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Why More and More On-Demand Startups Are Emerging in Every Business Sector?


Apart from taxi booking and food ordering, many other existing services are made online. More and more businesses are on the verge of going online. These services are now called as on-demand services. When a service is made online, a user can access it anytime, anywhere and hence the name on-demand. Aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to launch on-demand startups because of the scope it has. In...

Factors to Consider While Deploying an On-Demand Mobile App in Google and Apple Play Stores


In the last 5 years there is an exponential rise in the on-demand startups around the globe and so does the demand for good quality mobile applications. The app for the on-demand business is the one that connects the service provider with the customer/user and so it should be user-friendly, foolproof, simple to use and work on all smart devices. In simple words, if rightly made the app can be...