Tagon demand taxi app solution

Develop your Taxi Booking App with Predefined Routes Booking Option from SpotnRides


Kickstarting an Uber-like app-based taxi booking is a dream for many. The launch of Uber and its success 10 years back has forced many to think about on-demand taxis as a potential idea. Nonetheless, the on-demand taxi startup idea has lived up to its potential and has been the most funded and successful startups among others. In fact, tier 2 and 3 cities in developing countries are seeing a...

Why Customers are Showing Interest in SpotnRides and Building their On-Demand Taxi App for their Business Venture?


Uber has created a lot of impact in the on-demand taxi market and because of that many such tech startups are looking to build apps like Uber and launch a startup. The ride handling market just after Uber seemed like a fad but, 10 years have passed and it has not lost its momentum. With the present pace of expansion of the ride handling market, it is expected to reach $220 billion in revenue by...