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How Does Mytaxi App Clone Differ From Uber Clone In Captivating Your Customer Base?

As a participant in the taxi business, you should know about the app clone and its significance in your industry. Such application clones or app clones are nothing but applications that are developed legally as a copy of another successful application in the market.

If you are aware of them, then you should choose the best taxi app to clone for your business. You can consider the Mytaxi clone script for your taxi business. This will perfectly fit your startup and deliver extra features to improve your business standard.

Go through this blog to get complete details about the Mytaxi app and its clone app benefits and uniqueness to captivate your customers. 

What is Mytaxi App?

Mytaxi Application is a cab-hailing app that helps customers to book a taxi online anywhere anytime. This taxi business has a major customer base in the European region, especially in the UK. Recently the taxi business has been adjoined with the and known as “Free Now”. 

Now, Mytaxi App is available in ten European countries with the name FREE NOW. This application allows its customers to find, book, pay in-app and review their trip in minutes. This business promise, within five to ten minutes, the cabs are dispatched once the customer books a cab. 

The cab drivers can also work in their flexible time by using this app. Through this application, the customers can avail of e-scooter, e-moped, e-bike, and car-sharing facilities. To understand Mytaxi App better you can check its business model in the next passage.

Look Over The Business Model of Mytaxi

The working process of this business is simple and effective. You can start to analyze the business model of Mytaxi from its customer segment. 

  1. Customer Segment – The application-based taxi business has a specific customer base. The people who didn’t have any vehicles need a temporary cab service, avoid driving are the primary customers. Tourists also are valued customers of this business.
  2. Key Resources- Drivers, Other Working Force, e-bikes, e-scooter, e-moped, Marketing and Promotions, Digital Mobile platforms are the major key sources that can compromise the customer base.
  3. Key Activities and Customer Relationship – Maintaining mobile applications, increasing drivers and customers, marking and promotions, giving customer support, maintaining currency flow, and planning to expand business are the major activities of this business.
  4. Channels and Value Proposition – Mytaxi has been using social media, digital ads, media coverage, and other channels to reach its potential customers. It delivers taxi service within minutes, deals, offers, a cost-effective service experience, and others to its consumer’s values. 

At the same time. Their service providers will get the benefits of notification at the time of ride, the easy signup process, etc.

  1. Key Partners-  Drivers, Investors, App Developers, and Maintainers including Outsourcing services are the main key partners in the Mytaxi app business model. 

All these are the primary elements of the Mytaxi taxi business. It seems like other taxi business models like Uber, Lyft, and others. But it has some uniqueness like a rental e-bike, rental e-scooters, and Black Cab facilities. 

Black Cab is a traditional taxi in the UK. So, this black cab service has been attracting more customers, especially tourists. In simple words, the Mytaxi application has diversified services in one application meanwhile other taxi apps focus on cabs and related services. 

This will be the main reason to choose the Mytaxi app clone for your taxi business. Another strong reason will be the different UI. Many people are using Uber clones for their taxi businesses. 

So, most of the customers are bored with the well-known UI. You can make this an advantage for your cab booking application by providing a different UI from the Uber-like app. In this manner, you can drive more people toward your business by choosing a ready-made Mytaxi like app.

Let’s know about the revenue process of the Mytaxi app before talking about the taxi app clone.

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Trace The Revenue Source of Mytaxi Through Its Revenue Model

Usually, aggregator like Mytaxi has been raising their revenue by charging a commission on every transaction made at the end of a ride. Along with this, Mytaxi has been getting revenue from the promotion of other party products and peak time rides. Let’s check it in detail.

The revenue model of a business compromise two parts. They are; the cost to the firm and revenue generated by the firm. 

As we mentioned before, the firm has been generating revenue from commissions of around 20% to 30% on the fair of a ride. The remaining part will be given to the drivers. The Mytaxi charges additionally or surges the price per hour or km during peak hours. The taxi firm makes more money by promoting other third-party products and services through their application, or banners. 

In the expenditure part, the taxi-hailing business has been spending money on legal charges, salaries for its employees, marketing, and expanding its business. This is the income and expenditure model of the Mytaxi business. 

Mytaxi app has been generating more revenue through its on-demand taxi service, since its inspection. But, this application clone can boost your business? Let’s find it.

Why Do You Need MyTaxi Clone for Your Cab Hailing Business?

Mytaxi app is one of the successful cab-hailing applications worldwide. So, by using the app clone of the Mytaxi application, you can also maximize the success rate in the market. 

In Europe, the application has been adopted by many people. So, there is a bright possibility that people in various geo-locations to adopt this application’s interface. 

This application can support your raid-hailing business by providing the following features.

  • Easy Navigation and Route Planning System,
  • User-Friendly Interface To Ease Booking Process,
  • Real-Time Tracing Facility,
  • Multipayment System,
  • Review and Rating Pannel, etc.

Along with these, the app can support the renting of e-bikes and e-scooters. By using this feature, you can customize your taxi business application which can support various products. For instance, you can manage and provide cab booking and bike taxi booking facilities in a single window with some customization. 

As per the recent data regards the Ride Sharing market, it is expected to forecast to reach USD 73,500 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 20.5%.  So, your taxi business has a high possibility of success with the right tech solution.

How SpotnRides Will Be The Right Choice To Get Your Mytaxi Clone?

From the above sessions, you may get an idea about the benefits of the Mytaxi clone script. But, you have to choose the best Mytaxi clone app developers or developing agency. 

SpotnRides is one of the leading tech solutions firms which are providing perfect app solutions relevant to the current trend of the market. With our team of experts, we can make the best Mytaxi clone app script for your taxi business. 

Through which you can provide on-time taxi pickup and dropping service through the attractive application. If you are looking for an integrated app solution for both cab and bike taxis or other rented vehicle services, you can prefer an App like Mytaxi from SpotnRides.  

This application includes the following features that make your on-demand taxi booking service fulfilled.  

  • Easy Registration and Onboarding Process,
  • Pre Schedule A Trip,
  • Live Tracking Facility,
  • Estimate The Ride Fair Before Booking,
  • SOS Option for Safty Purposes,
  • Bill and Ride History,
  • Multiple Payment Options, etc

So, choosing us to craft your app clone will be profitable for your business in all aspects. We can make such a clone application in a very short period with high-end performance. 

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Closing Words

As a last reminder, your taxi business needs the best Mytaxi clone app script, to make your business unique in the market. Such top-rated Mytaxi Script can be created only by the best taxi app script solution providers like SpotnRides.

We have experience in making clone app solutions for many businesses like yours. So, make your cab booking Mytaxi clone app with us to captivate your customers.

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