Top Uber-like Business Models You May Not Be Aware of This in New Norm Market

The existing on-demand platforms like food delivery and taxi booking are taking huge revenue shares in the new norm market. Many entrepreneurs have been inspired by the Uber business model and started to build their own taxi booking business. But, there are many more services that can opt for the on-demand business model. Which also projected to share a huge role in today’s new norm period. 

Uber for X is a new business model of Uber, which acts as a two-sided marketplace that includes service providers and customers. With these uber-like business models, entrepreneurs are able to deliver their service instantly to their customers as per their request. Also, they earn good fame shortly and easily provide the service from anywhere without manual effort. 

Bring the tremendous change in the 2021 market with the following top Uber-like business models. 

Uber for Healthcare 

We all might be well-aware about the health care seriousness in this pandemic attack, what if the treatment directly at our residency itself? Sounds great, right? Uber for healthcare gives one such solution for the healthcare professions to meet the patient’s requirements at their doorstep at the right time. 

The entrepreneur can use the Uber for healthcare business model to provide multiple healthcare services namely, pet care, nurse booking, medicine delivery, elder’s caretaker, and many more to the users. Consider the following options to simplify the user’s work,

  • Easy one-tap appointment scheduling,
  • Filtering the professionals according to needs,
  • Transparent profile.

Uber for Packers and Movers

Packers and mover’s service are showing steady growth in the market, with the power full app like Uber the vendor can easily claim the ladder of success in the 2021 market. The market size of the packers and movers is $14 bn, the interstate mover’s service gains higher profit than the local movers. 

An Uber for packers and movers app allows you to participate in both services interstate and local movers. After the COVID-19 crisis, today people are starting to get back to their residency. It is the right time to gain their attention with the following metrics, 

  • One-click service booking,
  • Booked service alert,
  • Ride modification after/before booking.

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Uber for Towing 

Standing in the middle of the road with the repaired vehicle is the toughest situation to find a repairer or seeking the towing service. The market experts are expecting the towing service to reach a growth of 8.95 bn USD by the end of the year 2024. Most people of the USA needed towing and vehicle recovery service during the winter section. 

Due to the snow and fog, many rider’s vehicles get dispatched in between the rides. Therefore, reaching them without proper details has always been a headache. With an app like Uber for towing the service provider can easily track and reach the customers with the following metrics.

  • Real-time service tracking, 
  • Multiple-route optimization,
  • Check for nearby towing professionals.

Uber for Handyman 

Handyman service providers are owning most of the US economy, says the market experts. The market survey shows that the handyman service is expected to reach $5.1bn by the end of 2021. Handyman service includes all the experts like plumbing, electricians, cleaners, and third-hand helping people to fulfill the household/office works shortly.

With the Uber like business model, the handyman service can act as a connecting bridge between professionals and service seekers. People’s expectations of Uber for Handyman service in the new norm market as follows,

  • Instant & Scheduled handyman service,
  • Seamless communication to the service provider & admin,
  • Transparency in the booking service.

The above-mentioned four are highly effective in the upcoming market, young entrepreneurs can consider any one of the listed uber-like business models to build their venture in the 2021 market. Each uber for X model has unique features. Developing the app according to the business model will enrich the service. 

In SpotnRides, all needed features are developed with the advanced tech stack to make the entrepreneur’s service updated in the current market. Therefore, the entrepreneurs can run their business smoothly in the competitive market and reach the right targeted audience in a short period. You can also expect the following key features in our Uber like app,

  • Social Log-in – For one tap on service activation and profile creation.
  • GPS Navigation – Easy to reach the users in a short duration and track their location.
  • Short Feedback – To acknowledge the service provider’s service standards by customers.

Since our app like Uber is a scalable solution, the customization can be done quickly and handed over to the entrepreneurs as they demand. 

To Conclude

The on-demand service app is booming in the new norm period, choosing the right business model can assure business growth. Building an app like Uber is a long, durable task and needs a huge investment. Choosing a pre-developed Uber clone app from SpotnRides can be a handy solution for startup entrepreneurs. 

Our experts are available to clear your doubts and build a unique product for your business. Reach us, by filling the form or drop your demands directly at [email protected]

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