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Employee Transportation Software: Manage Employee Travel in a Hybrid Workplace

After the lockdown due to the pandemic, many MNCs and startups are following a hybrid working model. The main purpose of this working model is to help the employees to balance their work-life cycle. But to execute this model, the employer needs to optimize other related things like the ‘Employee Transportation Facility’.

In a normal model, this facility picks up and drops all the staff. But in the hybrid model, managing the work transportation services contains many challenges. 

These can be reduced with the help of employee transportation management software. It is another application of fleet management and dispatching software. In this blog, you can check the features, benefits, advantages, and other data on the employee transportation dispatch software.

Why Managing Employee Transportation in a Hybrid Workplace is Challenging?

The hybrid model is the combination of the remote working model and the in-person working model. That means the employees have the flexibility on the working hours and premises. So, they can opt for their working location and timing. Each corporation has been following unique rules and regulations on this model. 

For instance, some firms are providing the minimum hours that should be spent in-person working model for its employees. Some others allow them to get remote work on certain days as per schedule. 

Whatever it is, this model has been received with open arms by most employees. But the main challenge of this model is employee transport management. The admin of the employee transportation services should optimize their work frequently and may be daily to pick up and drop off the employees. 

This is because the number and the order of the employees who come to the office are changing daily or frequently. So, the admin of transportation demand management needs to optimize the transport depending on the daily availability of staff.

What is Employee Transportation Software?

Employee transportation management software is a kind of fleet management software that allows the admin and entrepreneur of a firm to manage their employee transportation. It will help the startups, admins of companies of any size, and the third-party transport service providers for employees. 

The software will connect the drivers, employees, and admin. Through the integration of the employee application, the employee can choose the timing, schedule the ride, check the real-time location of their cab, request emergency trips, and others. 

The software connects the drivers with this network by integrating the driver app. Through this, they can get the pickup and drop details, navigation, map route for each destination, and others. The notification facility of this app will intimate the drivers about unplanned emergency trips. They can also track their earnings and distance traveled. 

Admin has an effective dispatcher dashboard and the admin panel. Through this, they can optimize the route that connects more pick-up or drop-off points.  Along with this, through this panel, the admin can support the users anytime.

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How to Manage Employee Transportation Effectively?

Planning and dispatching are the two primary processes that can streamline employee transportation services. Other than this, fuel management, route optimization, backup service in case of any failures, and ensuring safety are other things that help the admin of the transportation demand management. 

  1. Fleet Management System – It is a common software that can be used to manage numerous fleets of a business. The employee transport management software is the next phase personalized IT solution to manage the transportation services for the workplace. It includes vehicle tracking, accident tracking, and other facilities. So, it can ensure the safety of the driver and the passenger (employee).
  1. Communication Facility – By using the in-app communication facilities like chat, message, and phone, the driver, admin, and the employees can interact with each of them. So, that the scheduling and the unplanned trips can be streamlined. 
  2. Enhance Fleet Utilization – Fleet utilization is nothing but a technical tool to utilize the maximum capability of the fleet and reduce fuel consumption. It starts by scaling the KPI of a vehicle and the driver. By onboarding, the best driver and the vehicles in your fleet, the possibility of engine failures and driver faults can be reduced. The tech solution can suggest the best routes to reduce fuel consumption and time.
  3. Managing Schedule – The software helps the admin to schedule the pick-up and drop-off timing and schedule. Along with this, they can categorize the employee transport services concerning area covered, grade of employees to travel, schedule, or any others. This facility also helps the admins to optimize the dispatching process.

The employee transportation management software will help the admin to manage the fleets effectively with these facilities even in the hybrid model. 

Meet Expectations of Employees on Their Transportation

As we have said above, the main purpose of the hybrid working model is to help the employees to balance their work-life cycle. But a small fault in the transportation system will make the day of the employee worse and reduce the employee satisfaction. So, you should choose the best employee transportation management software from a reliable source. 

SpotnRides has been providing such operative software to streamline your work transportation services. It has the following features. 

  • Real-time Tracking Facility
  • Emergency Pick-up or Drop-off Requests, 
  • Trip and Payment History,
  • Roster Management, 
  • Route Planning and Dispatch Management,
  • Fleet and Driver Panel Management and 
  • Detailed Report and Analytics. 

With these features of Transportation Scheduling Software, you can fulfill the expectations of your employees regarding transportation. All you need to do is that choose the best app development company to build your custom Employee Transportation Management Software.

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To Sum Up

Handling the employee transportation service is a big deal that needs proper planning and execution. Especially in the hybrid model, scheduling the work transportation services and optimizing them to reduce the consumption of fuel and maintenance costs are being the challenges. 

By availing of the best employee transport management system from SpotnRides, you can easily nullify the difficulties in employee transport management.

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