How SpotnRides Late-Night Taxi Booking App Solution Startups To Brings a Higher-End Safety to Late-Night Travelers?

Nowadays, the online taxi business is flourishing by implementing its exclusive safety features of a taxi booking app for its massive customer base. It has changed the traditional hailing service into an e-hailing service with an application. It also enhanced the opportunities for entrepreneurs to find a way for their taxi business.

But, when there is already a lot of E-hailing service, how can you gain high revenue? Here, I suggest you choose a Late-night taxi app service because mostly it is hard to get a taxi late at night. This blog will provide you all the details about the late-night taxi service startup and why people will prefer your service as first.

The matter of High Revenue Growth in Online Late-Night Cab Booking App Solution

We all know that traveling late at night is a bit horrifying for everyone. But still, there are many working people and students are in need to travel at night. The survey shows that nearly 75% of Gen Z people use to travel late at night for various reasons. Here, I have listed a few of the main reasons according to my knowledge 

  • Night-shift office – We all are well aware that in every IT industry there are two-timing shifts, people can choose according to their convenience. Mostly the night shifts IT employees are booking the late-night taxi service more than day-time employees. More than late-night working employees.
  • Late-Night group study – Nowadays education has become tougher so that for exam preparation, college projects students are in need to stay late at the colleges. Students will gain more energy at night and they can freely study without any distractions and it is considered to be a productive time for study.
  • Special classes –  For gaining more marks students use to take special classes in the evening and it might be extended due to research and projects work. There are some students who use to take their studies in the evening to balance their work-life and studies. They mostly use to book a cab to travel from college to home late-night.
  • College events or Special occasions – Usually for decorating the college events, it will take time the students are in need to complete their work before the event. We, people, use to attend the late-night party regularly on the weekends and on special occasions and we will be searching for the cab at midnight to get back to our home.

The above mentioned are some of the main reasons for the high revenue growth in the late-night taxi service. Though there are many reasons for the revenue growth still are many challenges people are facing in the late-night taxi service. Keep reading to know the issues that are being faced by the customers of the late-night taxi service.

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The core issues of the late night taxi booking business

Various challenges accessing services were evident in the survey responses including lack of availability, lack of equitable options, concerns for safety, and weather and distances. These themes are described below. 

  • Lack of availability – The survey shows that there is a lack of reliable, available and safe transportation services. If we check the availability of the cab at mid-night for the emergency time. It will keep loading and show us there are no cabs available near this shows the lack of availability of the taxi service. The cabs will be mostly available in specific areas only.
  • Long-distance pickup and drop – By luck, we get the cab at the late-night and if it is long-distance the driver will hesitate to pick up our service. Most of the taxi drivers will not accept taking the long-distance ride at night due to return cost or if they didn’t get the comeback service.
  • The concern of safety – Though we get the cab and the driver accepts our long-distance ride the next concern is the safeness of the ride. The customer’s personal safety as a concern while trying to obtain a safe transportation home during the evening hours. When their destination is long, it creates an issue of personal safety for some individuals.

These are some of the major challenges in the late-night taxi service. If you take the survey there are very few competitors who will be taking part in the field. This will be a great advantage of the new startups you can launch your taxi service specialty at late-night with a niche feature for the safety of your customers. 

One such software solution is available with us, to know more about us and our key features for customer’s safety keep reading the blog. 

SpotnRides late-night taxi booking app solution

SpotnRides is a modern software solution for all the on-demand industries. We have an experienced group of developers who all are well knowledgeable in a variety of frameworks and latest trends. So there won’t be a problem for us to make your application with the latest trends and user-friendly application.

I know what you’re thinking now, right? Don’t worry, since our software is a pre-made one it will cost less than what you’re thinking now. Our software is pre-developed with 100% customizable so that you’re allowed to add or remove the feature as per your needs. When it comes to trends, we will provide your application with the latest trends.

Since we have developed your application with the latest trends, it will run smoothly on any device. We have developed your application in such a way that it could be easily understandable by any age group. This makes your application more user-friendly. Here, let me tell you how our software gives a safe ride for your application users.

How SpotnRides overcome the core issues with its key-features

  • Safe call option – The customers and the drivers may not be interested to share their contact numbers via. To make them feel comfortable here with the anonymous calling option. Both users can make calls but it won’t visible your personal number. It will display some of the random numbers to the other side of the user.
  • A quick share of details – An option in your taxi booking application for sharing the driver and picking up details to the passengers or customers. Once the booking is confirmed, both the driver and pickup details need to be displayed to the passengers for further clarification. This feature makes the ride safer.
  • A quick emergency call – Tapping the SOS button on an emergency purpose. SOS is a safety measure button in your late-night taxi booking app. This is to be pressed by the passenger in case of any emergency or when they feel the changes in the driver’s behavior. This feature makes the customers have a safe ride at any point in time not only at night.
  • Smooth GPS tracking – An inbuilt GPS tracking feature, this enables tracking options in your taxi booking app. The customer is allowed to know whether the driver is taking the right path to reach his/her destination. This safety feature plays an important role for the customer to track the path taken by the driver.

Final Say

By now, I hope that you might have got to know a bit more about your application and how it gives importance to the customer’s safety. As I mentioned before there is no exact service that is very active at late-night. You can invest your money and within a short period, you will gain high revenue easily.

With the above-mentioned safety features, it will bring a good view among the users and I’m 100% sure that by launching your application with our software, you will gain your own place in the taxi market industry. Still, why are you waiting? contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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