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Have you ever felt that in the last 10 years, there has been a surge in the number of app-based businesses? If yes, then it is because of the success of the taxi giant Uber. Uber owes its success to its less ownership model. They operate millions of cabs worldwide but none of them is owned by them. Not only in the taxi business, but the Uber business model is also replicated in many other areas by many startups and some of them have tasted success in it too. Below I have mentioned some of the successful on-demand app-based startups and the specific strategy that made them successful.

Cab industry

Lyft: Lyft operates in the US and Canada as of now. It is a direct competitor to Uber in the US. Two people started Lyft in 2012 as a ride-sharing platform in some US universities. Now its yearly revenue stands at $2billion. Their success strategy is that is treats the drivers the same way it treats its customers.

Go-Jek: This Indonesia based taxi firm is the first of its kind in Indonesia and also the first unicorn startup. They started as bike riding firm in 2010 with 20 bikers but now offer over 18 services like handyman, taxi booking, food delivery etc in their app. Today, the total value of the company is $10 billion.

Food delivery

GrubHub: This is the world’s no.1 food delivery company operating from America.  It went public in 2014 after going through a series of fundings. Their success strategy is that they pamper the customers with 24/7 customer care service.

DoorDash:  It is the second largest food delivery company in the US just behind GrubHub. They started this company in 2013 from the Stanford dorm. After that, they got a series of funding which also includes funding from Sequoia Capital. Beneath, they are a rigorous data-driven company.

Courier delivery

Dropoff: Dropoff is one of its kind courier delivery firm which follows same day, last mile delivery. Unlike consumer delivery model, dropoff work on B2B model and they are the first of its kind. The on-demand courier delivery market is still untapped in many countries. The competition is not much in this market unlike cab booking and food delivery.

Postmates: It is somewhat different from Dropoff in the sense that they deliver goods locally via C2C model. Their success strategy is, they deliver goods between stores which are only offline.

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Myremedy: This app based company schedules house visit doctors on the same day of booking. What is unique in this startup is it offers telemedicine services with specialized doctors. This firm is based in New Zealand. They offer naturopathy and homeopathy treatments also.

ClassPass:  This app allows interested people to book fitness classes of any kind like yoga, aerobics, indoor cycling, martial arts, etc. It operated in 2500 cities worldwide. They are more than a fitness class because they offer health advice.

Hometeam: This startup is dedicated completely to the care of older adults. Hometeam connects caregivers with the elders. They are banking on the aging population in the US. Similarly, the UK, Japan, Australia, China are on the verge of becoming an aging population and there are good scopes in these countries for elderly care startups.

Handyman services

Handy: Handy is an online two-sided marketplace for house cleaning, installation, AC repair, plumbing, laundry, and other home services in one app. It was founded by two college grads in their final year. They wanted to create a marketplace for home services with the same model as that of the Uber.

TaskRabbit: This is similar to handy. It is the first on-demand handyman services firm that came as early in 2008. Now, this firm is acquired by IKEA and it is currently operational in the US, UK, and Canada. More than 60,000 workers have registered with TaskRabbit. Even many people have turned it a full-time work with TaskRabbit.


Petcab: They are a successfully running pet taxi firm in Asia. They offer many services including veterinary, grooming, hospitality and many more at affordable rates. Businesses similar to this have great potential in the US and UK.  

MiumMium:  This is the largest app cum web-based chef marketplace. Choose a chef of your choice to cook at your home. They are operational in more than 10 countries with the US and Canada as their main function.

Above you have seen different on-demand startups similar to the Uber business model that is successful. All of them are unicorn startups in the sense that each of them is valued more than $1 billion. They just took the core of the Uber business model and built the remaining with their innovation and creativity that’s why they are successful.

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