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Why To? How To? Where To? Cost To? Time To? Build an App like Uber for Your Taxi Business

Build an App like Uber for Your Taxi Business

Questions! Questions! Questions! Yes, we know. We can hear the startup, entrepreneurs, small business owners, existing taxi business owners mind voice on upgrading or launching their taxi business while looking for suitable solutions to shine in this competitive taxi hailing industry. Starting from why to start the taxi app business to the cost required to make a taxi app, We have covered...

How GPS Helps All the Stakeholders of a Taxi App Company?


The only business model that has utilized the technology to the fullest is the on-demand business model. The crux of this business model itself is based on mobile apps. The GPS function is another important advancement that is being used in businesses involving this model. Let me explain how GPS functions in a taxi booking business which uses the on-demand model. Everyone knows that in this taxi...

Things to Do to Start an On-Demand Taxi Company Apart from Developing an App

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Taxi industry overview The app-based taxi industry is no. one in the on-demand market among other services. The app-based taxi service has now moved to other areas like limousine service, airport shuttle, pet taxi, just to name a few. The growth and penetration of smartphones and the internet have propelled the taxi business to new heights. Industry giant Uber operates millions of cars and none...