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Kickstarting an Uber-like app-based taxi booking is a dream for many. The launch of Uber and its success 10 years back has forced many to think about on-demand taxis as a potential idea. Nonetheless, the on-demand taxi startup idea has lived up to its potential and has been the most funded and successful startups among others. In fact, tier 2 and 3 cities in developing countries are seeing a surge in the need for taxi booking; for many reasons, affordability is cited as the predominant cause for people opting app taxi booking.

The average revenue per user in an app-based taxi startup is seeing constant growth for the last two years and it will continue for the next few years. Hence, to those who are looking to start something like Uber in your region, then you have made the right decision at the right time.

What are the Things to Keep in mind for Before Launching Uber-Like Startup?

Finding a niche for your taxi service

It is easy to do what top taxi startups follow. It may help you to some extent and after that your users will not find anything different and move to others. The service you offer may be the same but it is possible to carve a niche in that. Do any one thing that others don’t do. Devise a niche that directly affects your riders and drivers.

Forecasting the market

What everyone does is market research before launching the startup. You additionally do market forecasting because on-demand models evolve with the advent of new advances. One should be in line with the trends to survive. Take a note at the new technologies and how it can be applied to your startup in any way. Also, have an idea about what the future holds for startups.

Start small

Don’t have over-ambitious plans for your taxi startup. Start small and join the pieces carefully up to a point till people recognize you as a brand; plan the app development accordingly. The app solution you build must be a minimum viable product; don’t add any features that you think will go well with the people. People expect good user experience and ease of app usage.

Custom made taxi app solution from SpotnRides

You may be a pro in app development and decide to get things done all yourself. But the time taken and app launch will be longer than you might think. Three interfaces are included in the taxi booking app solution and each of them must be equally made on all parameters. The parameters are:

  • UI/UX design
  • Database
  • App framework architecture
  • Code quality
  • Support and maintenance
  • App complexity 

It is better to opt for a custom made solution from experienced app vendors. SpotnRides is one of the few vendors to build custom apps for a taxi booking and they have Uber-like taxis to match the standards. 

SpotnRides has a team of highly skilled programmers and designers with diverse areas of expertise. The team can handle the pressure of creating a comprehensive app solution taking into account the said parameters.

I shall now give a glimpse of how SpotnRides works by explaining the predefined routes booking option.

Predefined routes booking in SpotnRides

In the SpotnRides customer taxi app solution the rider shall select the origin and destination before booking a ride. The cost of such bookings is uncertain and varies based on demand, distance, and time. To help those who travel between the same route frequently, we have added a predefined routes booking feature.

Under this feature the admin of the taxi app has the liberty to choose a set of routes that register frequent bookings and have a fixed rate for it. This helps riders to book with certainty without fearing surge pricing, etc.

The predefined route booking feature is unique to SpotnRides. Similarly, we can add any other personalized features and make it fit exactly into the app.

Other functions similar to predefined route booking 

Ride scheduling: The rider shall pre-book a ride in the app so that the driver is assigned easily. 

Recurring ride-booking: Office goers and frequent travelers shall book recurring rides for a particular route.  So that they need not use the app to book every time between the given period.

Winding up!

If you wish to build a complete Uber-like app solution from SpotnRides, then get more details about it by tapping a message to [email protected]. SpotnRides enjoys a brand reputation in the on-demand app development market. Our working style and after-sale assistance is something we differ from others.

SpotnRides is a premium product built with industry standards with features more than that of Uber. Our full-time developers will accede to whatever ideas you give and make it a reality. Connect with us quickly to get an amazing live demo tour! 

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