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How SpotnRides Taxi App Solution is Perfectly Suited for Long-Distance Ride Sharing Business Venture?


Now is the time for a vacation. You must have planned to spend some quality time exploring local places in these holidays. But, like others, you want to do the travel part in a car at an affordable price right? There are options like renting a car from taxi companies but it costs very high and is often not reliable because of the drivers and pathetic cars.  I have an exciting option for you. Why...

Business and Revenue Model of Long Distance Ride Sharing and How SpotnRides Can Help for This Startup Idea


Ride sharing also known as carpooling is an interesting and popular concept in the on-demand taxi hailing market. Entry level taxi startups can try this concept and be a part of the change in the shared mobility market. The carpooling works by sharing a taxi ride by multiple persons between two points of travel. The cost is split between the riders at the end and most carpooling rides are offered...

Why Ride Sharing Is Better than Taxi Hailing and How SpotnRides Can Help for It?


What do you think will be the next revolution in the transportation sector? It is none other than ridesharing concept. Already taxi hailing companies like Uber and Lyft introduced this as a part of their operation, but now the demand for dedicated ridesharing/ shared mobility is rising globally. Ridesharing platform is much less capital intensive than the on-demand taxi hailing. Ridesharing...