What is Meant by Service-based Business and How does a Multi-service App Help

What is Meant by Service-based Business and How does a Multi-service App Help?

When reading the term “Service-based Business”, most people thought it related to the IT field. But it’s not actually. It’s common terminology for denoting a business that creates values by delivering the demanded service to its customers. 

That means, providing car wash service, on-demand tutoring service, towing service, cleaning service, hardware repairing service, and all of its kinds can be listed under the service-based business category. 

Are you running the same kind of business? 

Then it’s the right time and place to discuss how a multi-service app solution can help your business. 

Let’s dive deeper!

What is a Multi-service App?

In case you’re encountering the term “Multi-service App”, then you have to be cleared with a proper explanation. 

A mobile app solution that is developed for any kind of service provider like tailors, hair stylists, carpenters, handymen, etc with the intention of empowering them with an online booking facility can be known as Multi-service App. 

In addition to this, this app has the capacity to list all kinds of services under a single banner as it allows admin to include endless categories, sub-categories, and service providers. 

With this app solution, you can create an online booking platform for tailors, hair stylists, carpenters, handymen, or any kind and/or any number of service providers.

For example, if you’re offering car mechanic service, cleaning service, repair service, and refurbishing service, then you can list all of your services in a mobile application. 

The best part is that the mobile app solution can be customized for an online marketplace business model. 

Don’t you know the marketplace model? Scroll down.

A Brief into Online Marketplace Business Model

In this model, you can earn money by linking the service providers (providing any on-demand services) with the exact potential customers. It’s possible when you have an online platform that includes all essential data of service providers and customers and has the potential to connect them in real time. 

In our case, the multi-service mobile app acts as the online platform for the marketplace. In the following manner, the mobile application can manage and streamline the marketplace business operations smoothly.

A multi-service app has; 

  • An Admin Panel, 
  • Customer Panel, and 
  • Service Provider App.


  • Admin is the person who owns/manages the online marketplace. The authority has the power to create categories, sub-categories, service providers, and others. Once they buy the app solution, the admin has to convince service providers to join as a member of the marketplace network.
  • All service providers in the network will be provided with the “Service Provider App”. Through the app, the service provider app can create their profile and manage their services, highlights, fee, and other details.
  • In the next phase, the admin has to advertise the marketplace among potential customers to increase the user base. 
  • The customer who wants to join this network can sign-up through the “Customer App”. 
  • Customers can access the list of the services available, once they select the service they need, a list of available service providers will be shown to them. It’s possible as the app solution stores ‘n’ a number of data of service providers.
  • The customer searches the list and chooses the best service provider to fulfill their needs. Once they send the request for the service, the corresponding service provider will be notified about it.
  • If the service provider accepts the request, the customer can track the service progress online.
  • Once after the service, the customers can pay online in multiple ways and also can register their valuable reviews. 

Revenue Model

When you adopt this business model with a multi-service mobile application, you can create the following revenue streams.

  1. Commission: By connecting each customer with the service providers, you can collect a certain amount of fee as a commission from service providers.
  2. In-app Ads: You can show ad banners/ videos in your mobile application to gain additional income from it.
  3. Listing Fee: When your online marketplace has a competitive advantage in the market, you can charge a certain amount from service providers to list their service in the first place in your mobile app. 
  4. Promotion Fee: By charging a certain amount of fee, you can run the in-app promotion for the payer. It helps the service providers in your network to boost their conversion rate.

So, this app solution is a great choice for entrepreneurs who have an online marketplace business idea. 

But it’s not a sure thing that your business idea works. So, give it a try with a budget-friendly mobile app solution.

Uber for X: Preferred Solution

Choosing a clone app script will be the best solution to give a try for your business idea a. For example “Uber for X” is a clone app solution that mimics the same workflow of Uber and is customized for multi-service businesses. 

Once the business idea works, you can upgrade the app solution by including additional unique features and others. 

You can choose SpotnRides Uber for X solution from Uplogic Technologies. As we’re a mobile app development company has been providing both clone script solutions as well as custom app development services.

Our SpotnRides Uber for X app solution is a ready-made app solution with the utmost customization facilities. So, it’ll be the best clone app solution to empower your business idea. For further queries, contact our experts now.

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