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How to Make Your On-demand Taxi Company a Strong Contender in the Ride-hailing Market?

For more than a decade, the taxi booking app has been making its mark in the on-demand market. It has allowed customers to connect with drivers directly and subsequently win over many fans with their efficient service. The digital presence nearly brought down several traditional taxi businesses, and drivers turned to the app as it helped them to improve their business.

As a competitor within your industry, it’s very important to always be willing to go above and beyond the norm. In order to do this, you could make an app for your taxi business that is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional to increase your brand’s popularity amongst your growing range of customers. 

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of developing a taxi booking app like Uber with exponential features designed to support your business and we think that’s something worth intending about today. 

How Does an Uber-like Taxi Booking App Perform as an Ideal Aggregator in the Market? 

As a business owner, you’ll have spent a great deal of time agonizing over the ‘business model’ of your idea. What does this mean? In short, your business model is the blueprint for leading your business.

Because your business model is essentially the approach you take towards gaining revenue. Hence. it’s worth taking some time to consider how you can tailor it to match what makes sense for your particular niche or market. 

An ideal aggregator, in simple words, means delivering the services or products to the end-users quickly, accurately, and reliably. And since taxi booking apps are accessible on smartphones, it has become easier and more convenient for these apps to serve their users.

The Uber-like taxi booking app has made it possible for people to book a taxi ride without having to wait for long hours. Another advantage of this application is that these apps provide pricing details upfront. This helps people to plan their trips with no hassle. 

Therefore, the Uber-like taxi booking app earns quite high by earning its commissions from users for booking their rides through the app. Hence, entrepreneurs consider apps like Uber taxi booking the best aggregator model because of this reason.

Let’s examine how SpotnRides creates a taxi booking app that makes your brand competitive in the market.

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How SpotnRides Taxi Booking App Will Be a Strong Contender in the Market? 

At SpotnRides, we’re all about creating Taxi booking apps that are tailor-made to your needs. We give our heart and soul to craft impeccable taxi booking app solutions — so you can focus on improving your business. Whether you need powerful functionality, a branded UX and UI, or simply white-labeling, we’ve got you covered. 

SpotnRides pre-built Uber-like taxi booking app helps you easily manage your taxi business effectively. Since the app is a white-label solution, you can customize it to any level that works with your business’ brand.

Let’s see the appealing features that come up with your business app from SpotnRides. 

Know the Astonishing Features Crafted in Our On-demand Taxi App Development 

The on-demand taxi app development industry has seen a lot of changes in recent years. A team of expert developers that know how to create apps that are user-friendly and reliable does the taxi app development services in SpotnRides. So businesses of any size can achieve their goal effortlessly with our custom-made Uber-like taxi booking app. 

Our sturdy Uber like taxi app will include the staggering features:

1) Booking a Ride:

Our taxi booking app allows users to step into their selected ride without delay. As the user books their vehicle, they can input the desired ride details, such as pickup and drop-off locations, or input the details manually by allowing their location to be detected automatically. The app also presents several vehicle options for chosen rides so that there’s always something convenient.  

2) Finding Driver

Our app provides a matchmaking service between drivers and riders. The app algorithm matches drivers who are near a user’s requested location. Hence, the user’s ride request will be sent to the proximity drivers. Depending on the driver’s work status, he can accept or reject the request. Users will ‌see the details of the ride instantly if the driver accepts the ride request.

3) Fare Calculator

The fare calculator estimates the fare based on a few factors, such as distance between source and destination, surge price (if applicable), weather & traffic condition, base fare, and minimum fare.

4) Payment Option 

With cashless transactions becoming the norm and security concerns behind-the-scenes minimized, we’ve made it easy to pay with several payment methods. These include debit cards, credit cards, and net banking payments. Users can even pay using their mobile wallet if they prefer. It’s all up to the users at the end of the trip.

5) Push Notifications 

Instant notifications are a key component of an app. It helps engage users and keeps them up-to-date about the latest service offerings. With these notifications, customers will know the instant their ride is ready to be picked up or if there are any changes to their plans. Hence, push notifications have proven to enrich customer retention rates.

6) Real-time Tracking 

With the ability to track a driver’s location in real-time, users can be certain their driver is heading directly to them. And with the ability to contact a driver, the user can get in touch with the service if they need anything before or during the ride.

On a Concluding Note,

Launching a business in any industry can be a challenge. Launching a taxi booking platform presents its own unique challenges. Why deal with this all on your own? Let SpotnRides help you create the perfect taxi booking app to meet your branding needs and get started. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about how we’ve helped our clients in the taxi booking industry boost sales, start new businesses, and gain access to new markets.

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