How to Achieve Success in the Highly Competitive Taxi Hailing Business using SpotnRides?

You are already running the highly successful on-demand taxi booking app startup. Irrespective of the place of operation, you are poised to make great strides in this sector because of the less-ownership model.

In spite of everything, your taxi startup may suffer from inefficiencies and an inability to adopt new changes and move forward.

To flourish in this highly competitive sector, we at SpotnRides recommend you some points to follow. SpotnRides is a top-notch taxi booking app solution. We are in constant touch with many leading taxi companies and get valuable inputs from them regarding the on-demand taxi sector.

How SpotnRides Taxi Hailing App Helps you to Stand Over Then Competition?

Knowing what and when to do   

First, try to find where you are competing with. This allows you to find what makes your peer different from you. Find their customer engagement model and strategies. You simply need not follow them blindly, instead re-engineer them and reinvent for your business model.

For example, Uber and Lyft are the top taxi-hailing firms. Although they look similar, deep inside they use different strategies. Who can provide better insight than your competitor? More important of all is to know when to apply the insights. Not all strategy works all the time. So wait for it.

Addressing the pain points of customers

There are many users frustrated about Uber. What you need to do is to find the pain points of your users. The admin web panel of your taxi app will definitely have data analytics tools. These tools can be used to find preferences, usage patterns, app downloads, bounce rate, etc. This valuable information can be used to make informed decisions, create working strategies, and streamline operations.

There is no better tool than the admin panel analytics to find the customer pain points.

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Having a better mechanism to get good drivers   

Driving skills and behavioral traits of drivers influence the temperament of the rider. Even Lyft and Grab faced issues of hiring bad drivers. The consequence is reflected in the review and ratings which will take a toll on the reliability of your taxi startup.

So have a mechanism to find qualified skilled drivers. The driver app solution itself can be used to accomplish it. Not anyone with a car can sign up as a driver. All the necessary documents along with mandatory approval from the concerned department must be uploaded for approval.

Nowadays there are AR-based tools to rightly match drivers with desired skills and also to impart them with new skills.

Avoid rigid taxi fare structure

Your customer taxi app should have a flexible algorithm to estimate the fare for each trip. It is not advisable to add a surge pricing mechanism during the initial stage where your focus is to acquire customers.

The admin should be able to change the fares independently, reacting to the response of the existing fare from riders.

Better app with perfect infrastructure

Now let us come to the technical side. Are you sure that the taxi app solution is well built? I am asking about its performance, framework architecture, look & feel, and user experience. All these factors can be traced easily by just using the rider and driver feedback. Another way to trace it is by sending bot-generated messages in the in-app chat.      

In case you have doubts about the app solution, partner with an experienced taxi app. As already mentioned, SpotnRides is a maker of on-demand taxi apps. We do all kinds of customizations and feature addition.

The performance of the app can also be improved with our improved app frameworks. 

A robust booking app is what you need and that itself can make you highly competitive.

Innovate consistently

On-demand is all about innovation. If you fail to evolve along with the on-demand sector, you will meet the dead end sooner than later. It is not necessary that innovation must be technical. You can bring subtle changes like asking the drivers to be more welcoming or making mandatory changes in the taxi cabs to be pleasant.

On the technical front, add features that improve women’s safety, driver safety, child lock, location sharing, IoT based devices, and many more. Brainstorm with multiple persons in the on-demand field to generate new ideas to enhance the business.

SpotnRides taxi booking app

SpotnRides not only builds professional taxi booking apps but also put a lot of effort to enhance the existing app structure. If you feel your taxi startup needs a revamp, then you can seek our partnership.

Final say!

Now is the right time for us to combine. We are on the verge of introducing new functionalities, and technical advances to our taxi app. So be the first to grab it with exciting perks and discounts.

Still not yet launched a startup? Then, get our fully-loaded SpotnRides taxi app. Ping us on [email protected] to know more.

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