budget artist and get excellent service or high paid artists and use it to get poor service.

For many of the youngsters, tattoos are the fashion statement of their life but still for few it is an expensive service. You as an entrepreneur can break that chain by letting the customers know about the tattoo service in your region with the help of an application. Yes, you can easily gain the revenue in the tattoo artist booking business with SpotnRides solution.

SpotnRides complete package of on-demand tattoo artist booking application solution

In a competitive business environment, we will often get failed to meet our customer’s expectations. This happens due to the constant change in customer’s behavior and needs. In this situation, you’re in a need to reach your customers to gain your business revenue. Here, comes the need for an application to make your business task easier.

A well-developed application saves your time as well as let you grow your business across seas. You can boost your service by making your business brand visibility all over the region this can be done by an application. Your application should define your business service in SpotnRides you will be getting one such solution. 

SpotnRides is software-based application software that has been pre-developed with the latest tools. So that you can quickly start your service by joining your hands with us. Other than that, we have also an experienced team of developers who are ready to give technical support to any cause.

By getting adapted with our software, you will be getting three interfaces that have been developed on both platforms. So that you can gather the revenue from the two different platform customers easily. The interfaces are namely Tattoo artist (iOS and Android), Customer (iOS and Android), and Centralized admin panel. 

I have listed the workflow of your online tattoo artist booking app solution as steps as follows

  • Step-1 The customer who is in need of a tattoo artist service can download your application from their respective application stores. Once they download it, they have to register their details with the application to continue with your service. The registration process was made simple with the help of social media integration.
  • Step-2 After the registration process, the customer is allowed to check the nearby tattoo artist. The customer can allow the app permission to access their location to show better results. It gives the exact results by showing the nearby artist who is free to accept the customer’s service request. The customer can check and send a request.
  • Step-3 Once the request is accepted by the artist, it will intimate the customer immediately. Both the players are allowed to check their location and track the service time. Yes, the artist can check the customer’s location and the customer can track the artist’s process. The artist can reach the customer’s destination soon with the help of the navigation system.
  • Step-4 Once the artist reaches and finishes the tattoo service, the customer is allowed to rate the service as well as review their service on their wall. This helps the other customers to check the review before choosing their service. You as an admin are able to track and monitor all the processes in a single dashboard.

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How SpotnRides key features let your customers find and book the artist at a glance

  • Social media registration – As I mentioned before, to make the customer’s registration process quick and simple, we have integrated this feature. This also brings visibility to your service, once the customer books a service they can share it with their friends and family members.
  • Real-time GPS tracking – To reach the customer’s expectations, this feature has been developed. It helps the artist to track the customer’s location and the customer can track the artist in real-time. Therefore they don’t have to wait at the doorstep for the artist, this will give the exact estimated time for the customers about the artist’s arrival.
  • Centralized dashboard – To make the admin work easier, we have made the admin web panel as centralized. So that the admin is allowed to check everything from this one single dashboard from the log-in process to the rate and review of a customer. The admin also gave the authority to remove a service provider if their work is not satisfied.
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language options – We SpotnRides has broken the barrier of the language and payment system in your tattoo artist booking app. Now your customers can choose their preferred language as well as the payment method from the listed. This gives them full convenience.
  • Service Review – To bring the transparency in your application based service we have developed this feature. This lets the customer rate and review the particular service provider (artist) after their service is finished. This also lets customers know the top-rated tattoo artists.
  • Instant book – To make the booking process simple without any further delay, we have developed and designed this feature. This feature brings instant bookings to the customers so that without any time waste the customer can book an artist with this feature. Just a tap is enough to book the artist.
  • Trainer scheduled booking – If the customer wants to plan their day, then they can schedule their booking with this feature. This feature helps the customer to book the artist’s service with date and time. This feature gives more convenience to the customer to book the service as per their needs.

Bottom line

As you can see, how our application makes the customer’s booking and brings a solution for the young tattoo artist. You as an entrepreneur can bring one such solution to your region and gain the profit. If you’re interested in one such business model, then please fill the below form with your demands or contact us at  [email protected] so that we can catch you with the right solution.

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