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How does Customized Tattoo Studio Management Software Differ from Free Software?

The demand for tattoo artists is increasing gradually around the world. In the US alone, the market size of the business in 2022 has been calculated as 1.4 billion. Almost all the participants in the industry are continuously looking for an effective way to upgrade their tattoo studios. 

If you are one of them, then you are at the right place. Most entrepreneurs like you who have a tattoo studio are searching for free tattoo studio management software. Only a few tattoo studio owners know the disadvantages of choosing such a free solution to manage a business. 

Whether you are wishing to streamline your tattoo business digitally and efficiently, then a customized tattoo studio management software can help you. Here, through this blog, you can check reasonable points for why such software is better than free software and ways to avail of the software. 

Free Tattoo Studio Management Software: What Does It Contain?

The word “Free” is a hypnotizing marketing spell of all time. In some cases, it helps a brand to spread its awareness among potential customers. But the same spell helps scammers to phish with malware and other hazardous tools. So, all are advised to ensure your safety while approaching freeware. 

If it’s a marketing strategy of a brand, it may be safe. But, such freeware may be crafted for phishing also. Using such harmful software may steal all your business data, passwords, bank details, and even fiat or digital money also. In case, it is a tool for the selling strategy of a brand it may have a low possibility of risk. 

But can such a free tattoo studio management software help you to manage your business? Probably not. As such free software only contains very few features like the following 

  • Staff Availability Checking Feature, 
  • Service and Price Listing Facility,  
  • Search Tools for the customer interface,
  • A dashboard for managing all these features, etc. 

These are not enough to manage your tattoo studio business. Some SaaS product companies are providing free tattoo studio management software as a part of their freemium pricing strategy. So, to unlock all the features, you need to pay the subscription amount to the firm. However, you need to spend money to avail yourself of quality software. But what is mentioned by quality software? 

Essential Features for Tattoo Studio Management Software

Tattoo is not just a small business that deals with ink and the needle. It has many types, variants, and classifications, like cosmetic tattoo services, medical tattoo services, and natural tattoo services. Along with this, by the utility of the service, it can be classified as corneal tattoo service, mouth tattoo service, skin tattoo services, etc. 

Simply, the software should have the potential to list and convert customers for these kinds of services. To do that, it must be filled with eminent features like the following. 

For Customers:

  • Powerful searching tool likes to search, sort, fitter, and select options, 
  • Appointment scheduling and online booking facility,
  • Service progress tracking facility,
  • Request for door-step services,
  • Online payment facility with multiple options,
  • Online review and rating, etc. 

For Tattoo Artists: 

  • Options to accept or reject customers’ requests for appointments,
  • Profile creation and management,
  • Lists of designs along with price,
  • Endless listing for services or designs,
  • Facility to manage the availability/ attendance of the tattoo artists in a studio.
  • In-built communication tools, etc.

For Admin Panel:

  • In-depth analytics report,
  • User-data management tools,
  • Content management,
  • In-app marketing campaign management,
  • Revenue streamline management, 
  • Commission rate management, etc. 

These are the essential features that are necessary to manage your tattoo studio business. The software must have these features. So, if you are choosing software to manage your tattoo studio then, you should ensure that the mentioned above features are included with the software. 

But, why should you take much effort and invest your money to avail tattoo management software? Let’s know its importance. 

Why Do You Need Customized Tattoo Studio Management Software?

A personalized software solution with customized features is necessary for your tattoo studio to extend its limitations to reach and convert more customers. Along with this, the software can provide you with the following benefit

  • Automate Front-desk Management –  The software can streamline the front desk work like getting appointments and providing staff availability details, service lists, price lists, and others. 
  • Effective Marketing Process – As the software has a customer application, you can connect with your customers directly. Through the application, you can do marketing processes like referral programs, loyalty programs, etc. 
  • It Creates Measurable KPI for Your Business –The software can provide a detailed report of the analysis using data and their behavior like click-through rate, bouncing rate, conversion rate, and others. So, you can measure your business growth with this data by processing them as KPIs. 
  • Effective Retargeting – To reduce the customer churn rate, you can follow the strategy of retargeting. It is possible when you choose effective software. So, the conversion rate will be high for your business. 
  • Expand Income Range – By having custom tattoo studio management software, you can also increase the income range for your studio. For example, you can include a subscription revenue model, freemium model, or premium model with your online tattoo studio. 
  • Staff and Business Management –  Through the software, you can manage and organize your business processes and also the staff. It includes commission rate, pricing, staff list, and others.  

Without the software, you have to hire and place a talented staff to manage all these things. It costs you a lot in a recurring manner. On the other hand, the software can reduce expenditure and also increase the revenue range of your tattoo studio. That’s why it’s a necessary one. 

Only if the software can be customizable, you can include tailored features to get a compatible solution for your tattoo business. Get a glimpse at the development process. 

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How to Get a Unique Tattoo Studio Management Software?

Developing a unique tattoo studio management software will cost you a lot and it requires more time to develop. Instead of that, you can choose a ready-made solution. That’s nothing but a pre-developed software solution. 

By customizing it, you can get unique software for your tattoo studio. It can reduce the long wait for the development process and its cost. 

From SpotnRides you can get your tattoo studio management software by customizing its salon management software. As the software has the three basic elements that are needed for a tattoo studio management software. 

  • Customer App – It has all the necessary and advanced features to engage the customers of your tattoo studio. 
  • Tattoo Artist App – This application can help your staff to manage their online appointment and schedules. 
  • Admin Panel –  You can take the upper hand in your online tattoo business with multiple tools and features. 

As these components are included with the SpotnRides salon management software, you can choose it and customize it for your tattoo studio business to avail yourself of productive software. 

As we are providing multiple ready-to-use solutions for multiple kinds of businesses. So, you can expect a high-end software solution from us. 

Closing Words

How does Customized Tattoo Studio Management Software Differ from Free Software?

Despite choosing a free software solution to manage the tattoo business is a favorite for many entrepreneurs, it only has only a few features. With such features, managing a business is impossible. At the same time, there is also a chance of getting attacked by any third party or scammers. 

To avoid such risks, you can choose to develop custom software or customized tattoo studio management software. 

From SpotnRides, you can get such a customized solution in no time. Like salon management software, the tattoo business software solution from SpotnRides can help your business in multiple ways. 

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