How to Build an Uber-like Model for Long-range Taxi Services

How do you make an Uber-like app? Isn’t it true that most taxi app creation entails creating an app similar to Uber? Especially in terms of using their business processes and strategy as a foundation.

You’ve also used the word “Uberization,” which comes from the taxi-hailing app Uber. By representing current consumer behavior about reliable and cost-effective transportation, the business became a real success. The uber-like app had raised more than $10 billion in sales by 2021 and was ranked as the world’s second most innovative tech firm, behind only SpaceX.  

Uber-like is unsurprising, the strongest taxi app on a global scale, with 600 cities in 65 countries. Despite competition from other taxi booking apps, the company remains the market leader in the ridesharing industry.

The blog focuses on how to create an Uber clone app, as well as how other apps and digital services can benefit from the Uber business model, which is based on the sharing economy. 

What Is an Uber-like App and How Does It Work?

Before we get into the details of how to create an Uber-like app, let’s take a look at how it works. 

From the customer’s viewpoint, there are five sub-steps in the Uber-like app that should be clarified. So, to get a better understanding of how to create an app like Uber, let’s take a look at how it works:

  • Make a travel request with the final destination in mind. The user can see the upfront fair pricing for a ride, which is also dependent on the type of vehicle among Uber categories.
  • Confirmation of the journey. The user double-checks the information and the pickup spot.
  • Finding an available driver in the area. A driver may approve or reject a request on their end.
  • After the ride is completed, the payment process is completed automatically in the app. The user first attaches a credit or debit card, a PayPal account, and ties Android or Apple Pay, among other things. The user can also alter the taxi service’s default tip.
  • After each taxi ride, a rating is requested, and it is an important part of the Uber app business.

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How to Build an Uber-like App Features

It is essential to understand the major components of the entire system in order to create an Uber-like app or a similar taxi booking app. Any taxi service relies on the creation of two separate apps, each with its own set of features, which are linked through an admin panel.

Also, developing a taxi app booking service as a simple website – landing page is a brilliant idea. This will aid in the gathering of potential users as well as driver requests to join the network.

Let’s look at the features that are needed to create an Uber-like app for each part of the service.

Driver Functionality in Uber-like App: Taxi drivers will provide prompt and dependable service to customers, generating more leads and improving the company’s credibility. Passengers can also be assured of a smooth ride when they use your app service since it allows them to rely on the driver to pick them up on time. 

Vehicle tracking with GPS, a dashboard for drivers that provides regular updates, statistics, and other important details, notifications and alerts, e-printing options, availability buttons, and tracking the length of each ride are all features that will be implemented in the drive app creation. You may also add advanced taxi drivers and companies that want comprehensive research and reports for each driver’s additional features.

The uber clone app from SpotnRides has features tailored to taxi drivers and passengers. This app might also include features like hotspots, which would allow drivers to see details about finding more passengers in a specific location.

So, you want to learn how to build an Uber-like app for a driver? The following are all of the features used in the creation of a taxi app for a driver.

  • Profile and Status of the Driver– A driver’s profile and status should be checked by the administrator (license, vehicle insurance, etc). The status will indicate whether or not a driver is available.
  • Trip Alert – The opportunity to approve or reject trip orders that provide details about the passenger’s location, route, and travel history.
  • Notifications Through Push- Alerts, taxi app booking details (location, direction, payment, etc. ), trip adjustments, and completion are all handled by push notifications.
  • Optimizing Navigation and Path – Using Google Maps, have the best trip route.
  • Reports on Driver Delivery – Offers daily/monthly statistical information about trips and earnings.

Admin Panel for Uber-like Taxi Booking Apps

A central control point is needed to coordinate and control all of the driver’s processes, as well as to keep track of customer satisfaction. In order to handle customers, drivers, orders, places, payments, payouts, and other business processes in an app like Uber, a web-based admin panel should be created.

As a result, a high-level collection of functions within an Uber clone service admin platform includes:

  • Management of locations and fares
  • Management of Drivers and Users
  • Management of Reservations
  • Driver Orders and Payoffs are reviewed by Vehicle Management.
  • Look at the reviews and ratings.

Passenger Features in Uber-like Taxi Booking App

  • The Process of Registering – Email, Facebook, and phone number authentication are all options for registration. Social networking is the most common way for this function to be used.
  • Taxi Reservation – refers to the function on the screen that allows you to enter your address, choose a car form, and schedule a pickup location.
  • Calculator for Fares- The customer can estimate the cost of a trip ahead of time. This is a difficult function to incorporate on the backend of the framework.
  • Tracking of Drivers – Driver Tracking is a function that allows you to monitor the driver’s movements in order to provide feedback during or after the journey.
  • Monetary Compensation – A variety of payment options can be introduced, including cashless in-app payment, can credit cards, PayPal, or cash.

Technologies Used to Create an Uber-like App

  • Geolocation is the most important technology in a taxi booking app. Any Uber-like app will be heavily reliant on mapping and navigation technologies, specifically.
  • For iOS, the CoreLocation system is used to determine a device’s location; for Android, Google’s location APIs are used.
  • Giving directions to the driver using MapKit for iOS, which provides navigation from point A to point B. Google Maps Android API is used by Android OS.
  • Google Maps integration – Google Maps is incorporated into the iOS and Android app models. As an alternative, the Uber taxi booking app can acquire services from other mapping software development teams.
  • Push Notification & Messaging inside the app is another critical technological aspect to remember. Inside apps like Uber, contact extends from the passenger’s request to its approval by a driver, trip cancellation, and so on. Twilio, a telecommunications company is an excellent option for text messaging in Uber-like applications. To add push notifications to an iOS taxi app, use Apple Push Notifications Service; for Android apps, use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).


Although it is true that companies like Uber have dominated the taxi booking industry, there is still plenty of space for new entrants. They can establish a sustainable monetization plan by finding a market and concentrating on the specific value proposition.

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