How SpotnRides Taxi App Solution is Perfectly Suited for Long-Distance Ride Sharing Business Venture?

Now is the time for a vacation. You must have planned to spend some quality time exploring local places in these holidays. But, like others, you want to do the travel part in a car at an affordable price right? There are options like renting a car from taxi companies but it costs very high and is often not reliable because of the drivers and pathetic cars. 

I have an exciting option for you. Why don’t you try long-distance ride-sharing? At present, very few companies like BlaBla car are operating in this domain. Let us see how it works.

How Online Booking in Long Distance Ride-SharingWorks?

  • Ridesharing is more or less similar to carpooling, but here long distance rides are offered. 
  • Ridesharing cannot be deemed as an on-demand service because here the owner of the vehicle going to a particular destination, offers to share the ride.    
  • Anyone interested can opt for it by request. An app can be used to list the rides and from which users can search, request rides.
  • Safe and luxurious ride is possible in this. You can enjoy the trip by traveling at a low cost.

Why ridesharing for your business venture?

Long distance ride sharing sounds interesting, right? Why don’t you launch your own long distance ride sharing as your business venture? You not only help people to get safe rides but also aid car owners by monetizing their vehicle.

  • Also, this is a way to do your bit to reduce emissions and safeguard the environment. 
  • Saving time and reduce overall traffic and thereby improving the mobility of the city.
  •  A new way to socialize by meeting new people.

You just need to create a platform for car owners to list their rides and customers to search and request rides. Since the main part of this business is its app, there is absolutely no need to spend money except for the app solution and marketing.

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How to conceptualise and launch a perfect long-distance travel listing startup?

  1. Do a market analysis in your area. This will help to find the reception for this kind of startup venture. 
  2. Find some niche areas where you can apply some creativity to bring something new to the startups so as to be different.
  3. Find the proper marketing techniques you can undertake for this startup.
  4. Add ways to monetize the app by enabling third-party advertisements.
  5. Finally, get a quality app MVP solution from an experienced software vendor.

The last point is very important and this is where we come in. We have SpotnRides, a fully customized app solution for long distance ride sharing. We built this app by having BlaBla car as the benchmark. 

The app is well made with simplistic minimalistic design in order to make it foolproof and attractive to use.

We have some ideas for the ride sharing business which needs modification in the app, which we do effortlessly. 

Taxi pooling model

Long distance ridesharing doesn’t necessarily be available only for very long distances. You can also make it available as a taxi. Only difference here is that the driver of the vehicle does not operate on an on-demand basis. Any car owner can make routine trips between particular places. So, any user can expect such trips to be available all the time. 

We can make changes in the app like advance booking, seat reservation, etc. This model is very much similar to carpooling in taxis. Some people who take regular routes can even have the same driver.

Regular trips

This is the classic type I mentioned earlier. The taxi owner can list the ride whenever he takes a long-distance ride to any place. Again this does not work on the basis of the on-demand model. 

Unlike the previous model, here the rides may or may not be frequent. 

We at SpotnRides can add functionalities of both the model into the app solution. So, after a customer opens the app, he/she has to select the type of ride, and search rides available. 

In the same way, car owners can list their rides under one of the two areas. As simple as it is.

How can you make money from this tech startup?

After you partner with us and deploy the app, you will be provided with the admin web panel from which all the revenue streams can be controlled. For each rides listed and each ride that is booked, some commission will be credited to the account.      

Third-party advertising can be enabled and managed from the admin dashboard itself.

Some niche customer app features in our SpotnRides long distance ride sharing app solution

  • Filter car by car comfort and price
  • View member’s profile
  • View ride conditions and regulations
  • Auto price suggestion
  • In-app chat with car owner
  • Online payment 
  • Member verification
  • Special rides for pets and dogs
  • Online payment
  • Real-time matching of rides based on machine learning methods

Functionalities in the web admin app in our SpotnRides solution

  • Site banner management
  • Ad settings and commission management
  • View bookings by name, place, distance, etc
  • View rides posted on sites.
  • Manage payments to listed members
  • Reports and analytics

Winding up!

Our SpotnRides long distance travel app is like a charm and provides envious user experience to all its users. If you have decided to purchase our solution then we assure you success in the market. 

SpotnRides is a robust and scalable app which can hold numerous data without any performance issues. So you can effortlessly cover more areas using our app. Apart from the technical side, we do give a lot of perks and incentives to those who combine with us in the form of free after-sales assistance, bug fixing, app updates, etc.

To know more about SpotnRides, contact us at [email protected] and get a call from our business executives.

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