8 Must Have New Safety Features in Your On-Demand Taxi Hailing Startup App

If you are running a taxi hailing startup using a taxi booking app, then one great thing about the app is that it can be modified and new tech advancements, features can be added any time. This advantage can be used effectively in times of a serious need for your firm. For example, safety is increasingly becoming a concern in on-demand taxis and at this point, it is practical to add promising safety features into the app that may mitigate the safety concern to some extent. 

What are the Features must have in your Taxi Booking App?

Now, I will explain some must have safety features in your taxi app one by one. Some of these features are not even available in some big taxi startups. So, implementing these features will make you stand out from the rest and also help you to make a mark in the taxi market. 

Phone anonymization

If the user is going to book a cab in the taxi booking app and decides to not show the phone number to the cab driver, then it can be made possible using the phone anonymization feature in the taxi app. This feature is very much useful for women as there are many cases of drivers messaging or misusing the riders mobile no. You can add this feature to promote safety and earn credibility from women riders.

Driver alert for speeding

All the taxis have a speed limit prescribed by the respective city administration. But still, many breach this rule and drive the taxi fast which puts the life of the riders and pedestrians in jeopardy. To report speeding drivers, a feature is present in the customer app which sends warning to the admin. 

Rider and driver contact in emergency

In every taxi ride, the cab starts from one place and travel towards the destination. In between the ride, if the taxi is found not moving for more than a specific time, a notification is sent to the driver and rider to know everything is okay. This feature is called rider and driver contact and it is sent by the admin. The time threshold of non-movement of the taxi to send a notification is defined by the admin.

In-app emergency button

If the cab is stranded due to an emergency in an unknown place, then the driver or the rider need not call anyone to alert them and avoid the problem of giving the exact location. Instead, they can use the in-app emergency button to send alerts and the exact location is already present in the app. This feature must be in the taxi booking app if your startup is functioning even in semi-urban areas.

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Cab no. check remainder

When the user booked a cab and a taxi is approaching the location, the vehicle plate no. will be displayed on the user app screen. But, in some rare cases, different cab may be coming to you. This is something serious and to avoid this, a reminder will be sent to the rider to check the taxi no. before getting inside it.

Strict driver background check

Normally, drivers are attached to the taxi company after multiple background checks. Still, some unscrupulous drivers hide their credentials and become cab drivers. Many cases of rider abuse and assault have happened even in top taxi startups because of this. To eliminate this problem you can employ third-party firms to do strict background checks for the driver.

Also, the credentials of cab drivers must also be displayed in the customer app.

Request for woman driver

This is an exclusive feature for women riders. To safeguard their privacy and give more protection, request for women driver feature can be added to the app. This feature can only be accessed by women riders and also it is subject to the availability of woman driver. To encourage this, you can come forward to add more women drivers to your taxi startup.

Contacts receive updates

This is a share feature in which the rider can add any five contacts to the app and during every ride, the rider can send updates like location, driver credential, plate no, destination, etc to the contacts. This is to ensure more safety. If the taxi is not following the prescribed route, the contacts can immediately get alert.

Enough said about the must have safety features. I hope now you have some idea about the features and if you are using pre built taxi app solution, then quickly contact your solution provider to add these features.

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