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On-Demand Market in Kuwait is Booming. Get an On-Demand Mobile App Solution for your Startup from SpotnRides to Make a Mark in Kuwait Market


Kuwait is a city of business opportunities. Any new business model picks up easily without much effort. Now there is an opportunity to solve a problem using the on-demand Uber model. Per capita consumption of resources is very high in gulf cities. Now we are in an era where it is necessary to indulge in collaborative consumption. Climate change also makes it vital to share resources. Here we can...

Why More and More On-Demand Startups Are Emerging in Every Business Sector?


Apart from taxi booking and food ordering, many other existing services are made online. More and more businesses are on the verge of going online. These services are now called as on-demand services. When a service is made online, a user can access it anytime, anywhere and hence the name on-demand. Aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to launch on-demand startups because of the scope it has. In...

[Infographic] Why this World is Moving Towards the On-Demand Industry? Getting Rich or Gaining Popularity or Leaving a Mark in History


The first modern taxi appeared in the streets of London in the 1800s. Then the taxis transformed as an industry and spread to all parts of the world. Some 10 years back this industry was disrupted by a company name Uber. Uber introduced the app-based booking concept. Uber harnessed the potential of smartphones and the internet. Since then, the app-based model became popular and is being applied...

5 Innovative Hacks to Run Your On-Demand Startup Successfully


There is never-ending craze for startups at present and even more is the interest shown by big investors and VCs to fund startups. More than 70% of startups are on-demand startups. The on-demand model first came through the taxi ride handling firms and slowly it was emulated to other areas. Education, entertainment, healthcare, delivery, home services, etc are some of the areas which saw a spurt...

Case Studies: Winning Uber-like Business Models to Follow for Your New Venture with SpotnRides

Uber like business models

Have you ever felt that in the last 10 years, there has been a surge in the number of app-based businesses? If yes, then it is because of the success of the taxi giant Uber. Uber owes its success to its less ownership model. They operate millions of cabs worldwide but none of them is owned by them. Not only in the taxi business, but the Uber business model is also replicated in many other areas...