Tagon demand taxi hailing startup

8 Must Have New Safety Features in Your On-Demand Taxi Hailing Startup App


If you are running a taxi hailing startup using a taxi booking app, then one great thing about the app is that it can be modified and new tech advancements, features can be added any time. This advantage can be used effectively in times of a serious need for your firm. For example, safety is increasingly becoming a concern in on-demand taxis and at this point, it is practical to add promising...

Practical Way to Double the Income of Your On-Demand Taxi Hailing Startup using Customer Segmentation


Taxi hailing startup market is the only area which gets most of the funding among on-demand startups. Not to mention the intense competition ranging from top giants to small and regional level startups. So, to those who are running the taxi startup, it is full of challenges day in and day out. There are many tips and hacks to do well in this business but all of them are very common and it may not...